$80 Billion to Steal 800

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Part of Biden's new trillion dollar expenditure, of which there will certainly be many more to come, includes $80,000,000,000 for the IRS to "increase the ability to prevent the rich from evading taxes".

WASHINGTON—President Biden plans to propose an $80 billion funding boost for the Internal Revenue Service over the next decade, a major expansion of the tax agency that would double its enforcement staffing and give it new tools to combat tax dodging by the wealthiest Americans.


a major expansion of the tax agency that would double its enforcement staffing and give it new tools to combat tax dodging by the wealthiest Americans.


As CNN has reported, this is a component of how Biden plans to finance his proposal, with the tax increases on the individual side for the wealthy making up a more significant and tangible chunk.


This, of course, is fucking ridiculous.

You notice how they keep hammering that point home over and over and over and over again? "Don't worry, we're only going after the wealthiest Americans!" Yeah, that's how you know they are 100% full of shit.

Biden is a known policestate-loving boot-licking pig.

He's indirectly been given credit for doing the rough-draft on the Patriot Act itself. You know it's patriotic because it's right in the name. Kamala Harris is no better. These people are the enemies of freedom. Honestly all politicians are but these two are especially flagrant dipshits.

The left is actually a bit more self-aware than the right, so the liberals are beginning to realize that "the lesser of two evils" in this case is actually still really bad. Two-sides of the same coin really. People are starting to wake up to the fact that it doesn't matter who's the president. Politicians have been puppets for generations, and it's only getting worse as society devolves into increased corruption given the ticking clock of borrowed time.

tax man.jpg

The IRS has always and will always (no matter how much money gets thrown at it) be an offensive institution that focuses on casting deep-sea fishing nets that catch the most incompetent bottom-feeders that raise the most red flags. Spoiler alert: rich people are usually smarter than that. Upper class citizens always get away with tons more illegal activity per capita. That isn't going to change anytime soon.

The narrative being given here makes zero sense. If we wanted to tax rich people we'd just print more money. That's the absolute easiest way to tax the rich. It's a tax that can't be avoided no matter how smart and connected one is. Supply dilution can not be evaded.

Therefore, it is quite obvious that the true agenda here is to give the police state more power. If we wanted to tax the rich we'd simply stop taxing the lower and middle class and just print out a ton of money to pay for all this shit. This was the ultimate advantage of removing ourselves from the gold standard. Hording cash becomes extremely unprofitable and spending it to increase velocity and promote growth makes a lot more sense. When cash was equivalent to gold it made sense to horde as much as possible to build wealth. This is bad for the economy and currency in general (volatile & deflationary).

map prison incarceration rates.png

It's very obvious that the bootlicking pig is trying to send more people to prison. Rich people don't go to prison. The math is painfully obvious and transparent. Purposeful harm is being done to our country in the name of justice and freedom. It's a sick joke.

So the IRS catches people evading taxes. Then what? They'll freeze that person's bank accounts, launch an investigation, steal all their money, and send them to a torture chamber all the while calling it 'justice'.

Do citizens come out of prison reformed convicts? No, recidivism rates are abysmal. Do people get the tools they need in prison to become productive members of society? No, they are punished when they get out because it's almost impossible to get a good job, or any job at all. Gee, I wonder why these people return to a life of crime when they get back out. Fucking idiots in charge allow this to happen and even celebrate it.

tax theft.jpg

I can't help but feel like this proposed IRS steroid boost is a direct assault on crypto itself. When Bitcoin hits $200k this year half of all Billionaires in the world will be crypto Billionaires. Let that sink in a bit. America owns the most crypto.


When did Romania get so sexy?

The government has done nothing but try to swat Bitcoin down, and now they want a cut of the profits for a BORDERLESS network that they are actively trying to destroy. It's truly pathetic.

This is why I'm constantly on a crusade to let people know that privacy coins are a woefully undervalued asset. This will become more and more obvious as thousands of lawsuits are launched against crypto holders.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, being involved in crypto is like driving in a red Corvette with a cop behind you. They are just waiting for you make one false step before they pull you over. The laws trying to govern this technology are a hundred years old. It is literally impossible to comply with the law in certain scenarios and they know it. They don't give a shit that the laws are outdated and they use them on purpose because it gives the police state the power to do whatever the fuck they want. The system is broken by design.


Working as intended

The administration believes the enhanced measures to crack down on tax evasion will increase revenue for the government by $700 billion, although some outside experts are skeptical and the Congressional Budget Office -- the accepted scorekeeper -- is unlikely to project that much revenue.

Previous administrations have touted beefing up IRS enforcement to raise money, and while there are definitely large sums that can be pulled in, it remains to be seen whether it will be as much as Biden's team thinks.

No fucking shit.

