HIVE is struggling!

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HIVE will probably hit 0.12$ before Bitcoin will hit 14000$, but I am not an expert. Pretty much anything can happen now.

What I don't really understand is why are the people selling this coin for Bitcoin, when both cryptocurrencies are completely different? Bitcoin is more like a store of value and HIVE is more like an utility token to perform actions on this blockchain. Without some powered-up HIVE you wouldn't be able to play Splinterlands and so on.

Bitcoin is competing against commodities such as gold and HIVE against social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.

LEO is doing good - much better than HIVE, but the truth is that even to use LeoFinance's platform you have to have some HIVE tokens because LeoFinance is built on top of the HIVE blockchain.

So why do you think HIVE is so weak price-wise?

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BitCoin $BTC is the crazy of Cryptocurrency holders. So, I seem that the price of BTC is up strongly.

If you know the RoadMap of $HIVE , say me , please.

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No one knows. It's better to check the roadmap of LeoFinance!

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Well well well, I guess the rumour about Hive getting to 0.1$ ain't that false anymore. Oh it makes sense if people are selling off for bitcoin,I thought they were selling off for Leo. I guess no one wants to miss the bitcoin bull. Perhaps they have quickly forgotten that one can also delegate Hive to platforms like Leofinance to receive Leo tokens.

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To what account do I delegate HIVE to get some LEO rewards?

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BTC at $15k

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