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Hahahaha, yet another share of great fun... and maybe of great value as well :) Yesterday I received this same link from a not so active HIVE member. 3 Hrs before it went live. Very interesting whitepaper they have; Jus a few slides which seem to be more a kinda collection of a screenshot from their website. I wonder when Elon steps in and starts to Tweet about this. Next Meme token to the Moon... and far beyond! :)

Funny Discord they have as well. This morning lots of users complain though... They seem to have promised some kind of airdrop that didn't happen as of yet.

BTW, did you took the gamble already?

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No I didn't gamble, I am pretty bad at it and generally I don't don't touch poopcoins unless I can get them for free 😂

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Same here! Don't like poop coins. That said, DOGE is one of those I felt so much in sync when I watched a small clip in which Elon Musk mentioned that it'll the best joke ever when DOGE becomes the main and most dominant coin. I love this kinda turn of events. DOGE = POOP... or better, was POOP (or maybe still is POOP).

Overheard someone in Clubhouse yesterday stating something to the lines of 'DOGE may plan development and roadmap', while others in the room didn't believe this will ever happen. When it happens though, we have proof that POOP coins can turn into GOOD coins (assuming whatever the dev teams will plan to do and the execution thereof is turning POOP into GOOD). In the end, it is only 50% of the characters that need to change to get GOOD instead of POOP, and it concerns only the sides that require changes, so it can't be difficult :)

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