Could this be our Crypto Pension Plan?

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For those who are in the crypto sphere for the long haul, I discovered this potentially interesting new financial product. It's kind of a bond, but setup more flexibly. Up to 42 years it can pay 'interest'. But any length of time is possible. When one likes to step out, one can step out any time, even after days or hours.

Interest is paid when staking the token. When one wants to get out, the only action required is to unstake and sell the tokens.

The project is named: WISE

The name is kinda funny. I suppose they try to appeal to the rational side of us. When we are 'wise' we embark on a project that gives us long term revenues and therefore financial security and stability.

published by the WISE Foundation (source)

WISE: Tell Me About It

WISE is implemented as a Ethereum Smart Contract and will use Uniswap at which it'll automatically created the liquidity pool. All investments in WISE are automatically added to the liquidity pool, and will be locked up indefinitely (or I think the later is the case, but maybe up until the 42 years only...which is more or less indefinitely anyway :)).

Up to end of year, tokens can be reserved. Every calendar day reservations are turned into WISE tokens. At the last day (31st of December) all the reserved tokens can be claimed at which the run phase of WISE starts.

Unlike many other projects, investing in this project i possible with a wide range of tokens. WISE has an inbuild a liquidity transformer tool so it'll be able to accept other currencies than just Ether. Just connect your Metamask wallet and whatever coin or token you have in there can be used.

I for sure like this simplicity of the project: The creators seem to understand what we like to see in crypto space: Simple to use services!

The WISE team write in their Project Specification document (source):

WISE Token, hereinafter referred to as WISE, is an ERC-20 compliant smart contract designed for deployment on the Ethereum blockchain. WISE is a decentralized, fairly launched, automatically liquid, trustlessly exchangeable, interest-bearing, bond-like token.


The core purpose of the WISE token — staking — is similar to both bonds and CDs (certificates of deposit): rewarding the holder with earned interest in exchange for locking up their funds for a period of time. WISE incorporates some of the features from both of these traditional instruments but improves greatly upon them.

CDs tend to be lower risk, lower return, and only pay out interest on their maturity date.

Bonds tend to be somewhat higher risk, higher return, and pay out interest regularly on a set schedule (typically every six months).

WISE is most similar to a bond, in that it earns relatively high interest, but allows users to withdraw it whenever they want.

WISE is superior to bonds and CDs in every way:
WISE gives the staker complete flexibility in choosing exactly when to withdraw their interest during the life of the stake. You can withdraw interest daily, irregularly, wait until maturity, or whatever you like!

WISE stakes have higher return, much lower risk (due to being decentralized and trustless), and far higher flexibility than both bonds and CDs. No more trusting banks and governments to stay solvent and not change their rules. No more worrying that a bond issuer may default on you.

WISE is pure, immutable code.

WISE: Key Data

  • Smart Contract is Audited by an independent party (report)
  • Over 34k Ether reserved to date (thats over 17M US Dollar to date)
  • WISE token reservation until December 31st
  • Creators will take a maximum of 2k Ether, the rest will flow into the liquidity pool
  • Funds in Liquidity pool will be locked

WISE: Links / Resources

Interested to Embark on this Project?

Check the links above: Read and Digest.

For now: Wish you all the Wisdom in the world.


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Pension savings in the crypt ... It's interesting, one way or another, the near future belongs to the cryptocurrency, I slowly form decent stacks in various blockchain projects, which then begin to bring dividends. But, to be honest, I believe that they will "feed in old age" no more than the Pension Fund of Russia)) As long as there is strength in the hands and brains in the head, you can always earn ... And if this is not so, then why live a wreck ...)) Sorry, if anything, these are purely personal attitudes, I recommend everyone to think about pension savings from a young age

As long as there is strength in the hands and brains in the head, you can always earn

True that. I see it like this: In a few decades much of the work done by humans will be replaced by robots. When that happens, most of us humans will not have work anymore. We need different ways of income. WISE could provide us a basic income (or more, depending on how much we invest in it :)), providing us a replacements of the income we have today from work. For some it'll be a kinda of pension because of our age, for others it may mean an income so survive and enjoy 24x7 freedom in how to spend time.