It's about fear.
It's about control.
It's about power.


To recap: The official narrative we are being spoonfed is that Biden will print $80 billion out of thin air in order to MAYBE recoup those losses. How will those losses be recouped? By stealing money from productive members of society and throwing them into a torture chamber for not paying tribute to the most imperialist and evil terrorists in the world: the United States government. These are facts.

Nothing good can possibly come from giving the IRS more funding. The chance that they actually go after the billionaires and corporations that actually should be paying their taxes (not really) is zero. At the end of the day taxes are a completely antiquated and irrelevant collection technique when we can simply print money out of thin air. The only reason they exist is to give the empirical police state more power.

We are headed into a completely new era where none of the legacy laws are going to make any sense. All we can do is ride out the storm in our tiny lifeboats and hope we don't capsize. The police state and military industrial complex have been doing nothing but escalate authoritarianism for decades now.

I implore everyone reading this message to never, under any circumstances, talk to police or the IRS directly for any reason whatsoever. You do not speak their language. You have nothing to gain and everything to lose. Get a lawyer if necessary.

meat grinder money coins.jpg

Crypto has a huge advantage in this arena. Our bank accounts can not be frozen; our wages can not be garnished. We cannot be censored. We can afford lawyers and we can use our unhackable crypto stacks as leverage to make deals with these terrorists that call themselves the law. There will be many more Citizen X stories.

Now is the time to start memorizing 12-word seed phrases and learning about privacy tech like Monero. Privacy is a basic human right. "I have nothing to hide," are the words of those who have been enslaved by ignorance, apathy, and a false sense of patriotism. Don't fall into the obvious trap they're laying. Stay away from the bottom of the meat grinder.

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Change red Corvette to rusty old jalopy. I've had a few newer and/or flashy cars and never got pulled over in them. Literally never. A couple were actually bright red too. The police constantly harassed me when I was driving around in my beat up rusty old poor-mobiles when I was young though. I once had the police tear my Toyota Tercel apart looking for drugs because I approached them to ask for directions to an ATM. Emptied our pockets and gave my friend and I field sobriety tests (we were completely sober and had no drugs). We were on our way to LA for a concert and needed cash for tolls. I guess they thought we were looking to buy drugs and were stupid enough to ask them for help doing it? 🤷‍♂️

If this pattern holds, it's my expectation that the $80 billion will likewise be used mostly against poor and lower middle class people. The poor always seem to suffer the most when the government does anything. The rich just end up spending a little bit of money and circumvent the measures completely.

Yes, the IRS has admitted it focuses on auditing the poor because it's cheaper. Which is the reason given for increasing their budget, but of course, the incentives are still the same: rich people with lawyers and complex networks of companies are a headache for auditors.

Yeah this is 100% correct and was even thinking about it as I wrote the analogy.
I got pulled over in my friends car once that was a junker for this exact reason.
They said the car matched one described in a recently reported crime.
I think they were full of shit but that's irrelevant.
My friend said that happens to him all the time.
They demanded for my ID even as the passenger.
Luckily we are white, amitire?

When it comes down to it the poor always suffer most when the law gains power.

Upvoted for recommending Monero, while I don't agree with everything.

If we wanted to tax rich people we'd just print more money.

This would raise money, but not from rich Americans. Rich people typically keep their wealth in stocks and real estate. Many have a negative amount of dollars thanks to cheap business loans and mortgages. In fact, it's mostly foreigners who own dollars. Which is why they are in fact printing money - but it's not possible to print an unlimited amount without eroding the value of the dollar.

What you are failing to take into account:

Capital Gains Tax is a SCAM! - Here's Why

It doesn't matter if the assets are being stored as securities or commodities, because taxes are paid in USD.
When inflation devalues the dollar it LOOKS like the price of stocks and gold went up.
In reality the value of the dollar went down, but does the IRS give a shit?
No, now you owe taxes on those "gains".

Again, it does not matter if someone is holding dollars or not.
All American citizens get taxed on every asset they have, and the value is measured in dollars.

This is why I'm constantly on a crusade to let people know that privacy coins are a woefully undervalued asset.

Which privacy coins do you support or has the biggest potential?

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All of them are so undervalued that, much like Bitcoin, Monero is still number one. Monero is so dirt cheap still because centralized exchanges have been delisting it and regulators have been attacking it. This is the exact reason why we should be acquiring more. This is actual proof that these privacy systems actually work because they are being censored so hard. Even the Secret Service admits that it works. They even admit that privacy is the foundation of fungibility and currency in general.

Keep your opinions off normal social media unless you want to get a little visit from your friendly IRS, like the tea party. The IRS may be gearing up for round 2, Obama administration on steroids.....maybe...because we know Joe ain't running no show. Crypto> US dollar

Last time I logged into Facebook I threw up in my mouth a little.


