Steady 30% Gain over Ether: Incredible!? {Long Term Staking Opportunity}

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In this article, I like to give a first status update of an interesting project. A very interesting status update, if you ask me!

Not so many posts ago (but still some time back in time), I wrote about WISE.

WISE is this crypto project in the DeFi space launched Q4 last year. A kinda bond. With a 50-day initial participation round that ended the last day of the unforgettable year of 2020. Followed by the run phase with all invested Ether locked in a new WISE liquidity pool at Uniswap.

I'll stop writing more about the project, you can read the rest in my previous me.

First and previous WISE post was just:

  • 5 posts ago (not so relevant)
  • 26 days ago (even less relevant)
  • gazillion comments ago (dropping of the scale-of-relevance but made #1 in HIVE Engagement League)

image published at Medium by Lissa Brendel

current STATUS

  • 100M US$ worth of Ether and WISE in the liquidity pool at day 1 of the run phase
  • Determined climb in value since day 3 of the run phase
  • Approx doubled $ value
  • Approx 30% increase of WISE against ETH
  • Listings at: CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap
  • In top 100 from Market Cap perspective
  • 160M US$ worth of Ether and WISE at day 8 of the run phase

WISE/ETH chart

screenshot: WISE/ETH trade/swap pair at Uniswap (tool: Astrotools)

Interesting Articles

And Now?

Participation is open to anybody having some Ether left and likes to invest in something that not only sounds solid when reading all the documents linked in my previous post, but seems to be solid as well when reviewing the last 8 days.

WISE is build to stake WISE tokens for as long as you want with a run time of up to 42 years. Therefore WISE can be the perfect pension plan. Last year this was all theoretical. The first few days in 2021 we can see it in practice.

disclaimer: none of the information given in this article shall be regarded as investment advise.

Be Wise {LOL}

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the RISE continues... and I mean the WISE/ETH pair!

Obviously, the WISE/USD pair rises even faster...

Screenshot 20210108 at 12.25.48.png

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I started to sign up, reading a lot about it but didn’t finish the buying phase. New phone and no access to google authenticator codes and just so many other things in need to be organized. I still don’t understand enough about trading. I am planning to buy some for sure

Ok ok :) Not sure if the current levels are interesting enough. The increase of prices last Friday and Saturday was too crazy. A large correction took place on Saturday after which the whole run on WISE seems halted. Which is a good thing for the project, I think.

Just a question I been trading eth myself and its one thing ive been wondering. I believe they'll do something about the gas fees just wondering how they could do that. You think them burning eth is helping with the pricw too as well with btc at its ath

The Liquidity Pool swal fees usually goes to the one who provides liquidity. If you provide liquidity to a pool, then you get a percentage of the swap fees. In case of WISE its the smart contract that provded the liquidity to the WISE/ETHG pool, and recieves the swap fees. This income is put back into the pool again. How exactly, I don't know to be honest. Must be somewhere int he whitepaper.

I was not talking about the ETH/GAS fees :)

I know at first I thought it would effect demand since some people aren't too happy about the fees

So with the gas the pool gets bigger so does the interest

Nope. GAS fees go whereever they go. The Uniswap Swap fees goes into the WISE/ETH liquidity pool.

Yay! 🤗
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Damn, how did I miss this post ??? Not very WISE of me for sure {sulk}. Are you invested? I am leery of things on Uniswap due to potential liquidity issues.

Sometimes one have to take some risks to get to some additional money :) Investing has always risks associated with it. To the point of risks: WISE team had their smart contract (code) been verified and qualified by an independent company. I think I left a link in my initial post about this (otherwise its in the whitepaper).

Are you on Discord? Or Telegram? Or you use the messaging feature of PeakD?

I am on Telegram, and I clicked on your link then bookmarked the page for later analysis. Should I proceed I shall use your referral

Are you Themagnus on Telegram as well? You received my message (edje42 I'm on Telegram)?

I looked for you on Telegram .... there are MANY EDJE's

hahahaha, but there is only one real EDJE {LOL}
I just send you a message on Telegram: Hoping its you :)
Not sure what you'll see when searching for me, but in my Telegram I'm "edje42"

D*rn, nobody in the Leo community seem to like my post, while the essentials of this project seem to be one of the highest levels of quality and sustainability in the entire crypto space!

Some facts (most of it can be read in the whitepaper):

  • The liquidity pool is ownerless
  • Ether swapped for WISE, stays in the pool
  • Swap/Trading fees goes back into the pool
  • Staking share price increases over time: Incentive to be early in the staking game
  • Unstaking is possible for a penalty / This penalty is being distributed to all remaining stakers

Some further facts that aren't in the whitepaper:

  • 65% of total circulating supply is staked (some short term, some long term with up to 42 years)
  • Founder staked chunks between 1 and 42 years

disclaimer: by no means represents any information given in this comment, as an investment advise

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Interesting I should look into WISE

Last night the initial staking closed, WISE shares moved from 10 shares per WISE token to 9 shares per WISE token.

Interesting, hoping I'm not late😁

The initial staking is executed... ie 1 WISE share for 0.1 WISE token is now 1 WISE share for 1.1 WISE token... As time progresses, the amount of WISE shares will decrease per WISE token.

If I did not know, I know now! Thanks

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You can still get in, but not for the absolute best 'price' 😎
Now WISE can be purchased through Uniswap.

Geez man that's a big win looks hard to tell when the cool off will be, off the indicators very well off

It got crazy, until a week ago. Now the value stabalised. Better for the project 😉