Like Bitcoin, Hive is under constant threat.

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The cryptosphere is constantly talking about the need for decentralized social media. However, surprisingly, no matter how much Hive/Steem is in the news circuit, no one talks about us like we're relevant.

This is a big problem, because all these people act like they want decentralized social media that no one controls, when in reality they want a new project that they control that everyone jumps in on and they get rich. Yeah... that's not how this works.

Hive is constantly suppressed.

It is truly an insult the way Hive is treated on a daily basis. It's one thing to constantly harp on the need for decentralized social media while claiming that Hive isn't a valid option, but that's not what's happening. We are completely ignored to the point of non-existence.


The most recent iteration of this can be seen on Twitter, where we are constantly shadow-banned, quarantined, and suppressed through stealth removal of votes, retweets, tags, and organic growth. @theycallmedan was banned for no reason. @splinterlands was banned for no reason. Of course there is a reason but the reason they give is an obvious lie or some bullshit generic statement with zero substance behind it void of any real explanation.

Here we see @theycallmedan using the @3speakonline account to show just how blatant Hive suppression really is. Twitter is legit lazy and not even trying to hide it. They simply take away votes and retweets from Hive Tweets with some weird algorithm.

The crazy thing here is just how blatant it is. We have no idea what they are doing in the background, and actions like this could exist in the background as well, but they are so lazy about their censorship in favor of efficiency that things like this start to bleed through to the end-user, who can see in real time that this is happening.

Who knows what kind of echo-chambers they have created in the background for groups they are looking to suppress. My account is definitely on some kind of stealth list, and I rarely get any kind of engagement from the outside of the Hive echo-chamber. They aren't allowing us to reach other communities on their platform and it's very obvious.


Way ahead of the game.

Many are concerned that Hive will go the way of MySpace. First to market is not always the "winner". To which I'd say, who cares? 40 million users is likely more than we can service anyway.

But at the same time, where is this supposed competition? It literally does not exist, and those who think it does are tilting at the windmills fighting invisible enemies. There is no competition for Hive. We stand alone, which is likely the main reason to so actively suppress it across multiple platforms.

I would welcome any competition that comes along, because competition within crypto isn't toxic, it keeps everyone honest and forces them to serve the underlying communities, or risk becoming obsolete.

Five years ahead of the game.

It's almost impossible for anyone to catch up to us at this point. Our token distribution is too good for anyone to swoop in and compete. People are greedy, and they aren't going to build an entirely new ecosystem only to take a 1% premine. They're going to do what they all do, and take a gigantic premine that puts the entire system at risk.

So while it is certainly POSSIBLE that someone comes along and dethrones what we have going here... the practical likelihood of something like that happening is essentially zero. It can only happen if a team of 100% altruist devs get together and make it happen AND somehow produce an incredible distribution right at the genesis block. If that were to somehow magically happen, everyone benefits, even Hive. So again, there's nothing to worry about in terms of "competition".

rune share media social.jpg

I honestly can't tell you how many articles calling for decentralized social media have never once mentioned Steem or Hive. It's truly a mind-blowing sight to behold. The only question is whether those reporting on the topic are completely incompetent at their job or are doing it on purpose. It's a good thing none of this matters in the long run.

Hive as a frontend is highly inconsequential. It's the backend that's truly interesting. It's easy to build here and the overhead costs are low. We have the foundations required that most other chains lack:

  • "free" transactions
  • fast block times
  • usernames instead of wallet addresses
  • account recovery

Just the fact that our wallets are actually usernames is a huge deal in the long run. This is what people are used to; this is what they want. No one wants to wait 10 minutes to a hour nervously waiting for a random Bitcoin wallet transaction to confirm. Everyone here knows how stressful that is. They want to send to @username and have it confirmed in 3 seconds. This is the way.


When Hive has a hundred different projects built on top of it, marketing the main chain will become largely irrelevant. At a certain point the blocks will fill up and we will have scaling issues just like everyone else. We aren't going to need more users a few years down the road. We'll have plenty. Too many, in fact. That's just how these trickle-down economies operate. They can't service everyone. Not even close.

What do we need to work on?

The biggest problem with Hive is the learning curve. Many are working to correct this by centralizing the gateways to the ecosystem, which is great. Using lite accounts, frontends can temporarily control the keys of new users and allow them to interface with the Hive ecosystem using nothing but a username and password with traditional account recovery. This is what people are used to. This is how they are trained, and we need to lean into that in a big way.

baby stepping stones fix steem.png

It should not be a daunting task, learning about this ecosystem, but for many who come here that's exactly what happens: information overload. Too much all at once. By breaking up the steps into pieces and providing a centralized option to begin is the best way to go.

