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RE: The Future Of Gold: Not Great

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Gold will probably be a bad investment but a great compliment to crypto. Crypto is all about inefficient redundancy. Security and trust over efficiency and output. Gold is the same thing.

It would also be a bad idea to invest in solar panels and greenhouses. We don't do it for the investment: we do it because it will be all we have left if the greater system fails. Of course I've already made this opinion clear like half a dozen times so maybe I'm just trying to convince myself :D


True but then solar panels and greenhouses have some utility. Gold might have some with electronics but the primary use case is the store of value. To me, that is dependent upon the scarcity. If the supply is radically altered upward, due to technology, isn't this gone?

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The scarcity will always be there, but yes there could be a huge bump in supply due to abundance tech that brings the value down. Personally I think demand will increase exponentially as crypto takes over and centralized systems continue to fail. In my opinion everyone should have like a 1 ounce gold coin in case shit hits the fan.