Market Watch: Q2 Bull Run Officially Begins Today

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So it's been exactly one month.

BTC has been consolidating under $60k for exactly one month, but of course everyone is looking for a reason for this sudden bump. I've said it before and I'll say it again: the news does not affect price. The news is simply a catalyst for where the price was gonna go anyway.

Coinbase is unlike any market debut Wall Street has ever seen

Coinbase is poised to command an astronomical valuation when the digital currency exchange goes public on Wednesday. But ask 10 market experts how the company should be valued, and you’ll likely get 10 different answers.

That’s because Coinbase’s current business — the one that produced a whopping $1.8 billion of estimated revenue in the first quarter and up to $800 million in net income — is built almost entirely on the performance of bitcoin and ethereum.

Should Coinbase hit the public market around its latest private market valuation of $100 billion, taking into account a fully diluted share count, it would instantly be one of the 85 most valuable U.S. companies.

Mega-bubbles gonna Mega-bubble.

Surely, Michael Saylor has also increased the valuation of Coinbase due to his incessant corporate crusade to get everyone to list BTC as a reserve asset on institutional balance sheets. Saylor has been teaching all these bigwigs how to use bots to buy BTC off of Coinbase Pro slowly, as to not spike the price or create massive buy walls.

This has led to the price of Bitcoin going up over time in addition to massive volumes on Coinbase, forcing arbitrage traders to send BTC from all the other exchanges to Coinbase to bridge the premium gap.

Q2 is just getting started.

This is just the beginning. By my count, BTC should basically just go up for another 2 months straight as we approach summertime.


This pattern pretty much mimics what we saw back on December 15th when BTC was consolidating below $20k for a month straight. Once we broke that resistance the pressure built up just kept mooning till we hit that temporary blow-off top around $40k.

If we end up spiking to $120k relatively quickly I expect the same thing to happen. Might be a good time to swing trade the dip. I'll circle back to that scenario if it actually happens. In reality Q2 ramps up a bit lower than Q4 spikes, so I think this run up will be a bit more gradual. I'll be on the lookout again to determine when the market becomes unstable, as we usually see a peak about a week after the first significant flash-crash. Hopefully this happens sometime in June... likely early June considering we've started this run a little early.


Again my target for the end of the year is $250k-$400k, so I'll be a little worried if we get up to $200k this summer. That could either signal that we've reached the real peak and the bear market is about to start, or that this is the biggest mega-bubble of all time. I lean toward biggest mega-bubble, but at the same time I'll selloff 5% just to hedge to the downside. Better safe than sorry.



Hopefully BNB chills out for a while and consolidates here. It definitely got a head start on this run and I expect sideways action for at least a week before we can move up again. I'd be very surprised if BNB crashed lower than $475. Even at these jacked up prices no one seems to be worried about buying these all time highs. The fundamental gains from BSC haven't even come close to being fully realized, and the market knows it.



As BTC and ETH fees skyrocket, many will ragequit to LTC and BNB. LTC still hasn't hit all time highs, and it's last halving event was August 2019, an event that I believe still hasn't been priced in. This summer could be huge for Litcoin fans. I really need to get some of my stack back ASAP, as I dumped it all for the CUB farm at launch.


Cub Kingdoms

That contract collected the LP rewards on other platforms and utilizes it to reinvest in the base pool assets. Cub Finance also adds a small multiplier to the contract which means that users earn both the LP incentives that other platforms pay and then earn CUB on top of that APY.

This is something I wasn't fully understanding before. Cub Kingdoms are going to be double-dipping on farm rewards. Not only will they earn CUB, but apparently they will also be farming other contracts on the BSC network.

  • Pool capital (BTC, ETH, DOT, BNB) in a Kingdom vault
  • Kingdom smart contract pools on another BSC platform (i.e. Goose or PCS)
  • Kingdom contract earns EGG or CAKE LP rewards
  • Kingdom autosells EGG or CAKE for the base asset (BTC, ETH, DOT, BNB) and compounds it in the user's pool position
  • Kingdom contract also earns CUB rewards and sends to the user's wallet to harvest
  • User is earning APR in the base asset + CUB

I did not realize the kind of synergy and incentives we were going to be getting out of these contracts. All I was hearing before was the auto-compounding aspect, which is pretty boring when you take it by itself. This gives us yet another way to reach out to other communities on BSC and lay down even more roots that suck up liquidity on the platform.

Pretty... awesomesauce.

Not to mention every bit of development CUBdefi cranks out is yet more proof that we are here for the long-haul and can be trusted not to pull any funny business. The audits are in, and CUB has been deemed one of the safest assets on BSC by CertiK: pretty good.

One piece of advice that CertiK gave CUB was to add timelock contracts: which we did. This makes it so that major changes are not allowed to go through without a 24 hour wait period. Theoretically even if the LEO dev team tried to rugpull, the network would know about it 24 hours in advance. Little changes in security like this can be a big deal for deep pockets.