Let's be honest, it doesn't matter if 10000 accounts are controlled by a centralized authority if all those accounts are new users with less than $10 staked. Even more relevant, these 10k accounts always have the option of figuring out the ecosystem and downloading their own keys. Try getting that option on centralized social media. Not gonna happen.


Gaming is another super important thing that can be done on Hive but not other popular networks like Ethereum. ETH has proven time and time again that the volatile fees required to post data to the chain will constantly muck up the business models of game designers. Right when they think they've created a good model fees go up again and ruin it.

Hive is much more sustainable.

If you have the tokens to farm resource credits then you've made it. This yield farming of bandwidth sets Hive apart from most other networks, and again is a really big deal. Those who want to build here simply need to make sure they have enough Hive to continue posting to the chain.

Of course this is counting the chickens before they've hatched. Hive hasn't had a scaling issue since 2017, which was before the implementation of RCs even happened. We haven't even had a chance to stress test this system in the field yet, so I guess we'll see what happens and what the true bottlenecks are and if we can fix them.

My team

Tribalism is pretty toxic a lot of the time in terms of scaling up, but it also creates a certain togetherness inside of niche groups. Hive is one of those communities that's already shown that it's not going anywhere. Even in the event that some magical network popped up that was ten times better, people would still be loyal to Hive, because at the end of the day that's what people do: they get conservative and set in their ways and they don't want things to change.

No one talks about how you shouldn't root for a particular sports team because they haven't won the championship in a while. Fans are fans. Community is community, and crypto is the same way. Just because a certain network is deemed "inferior" doesn't mean the fans of that network are just going to pack up and leave. That's not how this works. Just look at ridiculous Doge. They are the perfect example of a community coin that just keeps on keepin on, much to the horror of the maximalists, which I find amusing.


Communication is the most important thing in the entire world. This is not an exaggeration, as it is the only thing that separates humans from animals. Without communication, no one would know anything because there would be no way to spread said information. Take a moment to let this sink in.

Progression of human communication over time:

  • Verbal
  • Writing
  • Printing Press
  • Fiat Currency
  • Internet
  • Crypto

Memo key

On Hive we can communicate on built-in encrypted channels. We have yet to need these memo keys to defend the network, as our last battle was with some man-child rich-kid trust-fund dipshit. However, think about what happens if a government comes down on Hive. Those encrypted memos might come in pretty useful during an attack like that, eh?

Other networks don't have this ability to communicate like we can, and this is a huge deal that gets taken for granted on a daily basis.



It's amazing to me that more people don't want to jump in on Hive, but considering the suppression and misinformation surrounding these issues I suppose it makes sense. There's also obviously a certain level of tribalism and toxicity employed here that drives people away. Certainly that doesn't help the situation.

At the end of the day the Hive ecosystem is a threat to Twitter, and Twitter is suppressing it. I'm not sure about other social media sites but clearly crypto Twitter is one of the main places to be for those looking to build connections in this arena. We've seen those connections severed time and time again by the bots and admins for no other reason than perceived competition with the official responses being nothing but nonsense.

This is discouraging for the short-term, but it matters very little in the long run. We should actually be hoping that more relevant decentralized social medias pop up so there is less reason to focus on Hive suppression.

While many tend to think of Hive as social media, we are really just a blockchain that incorporates native JavaScript into the blocks. The "social media" aspect is just one of many frontends. This is what makes Hive so powerful. We can really do anything here, and these barriers that have been put up around us will eventually crack and shatter as we continue to build out this flat architecture that has no centralized attack vector.

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There is a perfect storm of competition law litigation, Web 3.0 competition and political attack (from all sides) that is going to destroy centralized social media and its entire business model.

Social Media Armageddon is coming and when all is turned to ash, Hive will be like the small mammals after the asteroid took out the dinosaurs.

also @telosnetwork DSTOR will eventually allow fast enough amazon style hosting speeds to completely store lightweight hived servers witnessing teh fucking APOCLYPSE of FAANG lol DFAANg decentralize those losers like were breakin up ATT

telos will eventually HOST all of hive inside itself and run ethereum EVM so yeah cant stop the goo


Dude you are so stupid, dStor and Telos has no power on LasseCash..,.. will LasseCash be the first OUTPOST? Dude how much LASSECASH you got? lol sucker!

so stupid

haha 99% sure know who is the stupid one by now... you are having serious mental problems its very clear... and people told me that you are a drug addict... get a life and show some respect, you are in contact with one of the biggest in the world, I been in this for 8 years now!

