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Last weekend two events triggered me to research the Travala travel service. One was the selling of HIVE to acquire more AVA (the native crypto token of Travala) by our own Trumpman. The other was the plan to meet-up and spend some quality time with a good friend. She lives on Ibiza (Spain), I live in Amsterdam (Netherlands).

No dates set yet, I played around a little with my go to webservices "Skyscanner" and "KLM" (Dutch airliner) and of course Travala.

sunset at Ibiza: from my July 2020 trip to this magical island

Travala Test

To test Travala, I used three different dates with various durations to gather the costs for the flights (roundtrip). Details are presented in the table below.

  • Travala offers are more expensive in all cases, up to twice the costs of the least expensive service
  • Travala doesn't provide any results for Test case 3: An message is provided airliners schedules are disrupted due to COVID19
  • Travala doesn't offer flights for the budget and semi-budget airliners. For trips between Amsterdam and Ibiza, these airliners include: Easyjet, Transavia, Ryanair, Vueling.

Note: KLM doesn't offer flights in December, not direct, not with a stay over. Though they work together with AirEurope and normally offer flights under code share. Maybe the COVID times and the renewed lockdowns in many of the EU countries, play a role. Interesting to notice Travala offered flights with AirEurope for the December trip.

todays research: November 2 2020

Travala Key Data

  • Travala is established in 2017
  • Travala offers airline tickets and accommodation
  • Partnerships with, Agoda and Expedia
  • Accepts normal currencies and payment methods as well as crypto currencies
  • Backed by Binance

Investment Possibility: Crowdfunding (equity share)

Travala is offering equity share through a crowdfunding program. It is still open to participate. The crowdfunding partner is Crowdcube.

  • Target: 500k UK Pounds
  • Raised: around 1M UK Pounds (92% overfunded already)
  • Investors: 547
  • 25 days left for the crowdfunding

Note: Travala mentioned their pre-money valuation is 17,5M UK Pounds

Investment Possibility: AVA (native crypto token)

Another possibility is to follow Trumpman, and purchase AVA tokens. The current marketcap is around 30M US$.

Elevator Pitch by Travala

My Thoughts as a User

Though I may include Travala when I'm in search for flights, I don't have high hopes Travala is cost effective. In most cases even my national carrier KLM offers lower fees on their flights compared with Travala. That said, I like the possibility to pay the flight costs with crypto tokens. But, most of crypto tokens I hold, I hold as investment. Therefore I think it'll be unlikely I'll us my investment money to purchase airline tickets. In case Travala is cost effective, I may use their service and pay with fiat currencies.

My Thoughts on Investment Opportunities

Travel is a very interesting sector. Every year, more people travel around the world. For many to spend their vacations, to visit relatives and friends, and for business. I expect this to increase a lot over time, since we will be granted more time for ourselves due to the every increasing robotisation. In the next 3 to 5 decades we may face the opportunity to spend 24x7 doing things we like, since we don't have to work anymore. Technology will offer us this possibility. I think this is a given, rather than a possibility. This will for sure result in more movements of people. All travels will require forms of transportation and a forms of accommodation.

Travala operates in the fiat world, and at the same time also in the crypto world. The later by using blockchain technology for the service it offers, as well as accepting crypto currencies as a payment currency. That in itself make Travala even more interesting to invest in. The question is: In what to invest? By purchasing the native token AVA, or by investing in the company through the crowdfunding project?

I really have to think about this one. I do like to own equity of companies. Equity based crowdfunding is perfect for this. But what do I invest in? What does the equity contain? The blockchain is not proprietary of Travala as far as I understand. At some point they may want to decentralise more of the service, including the UI, reducing tangible assets further. That said, when playing the agent role for airline tickets and accommodation costs, a kickback fee applies. I suppose these kickback fees is what will give the equity in Travala value, even when the blockchain holding the contracts is in public hands.

The crowdfunding is still open for 25 days, so I have some time to decide. Maybe both is nice: Would be the first time to own a piece of a company and a chunk of the crypto tokens giving value to the storage network for the service. Sounds interesting! :)

Disclaimer: Above information is not meant to be financial advise. Do your own research in case you intend to invest or use the service.


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Note that the flight vertical has been introduced like a few months ago and they're not competitive yet (as you researched).

The real deal atm is in hotels and properties. And I know from first hand that they're going to improve the flights/activities verticals soon.

I'm their admin at their spanish channel and I'm invested into the project since early 2019.

Ps. Maybe you misunderstood some numbers or something, but the current mcap of the AVA token is 30M (circulating supply at ~0,7$).

If you want/require more info, reach me, after all @trumpman bouht because I shilled him the project.


Owww, didnt know the flights are very recently added. Hope they will include all the budget airliners as well. Usually that trails a little with any new airline ticket service. Just checked a few of my favourite hotels in Amsterdam. They are all in the system and with good pricing... But of course, they use Booking and Agoda listings. Three crypto based payment options; Directly with about 30 crypto tokens, but also with and utrust (I assume this is also crypto). That looks really good! Maybe I shall start requesting my employer to pay me in BTC :)

Hahaha so you convinced Trumpman... Nice :)

Market Cap: indeed around 30M$ ( the site I took it from ( also shows the same... by mistake I took the daily volume pfffff (I'll correct the post)

Crowdfunding: What would you say about owning some equity of the company? You invest in AVA only, also some in crowdfunding?

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Yes, they merged wit Travelbybit (backed by binance) in May and they've been working towards merging the two sites since.

Might be you're interested, I'm dropping you their roadmap.

They will be focusing on activities and flights very soon AFAIK.

If you're thinking about travelling with them, I also recommend you to check their Smart program.

basically, you lock up to 5K AVA and you get further discounts + a 24% APR in AVA and travel credits. If you don't mind I'm dropping another link.

Thanks for the insights... Will definately investigate the roadmap further and the possibilities to get discounts throught the AVA program. As mentioned already, I really like the service playing ball in all economies and connecting fiat and crypto worlds. This is a great way to market the crypto currencies, everyone paying for whatever they purchase will see references to crypto.

I wouldn't advise to jump asap on AVA, but it's definitely worth investing. I own 800 AVA and from all my cryptos it's it that I am the most excited about.Great analysis on the project by the way.

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Thanks for the compliment! :)

I noticed AVA pumped a lot and is down to lower levels again. Any idea of the sudden interest while the token is out for about two years?

One of the very few projects that has a business case in itself for the dev team (the kickback fees the whole travel sector is very familiar with), can be attractive to all travellers arond the world, and plays the crypto game through use of blockchain and acceptance of crypto tokens. They talk about Web3.0 and all as well. Very interesting!