And let's not forget all these developments bleed into LEO and the main Hive chain. So much synergy: so little time. Who knows how many eyes we get looking our way as everything moons.


Yeah, the world might be going to shit, but at least we're going out in style! Number go up, amirite? The mega-bubble continues, and it seems like every network is absolutely unstoppable. All good things must come to an end, but I believe we still have a good 9 months of crazy left before this thing crashes into the mountain. Enjoy the 4-year cycle while you can, friends. We don't get another one till 2025.

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How high will LTC go up this summer?

I don't even try to guess the price of anything but BTC anymore.
So far LTC hasn't been outperforming BTC but that may be flipping soon.
In all likelihood most alts will vastly outperform BTC in Q4.

That’s disappointing. When am I suppose to sell all the LTC you told me to buy many months ago? :)

Q4 seems to be too far away and too long to wait till.

If only more people were just trying to get more money for themselves, at everybody elses' expense, with as little time/effort as possible! Then we'd really have a great economy!

You might be able to get away with a swing trade in June.
Gamble gamble.

Yeah, the work Michael Saylor did hasn't even really started hitting yet. I watched one of his many interviews after that conference and he figured, at best, it would take most of these companies 90 days to move. He thought there might be some individuals buying some but for corporations, they'd have a lot of paperwork to get done before they could really start buying. And those would be the "tech" companies. Companies that already understood the industry to some extent. 180-270 days for other more forward-thinking companies and then over a year for any of the really big money. Lots more coming to fuel this rally. I agree. Pretty steady uptrend for a while. Good post, as always.

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I'm also really excited about Cub kingdoms and any further developments on that front.

BTC at 400k would also be great! Even for those, like myself, who were a little "late" to the party, it's still a significant gain!

Yeah, the world might be going to shit, but at least we're going out in style!

Haha, one of the best things I've read today

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400k? Do you expect another cycle - i.e. 3-4 years?

yeah i expect bitcoin to keep perfectly doubling in price on average, as it has been since 2013.

btc started a day early, today i got some fiat that i could invest. now to wait for a small dip or just buy... if the price goes to 100k+ is it really important. i am even afraid to check how much sats would i get for 500$ :)

Hi @edicted
Pretty epic times we live in and Bitcoin, ETH and now BNB are rising...great
I think that these predictions for Bitcoin are inevitable.
100k here we come!
I wish I cashed out of one of my DPOS holdings for BTC earlier in the run, but I was making to much in daily rewards to pull the trigger. Better late then never, caught it in the 20's, which seemed overpriced at the time Ha Ha Ha...

Kingdom CUb is going to be epic also...once the word about CErtik gets out, Leofinance gets out, CUb performance, age of many great thinks going for it.

It's so great to be sitting in this position peering out the window from inside a successful project instead of sitting outside the window peering in wondering WEN?

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lol you downvoted this post. 🤣

Writes longest positive comment on post, downvotes post 😂

This is the second time ever this has happened.
Just as funny as the first time.

Yeah pretty awesome honestly.

Not many upvotes > 1 level commentary so I'm not sure they'll be a reply!

My apologies. I meant an upvote. I removed it and properly upvoted this time.

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No apology necessary but thanks.

Enjoy the 4-year cycle while you can, friends. We don't get another one till 2025.

In all likelihood, it will be epic. And then, 2029 FTW.

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Hang on and don't sell it at all !!!!

Blaze it!


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400k BTC would be nice at the years end and it is also the price predicted by Bloomberg. There are quite a few catalysts that may propel BTC up a bit: Coinbase, BTC ETFs and other potential governments/corporations buying in. I say we throw out the skeptics like Buffet who said BTC was rat poison.

Though your prediction of 200k BTC by summer would spell the chances of a bear market. I just hope it doesn't come true but I guess it just means HODLing some more.

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Awsome post #cc

In some respects I wish I would have rage quit more of my holdings into BNB. I'm glad I didn't miss out on that ride and even though I have a solid stack of ETH I have been earning off of it on Cub Finance so that has eased the pain some.

LTC this summer 450-500))

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So April is going to be a huge green candle?!

I know I've got less than 1% the money you do, but still, I'm thinking ahead to how I'm going to be able to spend or use these video game gold pieces. I'm still never going to have a bank account or smart device, and the crypto world still doesn't seem interested in connecting with me, but hope springs eternal.

It's early days for crypto, but the world is going to shit. My personal situation isn't sustainable. I kinda need crypto to begin working, or I'm going to have to put my limited time and energy into other things.

Looks like I need to get some more LTC.

2nd Comment
Bitcoin rockets to 69k today!

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I think I'm getting smarter with each of your articles. Thanks for the update and keep up the great work!

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