stfu about elon musk: the manipulations haven't even started yet

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Seriously, just stop.

Stop giving this half-autistic troll exactly what he wants. Haven't people figured out the Internet yet? Or even just bullies in grade-school? Stop reacting like someone else's personal plaything: this will lead to not being treated as one.


My last post talked about how we are trapped in a wedge and running out of time. What happened next? Musk makes a tweet and now it's his fault the market dipped a tiny bit? Like, no. The childish emotions running rampage on crypto twitter are embarrassing and they encourage even more trolling. Cut the shit.



So Musk tweets this shit right at a resistance line and the market crashes and now it's his fault? He's toying with you. This is a game to him. It's not hard to draw a resistance line. Lets not forget that the only reason Bitcoin even broke $40k to begin with is because Tesla bought in. Yeah, let that sink in a bit.


In a very real sense he's earned the right to do these things. This is an UNREGULATED MARKET BY DESIGN. Stop asking for regulations! It's truly pathetic: and not in the insulting way. More along the lines of actually feeling sorry for the millions of people who allow day to day volatility of crypto to get inside their head and manipulate them. That's gotta be pretty stressful shit.

No joke this is going to kill dozens of people or more. Stress is the silent killer. One day we're fine and the next day the doctor tells us we have 5 months to live. How did this happen? No one knows.

I am 100% serious when I say that this is literally becoming a matter of public safety. There are now far too many people involved with crypto who can't handle it. The market crashes 8.5% inside of the most obvious wedge ever and now Elon Musk needs to pay for his treachery. Gah! Get over yourself. Do some deep breathing and get some exercise. Stop looking at charts. You're not a professional gambler.


Seriously though.

The manipulation hasn't even begun. Everyone wanting the institutional corporate sharks to get involved so the price goes up. Well, "be careful what you wish for" couldn't be a more accurate statement.

Again, this is an unregulated market. Or rather: the market regulates itself. Cryptocurrency IS the government. A borderless permissionless one with pre-set rules. If you don't like the rules: make a better crypto/government. Easier said then done obviously.

This actually goes all the way back to the Steem Hostile Takeover. There was no theft. Nothing illegal happened. Why? Because who's laws define said activity as illegal? The United States? Some other bullshit imperialist nation? Steem is the government. Hive is the government. We make the rules. Not them. What they say doesn't matter. That's the entire point of running thousands of decentralized redundant nodes across the entire world. We make the rules. It's our turn, dammit.


So when I see people crying out for the SEC to come slap Elon Musk on the wrist for his Twitter trolling, I'm immediately reminded that over 90% of the people around here only care about number go up. That's not what crypto is about. Number's gonna go up and they'll still be poor because their money management skills are abysmal and the sharks are going to fleece them a thousand times over. Wise the fuck up. This shit has only just started.

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Totally agree... I saw a couple of tweets this morning along the lines of "Elon is destroying people's livelihoods..." and if anything it shows a massive lack of maturity in both the markets and the people in those markets. If your livelihood is tied to the price of one of the most volatile assets there is... you're doing it wrong.

Honestly, I'm still not really even sure if I consider crypto an asset yet... I have crypto and it has USD numbers tied to it but I don't take those numbers seriously at all... what I really want is to post on Hive and then somehow transform the rewards to groceries... that's what I'm waiting for.

However, there's absolutely no need for him to make these tweets given that he knows these markets tend to respond to them. I think it's a lack of maturity on him (as one of the richest people in the world), to be foolishly posting memes and jokes about bitcoin.

(Oh, hey!)

Hey dude! So good to see you...

Totally... but I was thinking about this some more... maybe it's good? Maybe he's shaking out the people that have invested too much and can't handle the risk and volatility of the crypto markets. There's a lot of people in these markets that really shouldn't be here... not yet anyway.

I do agree with your point though, it's super crazy that any one person has really any sort of sway on a decentralized market... even if it might have just been a coincidence this time.

bro elon is joining Hive get ready

im also gonna be on Warren Redlich's youtube soon (Im paying $500 in btc ) to discuss hive telos @verbz and seg and elon watches warren

watcha the video about Elon being a fraud and all his shit bein a scam and how peter thiel made paypal and he got zucced out and yeah lol elon also didnt invent tesla these otehr two gusy did he just came in with his money he also didnt make a billion of paypal thats all fake 60 mins story shit lol


Investing isn't for everybody. That's why, the more adopted crypto becomes funds like SPInvest will attract more and more capital.

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hjahahaah nice shill


Lets just say.. there are certain people who are WATCHING for when Elon tweets and make certain trades. That doesnt mean Elon Musk controls Bitcoin or DogeCoin.

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The more we talk about that guy, the more famous and manipulative he'll be. We just have to ignore him at all. ☺

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It is called change, things happens and Change is constant in our day to day operation, people shouldn't get swayed by that because it's still gonna risen and also falling as you said but the important thing is to focus and hope for the best.

Well said. They've been asking for institutions for so long and now that those are here they're shitting their pants at every elon tweets. Funny, but the ones calling for sharks are the ones being eaten by these.

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this is literally becoming a matter of public safety. There are now far too many people involved with crypto who can't handle it

That's very true. I believe more and more people will start taking some very bad decisions because they are just not prepared to deal with stuff like that

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I too am so tired of people giving him power.
I was so happy when Vitalic Buterin Tweeted the Elon Musk’s influence was rapidly waning and soon he would be irrrlevant!

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I'm glad it made you happy, but it doesn't seem to be happening.

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Yeah, I have no clue why people are listening (or even worse, reacting) to Elon about crypto...maybe for a trade on the whale (or coordinated) level...but in general, who gives a f&^%.

