Do you remember VIVA? Were you scammed? I need your response!

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VIVA was a project praised by many reputable steemians at that time, but we know how it all ended - as a scam. Many people lost a lot. The biggest douchebag honestly was @instructor2121, who took almost all of the VIVA's recovered assets and just left the rest of the VIVA users in shambles.

Instructor2121 even had a decency to create some kind of FREEX exchange later on and we all know where this ended - exactly nowhere. He scammed so many people and I warned about this exchange, but nobody was listening. Him and his people are already long gone from these platforms. It's a history that you can read about in my older posts.

Probably everybody that was in VIVA already moved on and took the loss, but not me. I am actually still part of the old VIVA/TradeQwik discord because you maybe don't know this, but some assets were kept away from @instructor2121 and are to this day safely stored by @anotherjoe. I wanted to know if they would be somehow distributed or not.

Another year has passed and exactly nothing did happen with these funds. I don't think it's smart to keep them doing nothing. Maybe it's understandable because @anotherjoe is the only person with the keys to the recovered assets and he doesn't feel like doing anything with them. Discord is also very unactive so in this situation it's very hard to come up with an agreement about what to do next.

I want to show you my proposal. I need you, the old VIVA users, to read it and give me your ideas how to make the proposal better or if you would be up for it. @Anotherjoe will work with me if I can get at least some support. I already have @kenny-crane's support and he's a person that will help me a lot. We both lost money on VIVA so it's actually in our best interest to make this all work.

My idea is very similar to other projects on the Hive-Engine such as BRO or SPI that distribute rewards every day to all the users holding their tokens. I think that even getting a tiny amounts of STEEM/HIVE every day to your accounts is better than letting these recovered assets doing nothing, don't you think?

The best part is that even if this proposal would not work in the long term, the assets could just be unstaked and be liquid again. Right now I am talking only about the recovered STEEM including HIVE and BLURT as a nice bonus. Some other cryptocurrencies were recovered too. I want to start slow to show you it's possible and also to gain trust because
I am not the only one that was screwed by VIVA, you were too! Let us put the recovered assets to work!

We obviously need to make a list of all the people that lost money on VIVA first. After that I want to use Hive-Engine, create a new token and airdrop it to these exact people. The idea is that you would get tokens proportionally to others based on a loss. You will normally be able to trade them, sell them or buy more of them. Tokens would pretty much be backed by the amount of STEEM/HIVE/BLURT assets we would still have in possesion.

I am in contact with @kenny-crane and it will maybe be possible to get all the audits again. If not, we would have to distribute the tokens equally at first and keep some reserves for a later use.

We would start sharing curation rewards with users holding these tokens. The more tokens you hold the more rewards you would get. Pretty simple, but very strong in the long term. I think we could start for example distributing half of the curation rewards to also increase the amount of recovered assets and perform buybacks later if people would want to get rid of the tokens.

The assets would be put to use and we would share the curation rewards with users holding this token. The more tokens you hold, the more rewards you would get. I think we could start for example with distributing half of the curation rewards. I think it would be nice to increase the amount of recovered assets too to perform buybacks later if people would want to get rid of the tokens.

Don't expect receiving big amounts. The operation will be small and there's going to be a lot of work with it, but please understand that something will always be transfered to your account till it's all over.

It would really be so cool to see all the VIVA users with their money back. Also please if you know any VIVA users please let them know. It will be slow and grindy, but it goes towards a higher goal!

Just tell me what you think. You don't have to do anything else after that. Are you up for this proposal or are you against it? I need some responses from you to show @anotherjoe that this operation makes sense and with the help of a few people I will be able to make this automated and working!

Thank you.

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Wow @eirik, there's an old "ghost" rattling around in the closet.

Not exactly related, the entire reason I ended up having this Steem(it) and now Hive account originally was because of Viva and Tradeqwik... thankfully, I gave them a "pass," but the original article I read about Viva was published on Steem, so I signed up and started blogging.

What you're trying to do sounds interesting... and hopefully you'll be able to create something. The reason I "passed" on Viva was that it seemed long on promises and short on anything to back them up. Sad that so many people ended up scammed.

That's amazing actually. I see that you are very active also, keep it up!

Anyway, I think TradeQwik actually worked for a while as an exchange, but it sadly went downhill pretty fast. I kind of liked what they wanted to create, but as you said yourself - they were long on promises and short on anything to back it up.

I'm in. I lost a good amount of btc and other coins in this. If there is any way to recoup any of that lost value I am in. What you are suggesting sounds like a decent way of doing that. If not I have a list of a few of the names involved and will be looking to bring a lawsuit myself.

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