DEC is now also on Uniswap!

in LeoFinance2 months ago (edited)

You may probably know this already, but even DEC, an in-game currency token for Splinterlands, is now being traded on Uniswap on Ethereum blockchain.

This opens them the doors to be listed on many cryptocurrency tracking websites such as CoinPaprika, CoinGecko and more. Same as LEO they will probably have a problem with adding the correct circulating/total supply that these websites use to calculate market capitalization.

If those tokens will not have market capitalization on these websites then this listing and all the attention will go elsewhere quite quickly. Not being ranked properly is a big problem, but hopefully it's solvable somehow.

Anyway, Splinterlands team will give rewards to people providing liquidity on the DEC pair on Uniswap. I hope Spinvest (@jk6276, @spinvest) will create a community pool for this pair on Uniswap as they did with LEO so everybody can take an advantage of those rewards. I didn't get an answer from them just yet, but it's something that would actually help the whole Spinvest project and its token too.

Creating a token on HIVE with Hive-Engine is relatively easy, but HIVE blockchain isn't attractive enough in my opinon. The truth is that the eyes and money that are looking for the good projects to invest in are elsewhere.

I think that if there are enough resources to expand a project out of Hive-Engine to another working blockchains then it should be done as soon as possible.

What do you think?

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