There is no doubt he is a brilliant man and he will more than likely get us to Mars...and electrifying our vehicles...but with that brilliance comes Asperger syndrome (at his own admission).

This is a neurodevelopmental disorder that impacts among other things social other words, the massive amount of contradictions and shit talking Elon dishes out is part of who he is...and by no means is this restricted to just crypto. No one should ever take him seriously when it comes to his ramblings about crypto...let alone trade on it.

Crypto is getting sloshed around because the amount of money that’s in crypto is small compared to the total money out there. So it's easy to knock the prices around a lot. This will change over time and crypto will become less volatile as the pie grows in the space. So whether it's Elon Musk, Jamie Dimon or India or China banning crypto, in the long run, none of this “news” will matter, because crypto will be part of our future. And those who just sit on their coins, and don't react to the bullshit that's creating all this volatility, they will be happier and wealthier for it in the future.

Great post @edicted.

Asperger syndrome

People with Asperger's are hilarious.
Zero filter.

thats no Asperger's

and elon doesnt have it hes just hiding behind that like "Im just an innocent nerd dont hurt me i am a protected species"

LOL. Zero filter is super funny.

People just need someone to blame. They are angry because they lost money when the big dip happened. Now they are waiting for Bitcoin to get to 60000K again and everything that might be slowing that down is making them angry. If it wasn't Elon, there would be someone else to blame. They just don't want to blame themselves for unreal expectations and little knowledge about the market.

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This is an UNREGULATED MARKET BY DESIGN. Stop asking for regulations!

Never forget or we will never change anything! Instead we will have just another system replacing the same old system.

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Lol well at least my stress level is in check. I think he's simply testing his level of influence and as you rightly said, this is all just a game to him.

It is an unfortunate phase we have to endure but I reckon eventually people will stop being so reactionary and move beyond one person's sentiment rocking the market

its all just a game to everyone lol

I think the market moving on stupid news is proof that people are not yet ready for the revolutionary change that cryptos bring.


well said... yes!!!!

Most people aren't ready for freedom, or we would already have it.

elon manipulates the market at will it will be for his own benefit

Totally agree


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In a very real sense he's earned the right to do these things. This is an UNREGULATED MARKET BY DESIGN. Stop asking for regulations! It's truly pathetic: and not in the insulting way. More along the lines of actually feeling sorry for the millions of people who allow day to day volatility of crypto to get inside their head and manipulate them.

If Oregon Trail taught me anything it's that everybody loves the idea of unbridled freedom on an open frontier...until it sinks in that frontiers mostly mean survival of the strongest and the right to die of dysentery at any time.

I couldn't agree more, the market reactions to Musk's tweets are ridiculous, and immature. He seems to just be enjoying the power he has to troll people (unless he is actually manipulating) and that only has an impact when people let it. The sooner people just ignore his tweets, the better.

I do just have one minor issue with your post however, and I'm likely being a snowflake here, but describing him as a "half-autistic troll" rubs me the wrong way. I have a mildly Autistic son, and get a bit irritated when people throw it out there in a derogatory way. Not saying that was your intent here at all, but just my interpretation. Plenty of Autistic people aren't trolls, so linking the two together is unnecessary I feel.

Other than that minor nit-picking, I couldn't agree more with your sentiment.

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Well I would have to agree with you that crypto is pretty much unregulated. There won't be anything similar to what they did for market manipulation of Tesla price (they made it so they couldn't do it during stock market hours) but crypto markets are also open 24/7. The best thing people can do is just get use to it and ignore.

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Who is Elon Musk? O.o'

Someone make this person disappear.

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Speaking of the crowd, we all know the stupidest voices are the loudest.

I mean just look at the loudest voices on twitter.

They tell us that because it's all we read on our favourite network that it's what the majority of society believes.

Yeah naa lol.

As for Musk, yes he's talking about crypto markets which are the unregulated wild west.

But he is doing so from within the bounds of highly regulated legacy markets.

I mean he's the CEO of a publicly traded company ffs.

While from a smart money perspective, what he's doing is predictable and just funny as fuck, he certainly has regulatory responsibilities.

The question becomes is he rich and well connected enough to avoid blowback?


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Elon who?

It's not Elon's fault, but Elon is a troll anyway ;)

I agree with what you express and recovery should not be stimulated perse involving other corporations that if they do, sooner or later they will have the power to manipulate the crypto world and transform it into a traditional platform. An observation autistic people are beings with high capabilities and contribute to our society in their own way. Greetings

Way to tell it like it is! I have to say, it's really refreshing to see that there is at least one other person on this platform (planet?) who sees this whole game for what it is.

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If people go crazy after it is there fault IMO :) In both ways :D

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I miss you BTC price ;(

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Dude, Elon is a fraud for many reasons. First of all SpaceX is fake just like all "space agencies" they are not sending anything into space, space is fake and earth is flat!

Also he pretended to have send a Tesla car into space, which never happened but maybe billions of people believe.

In effect Elon is a fraud and an Illuminati puppet. You should know that by now.

Bitcoin is outdated technologi. Takes hours to send a transaction and maybe $50-$100 fee, compare that to LasseCash, which is ~3 seconds and no fee, plus social media rewards and plus future Diesel pool rewards.


As soon as Elon pumps Algorand, I'm going to build a rocket that all you flat earthers can get on. I'll tell you that the trip is so you can get a good look at the flat earth, then launch all you ignorant fucks into the sun.

Especially the ones like you, who probably don't even believe the earth is flat, but know how to use other people's ignorance to enrich yourself.

You're a self serving fraud spammer, have a nice day.

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Before that could you please redirect "all the many flat earthers" you talk about to me? We are not as many as you might think.

The reason LasseCash has so much value is because we are the only ones to reward the truth!