Everything is so ... Progress is marching too quickly, soon people will only have to work "creative", and blockchain technologies are preparing us for such a future .. This is their historical mission

Agree, blockchains will be for sure a part of our future. Progress on technology, whether that be too quickly or not, is something that can't be controlled. When quantum computing will be available on larger scale, we will reach singularity very very quickly. Also, this quantum computing will result in a tremendous acceleration of technology advancements, much much much faster than we ever seen before. Interesting fact is: Quantum computing will be very harmful for todays crypto / encryption technologies used in everything, including in blockchains. The blockchain space will need to find solutions to deal with Quantum computers, to still be secure. I predict it'll not take more than a decade, maybe two decades, before all of this happens.

The future has already come))

The topic is, of course, interesting. I’m thinking how this topic can be transferred to a consumer cooperative? Alternatively, you can consider for the future with the prospect of project development...

I’m thinking how this topic can be transferred to a consumer cooperative

Am not sure what you mean with the statament? To bring this to a larger audience? Outside the crypto universe you mean?

consumer cooperation - for shareholders (share)

I think WISE is already in such model, well, an even better model. The individual has a share in the system WISE provides, based on the amount the individual is adding to WISE, he/she will receive a proportunate 'interest' in the run phase of the project, from a pool shared by all those who added funds to that pool. If you think in shareholders terms, everyone who provided liquidity to the pool, is shareholder of the pool.

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Thanks :)

Lower risk, tangible interest and withdrawal at anytime, now that's a "WISE" project :)

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Yea indeed! Super WISE 😉

Great proyect if have the oportunity i get some.

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You can go in with 10 US dollar worth already, so open to any budget 😉

It's really wise to invest in something like this

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let me know when you onboarded this train 😉

Now I understand !!!!

Hahahaha Cool! 🙃

Hmmm, sounds wise however not that easy as you need ETH wallet (hate them all) and an Uniswap account, or not?

Metamask is super easy to get started with Ether and all the Ethereum based services. Once having Metamask (its a browser plugin for Chrome, Brave and probably other webbrowsers) you are all set to deal with Uniswap and other services. This WISE project doesnt require Uniswap, not during this token reservation phase. At the end of year, when claiming all the reserved WISE tokens, Uniswap is used indeed. FYI, Uniswap doesnt require an account; Uniswap connects to the Metamask wallet.

Its just a few months ago when I got myself a Metamask account. Initially thought, all so complicated, but turned out all to be super easy. And you know what? When I imported my MEW (MyEtherWallet) I discovered I had some tokens that I seem to have received somehow in the past, with some decent value today. To import MEW was super simple as well.

Anyways, since this summer a lot is happening around the Ether chain, driven by Uniswap and other swap services. Lots and lots of new DeFi projects. Some are rally interesting to look into and hop onboard. Others maybe less so.

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Nice find squire! Think I might have to WISE up at the weekend and lock in some long term crypto 😀

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Cool! :) You can choice which days you want to rerve the coins, doesnt have to be a single one. You can also opt for all remaining days. No limit to the number of deposits as well. Be WISE be HIVE... euhmm thought I had a rhyme, but it failed :)

Thanks for the info, I'll come back to this post tomorrow and check out the links. You nearly had a good poem there, 7/10 for enthusiasm from me!

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nearly had a good poem there

HAHAHA Thanks.... BUt still, nearly... so not completely, or better saiud: Not at all HAHAHA 🤣🤣🤣 But am ok with that 💯🎶

7/10 for enthusiasm

Next time it shall be an 8 out of 10; Will work in that 😉

Hahahaha! Keep working on the poetry man, we'll crack it together at some point!

I can't wait to see the 8 out of 10, it's going to be a joy to witness!

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