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So my witness partners have been working on this project for a while. This is a little service brought to you by @rishi556 and @deathwing (much like the FRIDAY bot for CUB located on LEO's Discord). As it stands now it's just a classic curation bot: you delegate them your LEO and it will return liquid curation rewards back to your account. Essentially it's an easy way to earn passive income without having to spend any time manually curating yourself.

I haven't said anything about it until now because I want this bot to be much much more than a run-of-the-mill curation bot that just centralizes stake in exchange for passive returns. I think we can get a lot more innovative with it.

Reputation System

Crypto is all about reputation. Life is a game, and money is the scoreboard. With distributed ledger technology we take this to an entirely new level. On POS and DPOS networks your stake often times is your reputation. The more stake one has the more governance power they wield. Many see this as a bug; I see it as a necessary feature.

However, we've tried other forms of reputation. That little number next to everyone's name was Condenser's (Steemit Inc) way of trying to see who should and should not be allowed to have a voice on the blogging front end. It was obviously an abysmal failure and was gamed into the dirt (Byteball airdrop anyone?). We can do better.


With @meowcurator the idea was to start prototyping this new reputation system and incorporating it into the bot itself. All curation bots centralize stake and votepower to a single account. The idea here is to re-decentralized that stake by allowing everyone to have a say on which posts the bot votes on. This is possible with a better reputation network. Theoretically, the amount of stake one delegated to this bot would have very little pull on said account's reputation score, as those numbers would be determined in another more interesting way.

Say various accounts have a high reputation in the eyes of the @meowcurator bot (auxiliary manual curators) these accounts would be able to control the bot with a sort of wisdom-of-the-crowd algorithm that allows said votes to be allocated by those who have reputation. It's difficult to explain how this would work in detail so I'll just leave it at that for now.

In any case, I've been delegating a sizable amount of LEO to this project (25k LEO) and just now I pulled my delegation. I powered down too much stake to the bLEO/BNB pool to provide liquidity there and I need the votepower back :(. Hopefully some will read this post and delegate a little bit to @meowcurator to make up for the losses.


In the beginning @meowcurator was taking 20% of the profits off the top for itself. Apparently this is the standard for some curation bots? I'm not sure how high it is right now but the goal is to reduce that to 5% (or even 0%) going forward. Again, there's a reason I haven't really shilled this bot yet. It isn't ready for consumption, but if you want to help out give it a whirl and delegate a few shekels.


Maybe one day I'll get off my ass and help develop this stuff. My focus has been very scattered for a while now as I bounce around from blogging, lurking in Discord, and watching number go up. I'm seriously considering going to the doctor to get a script for Adderall to curb this ADHD, but even that comes at a high overhead cost of side effects (however productive it is for my programming career).

In any case, sorry for pulling the delegation, fellas. Once this thing is ready to go I'll delegate 100% of my stack for a while to get it off the ground.

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In the beginning @meowcurator was taking 20% of the profits off the top for itself.

I believe it's 10% right now.

Ah yes 10% that sounds right.
I know we talked about it at some point...

I remember promoting it a few times but I personally like manually giving out LEO. It's the only curation bot for LEO that takes LEO delegations and returns LEO right now.

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It's the only curation bot for LEO that takes LEO delegations and returns LEO right now.

Knock knock :p Aren't you forgetting some other ?

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Lol. I forgot about your project but yea they tend to be lacking. I think yours might have higher APR since you are putting in some of your LEO earnings.

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Adderall will even make reading Ikea instructions the most interesting book you have ever read. The draw back is your heart will feel like it will fly out of your chest. I get having ideas but not the attention span to do anything about it.

I was on it for a while like 10 years ago.
Lots of pros and cons.

I say you stay off of it for your posts, and then go on it for your comments. That way you get to read what we get to read as if it's your first time seeing it. lol It would be interesting to see your state-changed comments to your own posts. lol

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Instead of rep I'd like to see a verified badge. I've brought a number of people that are influencers on to this platform only to be blasted by about 4 different people about verifying their account and when they did nothing happened instead the next person asked lol

Having a trusted verified system I think would be important moving forward. Or even a verification level say 1-5 where 1 would be not verified at all 2 twitter connection 3 twitter and other social 4-5 influencer fully verified.