Let's hope so, because things are not good for society, the way they are.

That's why we should always be at the top of our game. Speaking of that we have a wonderful new community with artists, creators, gamers and want to build a full hive engaged community. come check out !PIZZA

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This can b ur wishful thinking, but things in real are quite opposite

Hive POB has serious problems as most people are brainwashed suckers with stake... thats why I got the idea for LasseCash, will LasseCash be the first OUTPOST? Get your LASSECASH tokens before your neighbor :)..

The "social media" aspect is just one of many frontends. This is what makes Hive so powerful. We can really do anything here,

This is why I'm continually more and more excited about the HIVE ecosystem in general. I'm still new here, but every day I'm like, "Damn, that's cool." when I learn something new. There's so much already happening, and I feel like it's literally just the tip of the iceberg of what HIVE can become.

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True, the learning curve in HIVE is steep but that's not the only problem. I would advise you to start a new account on HIVE, dont disclose your identity and write blogs. Also, look at the trending page with a fresh pair of eyes. Is that something a user would like to see?

It’s definitely the learning curve that holds us back. The lite accounts are great with the leofinance team. I wish that the @hive-engine team could figure out a system like that for tribes, could really help with onboarding. I agree that Hive is probably THE most undervalued network in the space, that’s why I am staking my businesses here!

Searching and filtering are at least 2 items which new Hivers care about big-time. Trending, Hot, and New is OK, but it's sequential and not searcable.

New Hivers expect to be able to do searches on Hive and its front-ends just as they would on a major search engine such as the Major Players in Search. Search or filter by keyword, by Hiver account name, by date or date range, by domain (or tribe). These searches don't need to use APIs from the Major Players in Search, but functionality which offers these searches can be incorporated into the front-ends. Modified versions of these searches can be made to sites such as Hive Engine or Hive Blocks.

We all use search every day, and some of us even use search Engines like Presearch to find content here on Hive. If we're going to search, we should be able to keep our searches in-house and away from external prying eyes.

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That is very true, but will say that the Peakd search has gotten allot better, but could also be improved. Maybe something to look into. I know it is non existent on any of the tribes which is hard to deal with, especially for a site like @hivelist

Hive ecosystem is the best, I am mostly fan of Hive engines creations like LasseCash...

Will LasseCash be the first OUTPOST?

I am waiting to see how they launch. Considering making @hivelist an outpost.

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My... That was a long read. Am actually not bothered about the Twitter censorship, other than I find it slightly irritating. If anything, it shows the weariness on their path to the potential of Hive and other decentralized media platforms.

What concerns me though is a lack of willingness on the part of those who claim they have issues with mainstream social platforms, but don't bother actively looking for alternatives.

Hive will eventually find its level, am sure of it. I even prefer it this way, we don't need a toxic community invading this space because they were told to do so. Slowly but surely, we will make headway

Maybe Jack Dorsey doesn't like competition? I mean he's all for the power of 'people' loves bitcoin har har har..


Since Hive entered the market, Steem has been following a different path by getting rid of the mistakes it has made. With its scope, it rivals all of them by hosting both youtube, instagram and Twitter features.

as fare as I know there is no development on steem, its dead after the hardfork...

Will LasseCash be the first OUTPOST?

The creator of Aave is planning to create a decentralized social medium on Ethereum. facepalm

How stupid can one be? Ethereum? Why the fuck Ethereum? What social media user wants to pay anything for things like a simple like?

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These people have tunnel vision they just don't seem to get it.
This is what happens when you get locked in to a network.
You put all that time and energy into Solidity and then you just try to build everything on Ethereum.

hehe yes


we have it all, the best tech...

Will LasseCash make the first OUTPOST?