I just went to FB to grab this bit from a typical liberal "friend" of mine

I tuned in late to Biden’s speech. I liked everything I heard him say and I think he and his administration are doing a great job. I loved seeing two women seated behind him as he addressed the nation. Very inspiring image.

My experience of left and right has not been, as you said

The left is actually a bit more self-aware than the right, so the liberals are beginning to realize that "the lesser of two evils" in this case is actually still really bad.

The leftists in my neck of the woods are all zombies. It's very strange that anyone could look at that tableau and think it an inspiring image. I thought it looked more like a group of kidnappers or thugs who were holding us all hostage, which of course they very much are.

Taxation is theftation?

I agree that modern monetary theory with government spending financed via printing the money makes a lot of sense. Taxes are antiquated. They're not needed. A shit ton could be saved by doing away with them.

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One of the biggest problems is that we keep automating all the jobs and creating very few new ones to replace them. Getting rid of taxes and other obvious upgrades to society just keep making the problem worse. Lots and lots of people's entire carriers revolve around taxes existing.

When did Romania get so sexy?

Right around the time that they put Ceaușescu up against a wall. Maybe we could learn something from that?

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Did you have a look on Pirate Chain?

If we truly live in a free society why can’t we vote to abolish this institution? Everyone hates it yet it still exists. Maybe opting out via crypto will be the new protest.

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Maybe opting out via crypto will be the new protest.

That's very clearly the case. When people realize they can get paid to opt out they will stop wasting their time with pointless protests and get to work on something real.

individual taxes in America never really made much sense to me.. they really should get most of the taxes from business and import / export... but that would effect their slave to the money culture, and the prison systems bottom line. unrelated: Washington state was just in the news feed somewhere i came across as making for-profit prisons illegal... so maybe there is a glimmer of hope, somewhere..

"free the slaves of a country, enslave the entire country" I've always kind of brushed off, filed subconsciously under 'slave talk aversion', mainly cuz I'm white and not quite ready to face them fuckups of the past white humans before me.... but I'm really starting to agree with the metaphor.

Using the term 'slave' is clearly going to be offensive to African-American culture because their ancestors were actual-slaves. Still, does the field-slave get to tell the house-slave to "check their privilege"? At the end of the day it's really not that hard to use another word like servant or peasant. Peon is a fun one. Zug-zug.

"Free the peons of a country, enpeon the entire country"

I like

Well when ya put it like that... I should adjust my words.

That's why need mass crypto adoption asap. I know it's not a silver bullet that will fix the world in a blink of an eye but it's really one step we gotta take.

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Sure, an unregulated monetary system. Then it will just be the criminals stealing your money instead of the government. You see the other day where someone stole 420 million off investors using those bitcoin ATM machines the other day. Seems they went to buy some coins and when they gave permission for the transaction to come out of their wallet they weren't reading the fine print ( I guess) and gave the thieve access to all their coins. The article said it's highly unlikely any of them will get their money back.

Alas, I am a lonely BTC HODLer in Canada.
Not to be underdone, Trudeau will follow in Biden's police state foot steps in the Great White Incarcerated.

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You Give people $5,000 and then pay $100,000 more back to their government. Great plan people. Sadly there are more stupid people in the world than smart and they would rather give up all of their freedoms for a few pennies.

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If only it was a matter of smart vs stupid people.
Stupid people can still be educated.
This has never been an intelligence issue.

This is a trust issue.

We need people to stop TRUSTING the ones in charge.
This is much harder to achieve.

mark twain easier to fool-trick.jpg

Rule by force is the disease.
As long as it is acceptable for these folks to use force on those folks for reasons, this is what we get, varying levels of tyranny.
Tptsb know this, it's why the flashylight boxes allow bodies in woodchippers, but not nipples.
Violence must be accepted and love rejected.

BOOM again

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I don't live in the States, and I don't involve myself too closely with politics there, focusing instead on my local area.

But what I do know is that the government has a legal right to tax people, so labelling it as "theft" is objectively wrong, and really drags down the quality of this post.

Also, printing money leads to dilution for the rich as well as the poor. In fact, it will affect the poor even more because they are more sensitive to rises in inflation.

Overall, while I think many of your posts are excellent, I really find this one very weak. Crypto has huge potential, but the technology (and its associated strategies for supply control) isn't a solution for every problem in the world. This post really tries to imply otherwise, and actually made me a little more sceptical about crypto and this platform as an outsider.

I won't downvote it, but I'll give my honest opinion: I don't think this is a particularly good post.

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The paradox of security. I earn 2,000 dollars a month and to prevent someone from stealing them, I contract a security contract for 2,500 dollars a month.
Taxes finance the bureaucracy, not social services.

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