I know that's a little off topic here but you did mention the reputation system which is honestly worthless lol

Besides that I honestly don't like delegation/curation bots that much. I feel like it takes away from the platform in the sense that it's now one person trying to curate thousands of posts instead of 1,000 people doing their own curating. I feel like it limits and starts to centralize the entire system. I mean maybe I'm wrong though I'd love to hear others opinions and views on it so I can see it from both ends. Thanks!

Hm yeah the reputation system I had in mind could possible help the situation you describe. I obviously need to work on it more.

I do not have enough knowledge to know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Not a fan of bots, but I do use automated tools to spread my LEO votes around.

Each person must make their own decisions as to how they utilize their LEO Power.

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any idea on the roi or apr she is bringing in?

my Leo power is still very laughably low, but i can always muster up something for a good deal...

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You'll always make a slightly higher APR simply manually curating yourself on LEO, as long as your voting power doesn't hit 100%. The curation on LEO is a lot different than Hive (at the moment... although that changes on the next hardfork). LEO is just a 50% kickback to the upvoter, so there is no way to game the system and get a higher APR.

This topic seems to be quite complex and they have a lot of cloth to cut, I feel that I am going to stay here for a long time to continue learning what is being talked about here!

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How the hell do I delegate LEO?

Ha I know right?


This is the FIRST time I'm going to do something like this. And it's out of spite... LOL!

I'm just so fucking lost here, after nearly five years. All these tokens, all these tribes/communities. There's no possible way ONE human consumer will ever be able to support these projects ORGANICALLY. So instead people make their posts, and the consumers are robots that don't even look. Why even make this shit if it's not designed for people! LOL! So whatever. Have my fucking tokens. I can't use them anyway. All I want is one interface that gives me access to everything, easily...

I just want to look at stuff, and push a button...

Is that too much to ask?

Okay. That should be enough fake whining. Thanks for letting me know HE can do it. Probably been a month since the last time I was there.

yeah HE still has a tiny bit of functionality that LEO doesn't have.

I mainly use PeakD for what I'm doing here most days. Haven't even tried the LEO approach to the HE stuff.

I delegated the funds. Technically, LEO the finance magazine just lost a customer. A paying subscriber. Yet I still kept the benefits. I truly don't see how that's good for business. And I get laughed out of the room when I mention content being a product and actual interested paying consumers becoming the investors these tokens require to stay afloat. That disposable income is so powerful but I guess we're just not there yet.

Also here


So all I have to do is delegate some Leo to @meowcurator and sit back and relax

basically yes

Cool I'm on it so what is rewards distribution like

The bot returns 90% of the curation earned.

Thanks for letting me know

Very interesting. I might have to check this out. I don't have a huge stake so I probably just want to hold onto my LP for now. If I had a bigger bag then I might see how it would be worth it. I think the new reputation system is a really great idea. We all know the current one is broken probably beyond repair!

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Personally, I like to curate manually on Leo but this looks like a nice project so I hope it takes off!

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Is that the same as dexaphetamine? People were selling them at schools lol

Looks like a good bot, perhaps I should participate in it

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Brands: Dexedrine Spansule, Zenzedi, and ProCentra

Nope never heard of this one.

Dexedrine must be it we just call it something else here in Australia. Also Ritalin

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Sounds like a scam that was used to target my posts by @deathwing with 100% downvotes, at least 4 times. Neither @deathwing, nor @rishi556 were able to answer a simple question: if this is a curating account how come all 100% downvotes it ever casted were on my posts? (at that time)

I don't understand why you're expecting a reply from me. You have sent me a private message on Discord, to which I have already replied, to which you have actually thanked me for replying. You're accusing me of staying silent deliberately and having @rishi556 cover for me, which is wrong.


In my opinion, there has been no need to continue that conversation any further. Also, @meowcurator has been upvoting you months before downvoting (even after too). I am quite intrigued that you are completely forgetting them and only commenting about the four (4) downvotes you have received from it.