I agree fully
HIVE is definitely suppressed like hell.

then get @telosnetwork to come promote it and make hive witnesses a fucking telos BP with either single witnesses like @g2g or just have a group of witnesses who vote in a telos BP to represent the interests of Hive on Telos and then have Telos FOUNDATION be the HIVE witness on Hive


chain of chains


 yesterday (edited)

its what @dan larimer talks about! for example hive witnesses voting an ambassador to go become a @telosnetwork and @eos block producer and vica versa

eventually we even have eos and hive users running vast ethereum pos mining pools after dan destroys btc and eth with smart contract to make them slow and sluggish paying like 500,000 BTC or whatever @blockone has still lol crazy Korean cia fuckers, korea was best at starcraft so they gave them control of the eos, basic game theory

dude you are delusional as alway... no need for any telos BS thanks...

Will LasseCash make the first OUTPOST?

lol bitconnect promoter calling me delusional promoting a coin named after himself

ok whatever man

lasse cash is better than telos how again?

Ackza I dont know if you are stupid or evil by nature. I never promoted Bitconnect, if you paid attention then it was clear that I put some money in to investigate it and report on how it worked.

In all posts I wrote it was a scam... but you are either too stupid to understand this or just poor evil to keep lying about it.

One day you will pay for this bad behavior, LasseCash is so big now that you already paid for it in a way. I dont know much about Telos never used it, but I did study it a little, and it was something with some rewards for staking, only problem was that that shit felt many x more then those reward ever made you, so in my view Telos is bs scam, overrated for some few people.

HEX on the other hand did 4000x in 1.5 years plus 40% interest for staking, and I promoted it since day 1, but felt for fud a period, before I was back at promoting it again.

You will never understand how big I am. by the way for a long time I was almost not doing anything else other then exposing scams, but realized that most of this market is a scam, so I stopped doing that.

LasseCash is bigger then you know, but I dont really care if you realize it anything soon, as I dont see any value in having you in the tribe.

Th Memo Key may be prove to be the most useful of the unsung features of Hive for exactly the reasons you say. Perhaps it can serve as the basis for a DM or private messaging system. Even if not, there must be uses for it which haven't been imained yet which can benefit all of us here.

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What I wanted to do was set up on-chain encrypted chat rooms who's password is a memo key generated by a master key password combined with the name of the channel.

Every master key requires a password string and an account name, but the account name could be the channel name and the password could be whatever the group decides. You could then share that password by sending it to users directly using their own memo key so only they can read it.

The only drawback to memokey "private messages" is that the messages are private, but there is still record of sending and receiving them onchain. Could lead to guilt by association etc... Unless there is a way to obfuscate the transaction?

I think there is a record of a private message being sent in apps we use right now. That's e-mail and SMS and other message-type systems which aren't real-time. The risk of guilt by association would be present, as would the alibi needed to drop a case.

When it comes to real-time apps, I can't speak about those.

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I don't see any real competitor popping up any time soon. Simple for the reason we have already so much infrastructure that's running.

With more Dapps, sidechains and Tokens we become stronger and stronger.

And Hodl is smart. It always was, on close to any asset class that's not toxic. Even Splinterlands moon :)

WEB2 will censor us, but that's IMO no big problem. At some point they go over the red line and people become mad on YT,FB and co.

At this point Hive needs only to have the tools to absorb the community, give a super good user experience and allow the creators/influencer to earn (with an Smt or whatever).

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The limitation Bitcoin Miners, Bitcoin Nodes, IPFS, P2P, Bit Torrent, Hive Blog nodes and/or miners and/or witnesses, blockchain and cryptocurrency related things, is not merely the centralized power and control of The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) who may control the Domain Name System (DNS) either completely or partly in making the lists to connect IP addresses to URL web addresses, domain names, as there are alternative DNS systems, services. There are projects out there seeking to give people alternative Internet routes, traffic, to get around ICANN, etc. I've not tested any of the alternative DNS systems yet.

But moreover, a bigger limitation can be in the gateway into the Internet which for most people is via an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and that includes the Bitcoin Miners, the Hive Blog Witnesses, etc.

Proxies, virtual proxy networks (VPNs), TOR, encryption, ad-hoc, mesh networking, etc, can help mask your IP address perhaps or at least in some situations or it can help give people some privacy and some freedom and yet people still have to either access the Internet through an ISP directly or indirectly via proxies or whatever else there may be. But regardless, most people have to access Internet through ISP, Regional Service Providers (RSP), Global Service Providers (GSP), etc, things like that.

What are these Internet Kill Switches?