The reason for 100% downvotes in general, is the same as it is on Hive. To null the rewards, if you'd like, check all of meow's downvotes. You can find that it always downvotes the exact amount required for the nullification of rewards at the time of the vote. Since your posts have had a lot of auto votes, even a 100% downvote was not enough to nullify it. Also keep in mind that, meow doesn't affect Hive whatsoever. So all it would do is null your Leo rewards. But since it doesn't have enough LP anyways, even a 100% couldn't.

As previously mentioned, you have received 100% upvotes from meow, multiple times, more than the number of downvotes you have received. Both in terms of rewards and percentages in total.

You even got a reply from @enforcer48, for a similar thing on your post regarding STEMGeeks abuse. That they'd like to see and I quote:

blockchain-related content when it's about the tech (or any other aspect relating to each letter of STEM). We don't want anything to do with TA, price action, airdrops, etc.

And I am sure everyone knows that Leo is the other way around. Anything that has to do with crypto, prices, stock market, airdrops etc. Can be in Leo, but with my initial argument and even today, I still think that your posts about creating/claiming Hive accounts and how your ISP was terrible but now you switched ISPs are NOT fit for Leo.

Because after our conversation I realized this account was only targeting my posts which seemed strange and your explanation didn't make sense at that point. I figured one of you had some other issues with me for some unknown reason. Now I can see it may have been a case of bad curating.

When changing ISP saves a lot of money, I do think it fits within Leo just fine. Not to mention the parts that talk about company practices, etc.

Thank you, case closed.

Ah you see, that's the problem with delegations in their current form.
You were downvoted with my stake and I didn't even realize it.
This is why I don't fully recommend delegating to the bot until it's been completed.

They were the only posts that came into my view which I saw clearly didn't fit into the finance category.

Of course, out of thousands of posts daily mine were the only clear ones to be downvoted. I don't believe it. Because I make an effort to make them relevant to finance when I post on Leo. So you were the one who downvoted all 4 of them? I thought @deathwing was targeting me for some unknown reason. Would be nice to know the truth.

Your content runs across my feed because I find it good. I just didn't find those particular posts relevant to leo.

You are still not answering the questions. In your feed you found only my posts, not one but multiple deserving 100% downvotes?

You can continue downvoting my posts as much as you like. That's not my point. My point is your explanation doesn't make any sense. I guess neither you nor deathwing really want to share the true reasons.

Out of hundreds of posts in your daily feed or thousands daily posts overall my posts getting 100% downvotes on multiple posts at different days and times makes no sense as far as curating goes. Especially when my posts were the only ones that were downvoted.

Another thing that makes this even more interesting and explanation provided not believable is that both of you are programmers who are involved in crypto world, and should know more than anybody how relevant programming is to finance, money and crypto.

I was hoping to get the true reason. I guess that will never happen.

In your feed you found only my posts, not one but multiple deserving 100% downvotes?

YES. I follow you because you regularly produce good content. That content wasn't fitting for that one tribe and so I(or deathwing, I don't even know who cast it) downvoted it with an account with just LEO. You didn't lost any pending hive rewards or any of the other token communities that was from it.

I'm sorry if you can't accept it even if thats what is true for me. I don't go hunting for shit content to downvote, only downvoting it if it naturally comes in front of my eyes.

The fact that you don't even remember the only 100% downovtes from this account proves you are covering for deathwing, as I originally suspected who might have targeted me.

It has nothing to do with rewards. Your curating account only used 100% downvotes on my posts. That is not curating, that is targeting. Usually there are reasons for that.

If you don't see something wrong with this, I don't know what else to say.

Deathwing has been silent all this time, even when I made a post asking about it. That also proves my original suspicions.

No I don't remember. I know we talked about it and decided to downvote it.

Your curating account only used 100% downvotes on my posts.

And we couldn't take the rewards to 0. If it doesn't belong I think the rewards should go to 0. The goal is to make the post be paid out what its worth, and leo for those post I thought of as being worth 0 LEO.

You seem to be going full gank lately.

What does it mean and what makes you think that?