And I don't even have time to even mention the major Internet highways where most of the global Internet traffic occurs on, the main backbone, the main data centers, routers, servers, satellites, cell phone towers, the fiber-optics lines, other major lines, many which may be owned by governments, giant corporations like Google and other big tech tyrants, meaning some of the largest gateways, dams, routes, etc, like over 90% of the Internet Infrastructural Ramps & Exits, are centralized and controlled by them meaning Internet Kill-Switches can stop the flow of like over 90% or maybe even as much as 99% of Internet traffic or I would hope that number is getting smaller each day but it still a big number.

Is the Internet like a river with a giant censorship dam?

But still, the powers that be can try very hard to shut down large aspects of the Internet to the extent people are not successful at rerouting traffic to get around potential blockades of web traffic. Most of the Internet flows through giant rivers and they have these giant dams. So, we have to find small streams and alternative routes to get around those dams in order to remain as decentralized as possible online. But I don't have time to really talk about the dams and instead want to focus on the power ISPs have.

Internet service providers have a lot of power and I must confess that I've not been able to access the Internet apart from an ISP and perhaps there are some ISPs who may be better than other ISPs. I do not know if it is possible to turn a computer into an independent ISP outside of local access networks (LAN), ad-hoc, mesh networks, things like that.

I know a little bit about connecting computers to other computers but I do not know if there are ways to connect to the world wide web (WWW) outside of plugging directly into an ISP or whatever else there might be. I'm aware of Substratum and other projects which attempts to decentralize the Internet. But I've not experimented too much on some of those projects so I can't say too much on what is and is not already out there or how well different things may currently work.

I would love for ways to decentralize the process a computer takes to access the Internet whether that be via different ISPs simultaneously like you would connect to different Bit Torrent seeds or leeches simultaneously and/or whatever else or however else there may be for preventing Internet Kill Switches from crippling decentralized networks, etc.

We stand alone, that's true. You seem to take that as a sign of strength. Could it be the other way around, a sign of weakness? If there was demand/need for what we do, there would be enough users to populate this platform and others - we'd have competition. But as you say, there's no competition. Maybe it's because there's actually very limited demand for blog sites that pretend to compensate content-creators.

Yeah but we aren't a "blogging site" on the backend. Some of the frontends are blogging sites. Other ones are gaming frontends and ones that mimic other social media sites are in play. A lot of things are going to be built on Hive. Projects that succeed the most expand the most.

We are completely ignored to the point of non-existence

I think its better to be under the radar. By doing so, we can develop without any obstructions. Of course the we would still want to improve our search engine results so the bans and reducing the likes is bad for us.

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LBRY is being attacked by the SEC, and their token went almost to zero because of it.

Well I haven't really bothered with Lbry as much lately but I think they have a fairly strong case. So I am not as worried about Lbry.

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That's good, I would love to see the SEC defeated.

The tribal concept has 2 different sides. Once it gathers a community it becomes egocentric and enclosed whereas it actually devides The motherCord of it that bonds to hive. So whenever something occurs and requires a whole intervention of hivers as a whole. The tribe self-made belief system contradicts that idea seeing it as an outside mission far from it stronghold.

That's why we should always be at the top of our game. Speaking of that we have a wonderful new community with artists, creators, gamers and want to build a full hive engaged community. come check out !PIZZA

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@edicted! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @cooperclub.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (3/20)

I find it crazy how big tech censors, I can't tell you how many of my accounts were suspended on Twitter. As nice as Gab, Minds, Bitchute, Brighteon, Rumble, etc, etc, might be and kind of is in some ways, people like Alex Jones and your mom and Trump and everyone should be promoting things like Hive Blog which is probably the number one decentralized cryptocurrency blogging social networking blockchain ever or at least so far and most likely the first one too in the form of Steemit.

The evolution of freedom.👇
prior to 18th centaury, there were pigeon, eagle or human as message carrior Then Government brought Mail service . In mid of 19th Centaury,Teliphone took the service but Internet in the end of 90s started killing teliphone and new service started of facebook ,twitter, youtube untill Web3.0 blockchain based social media start pulling them out of the service in next few years. hive is survival of all to freedom the people mind and body.

I share my post on twitter using Hive post, defintely, it's the key issue we all should consider, moreover I don't think there is any platform like hive. Its all uniue and with amazing features if people know about it by any platform surely the right information will come along in front of everyone... @edicted

As you say, no 100% altruistic team will do anything.

One good thing about it all is that even leofinance links are not being removed or hidden, so we have a bit of a head start.

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because all these people act like they want decentralized social media that no one controls, when in reality they want a new project that they control that everyone jumps in on and they get rich. Yeah... that's not how this works.

We have to keep that in mind often when we see the word 'decentralized' floated around.

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Very well thought out article with some great things to think about. Hive is certainly a beast that is being overlooked by so many, but that day will change. Reblogging this for the front page feed!

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Many are concerned that Hive will go the way of MySpace. First to market is not always the "winner"....

First to market provides a huge advantage to whoever can achieve that, but it is not permanent or guaranteed. There is more to being first to market than being the winner:

  • Earnings is just one of these advanages, and probably not even the main advantage:
  • Name recognition and brand recognition that advertising can't buy;
  • Definition of a standard, even if it is to be met with a competing standard later;
  • Springboard to further development and more accelerated development-- by the pioneer or by the future market entrants;
  • Status -- First to market can never be taken away by any new entrants into the market-- not even if they are superior by magnitudes in every possible way.

While being first to market isn't everything-- look no further than Apple and American Idol for proof of that-- it can't be dismissed, either. What no one wants in the quest to be first to market is to be considered an also-ran who is forgotten.

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Just look at ridiculous Doge. They are the perfect example of a community coin that just keeps on keepin on, much to the horror of the maximalists....

If Dogecoin has a community that's both vital and strong enough to keep the cryptocurrency going after 8 years, it's safe to drop the "ridiculous" modifier when discussing Dogecoin. "Ridiculous" is more applicable to the spawn of Dogecoin. Dogecoin itself is the real deal.

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There is a BigTech Oligarchy and until that is taken down no one else will rise.

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yup lol and 5 years ahead is a lot when jack dorsey and elon are JUST NOW talking about trying to decentralize twitter with #projectbluesky

LOL. Some of the loud voices who wanted this so bad actually come here, dump their content, and gives no fucks about it.

dump their content, and gives no fucks about it.

You wanted to write "dump their content, and no one gives fucks about it", right?

Or "dump their content, and gives no fucks about others".

Because this is the truth for most users. And this is visible to anyone. They just have to look around to see it. But almost no one is looking around.

I tried.

Most people (including me) are also trying. I am trying since 2017.05.17. Nowadays I have more than 1300 followers, but most of them left the platform long months/years ago.

Better to look forward than to look back.

My comment was about folks screaming about being deplatformed. I realize now most of them just said it for views.

There is no doubt that HIVE today is the social media blockchain with the largest functioning ecosystem.

Not only that other giants are trying to silence Hive and other decentralized social media networks but also we, the community is killing the network itself. We r promoting silly persons and making them admins, watchers, etc who then can have the powerup by some other morons and can do whatever they want to. they have no check and balance on themselves and with that this community is being harvested by these influencers... there is no decentralization in this network in real..

Communication is the most important thing in the entire world. This is not an exaggeration, as it is the only thing that separates humans from animals.

¿W00T? Are you by chance implying that animals don't communicate? Or that they are unable to communicate with each other much better than humans?

Gee! everything was going well with your post until I stumbled across that outrageous sentence on the quote, you tribalist!! «jk»

Great post.
We are strong community.

Good not have all haters from fb or twitter creating no quality content around here

!gif strong

For People to see hive as a potential social media, they need to have a far sighted vision. Unfortunately not all have it. But they will understand in sometime. And I would say it’s best when they realise on their own. Give them their sweet time n they will understand what are they missing on.

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Even though the number of people who see it may be manipulated, I shared this post on Twitter. I agree with everything you said. Just like The Third Bardo, we are Five Years Ahead of Our Time!

Hey! nice tune @kenny-crane :)

Didn't know about these chaps before. Uhm, well, maybe because I am from a ten years after generation. And yeah! I'm prolly lying on my age here also. Hahahaha

The Third Bardo are well known in Garage Rock circles, but unknown to everyone else. :)

I'd love to change the world, and I DO know what to do. Stack Hive and reward content creators! I really think we're making a difference by participating around here.


Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

This is great! I write post for updates following defi on the Polygon Network!

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Excellent article. A pleasure to read.

40 million users. That's bigger than the population of most countries. At what population does the blockchain start issuing passports?

I wonder if we could one day reverse hack the big boys at Facebook and Twitter by keeping their user base but replacing their entire system with a decentralized one like HIVE.

Hive is very strong and LasseCash has the best pob algo and tokenomics.. dont worry about it, we already won!

will LasseCash be the first OUTPOST?