LEO: Our Whales are Better than Your Whales

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I've actually been saying this a while now but to actually get statistical confirmation is something quite different altogether.



All of the on-chain analytics point to a single conclusion: LEO whales are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing; splashing tokens around the entire network and greatly decentralizing the distribution.

I've seen no evidence of greedy goblins running around trying to maximize their own profits at the expense of the network. I've seen no evidence of exploits or other bad acting. No one is buying or selling votes. Downvotes are few and far between and usually extremely warranted when they do come around. No one is trying to pump the price in order to dump their own bags. The whales around here have been pretty confident for a while now of the long term sustainability and longevity of the network.


Initial airdrop

By only airdropping users that held & powered up PAL tokens when the value was unknown, LEO got an initial distribution of diehard holders who understand the narrative of decentralization. We all know what needs to happen around here, and we are all working toward that end.

With the advent of another serious burst of development, the price has gone x10 and many users are more willing to buy at this new discovered price than they were at the old one. FOMO is running high, and I don't think this FOMO is fluff that's going to get swept away by the tides of fate. Even a "devastating" hack that siphoned hundreds of thousands of dollars (in a total market cap of less than $1.5M) was just a temporary bump in the road to pushing even further all time highs.

How much attention can LEO get?

The mega-bubble is coming. Dumb money is going to be flying everywhere. Everyone will be looking for that next x1000 and "easy money". How much attention will LEO be able to garner during this time? It may be more than expected.

When we look at what other networks actually do, the answer is often "nothing". Most projects at this point are pure speculation founded on the promise that it will do something eventually. Even ChainLink, currently number six on the market cap, doesn't actually do anything yet. All they have is a promise, a strong community, and the hope that other developers will build on their use case of decentralized trusted oracles.

How many stable coins have a higher market cap than LEO. They have but one purpose: to maintain their peg. How many exchange tokens have a higher cap than LEO. Their purpose? A small discount on trading fees. What about "Ethereum killers"? Worthless without other devs building apps on top of the foundation. Many coins in the top 100 do the same thing as Bitcoin but simply try to scale better. Even privacy coins only have a single function.

LEO is already way ahead of the curve when it comes to actually doing something today. This next mega bull run is going to be fueled by institutional investors with an emphasis on decentralized finance. Compared to other DeFi tokens, LEO is already a superior asset. One can farm LEO in half a dozen ways already.

  • Curation
  • Blogging
  • Micro Blogging
  • Miners
  • LBI tokens
  • wLEO liquidity farming
  • etc.

Think it stops there? It really doesn't. The entire point of LEO is to navigate the world of finance and not get swept under the bus caused by the massive disruption heading our way. If we deliver even 10% of what we hope to accomplish here, users will flock to LEO in droves because that's the profitable thing to do.

There's going to be a ton of financial and economic displacement ravaging the world in the not-so distant future. Crypto, and LEO in particular shall hopefully stand as a beacon of hope for those who are on their last legs in society. From the ashes of the legacy economy rises the phoenix of decentralized networks of trust.

Already LEO, a much smaller network than Hive with a lot less resources, has managed to create onboarding systems connected to multiple platforms. Users can now create an account with a phone number, Metamask, or Twitter account. Again, this is just the beginning. There's absolutely no reason to stop there.

Lite accounts allow outsiders to interact on chain without even understanding the private key system we have going here. Baby steps. Allow users to get their feet wet without throwing them into the pool. It seems like a small thing, but it's a huge win for user experience (UX) and the growth of the network.


Again, there is no competition between Hive and LEO. We're on the same team. A win for LEO is a win for Hive, and vice versa. LEO isn't creating these accounts on their own centralized node, they are doing it directly on Hive. Everybody wins, and this is just the beginning. 2021 hasn't even gotten here yet.

space beer moon.jpg


Three years ago thousands of people wanted to sign up for "Hive" and they were unceremoniously turned away. How many people do you know that would be willing to wait over a week just to sign up for an online account? The user experience of the last mega-bubble was abysmal; a sick joke. We have the tools this time around to capture way more of the action. Again, this time around, even I could create 1000 accounts if it came down to it. This network is extremely motivated.

What does that mean for the future of Hive and LEO? It means this time around we attract exponentially more users to the network. More devs, more bloggers, more speculators, more gamblers, more gamers, more enthusiast, more investors, more casual/hardcore users, more everything. Not only that, we can retain a much higher percentage of those users by looking at how they became disenfranchised the last time and avoiding those same mistakes.


This is a super exciting time and most everyone seems to be completely unaware of the coming storm. Through a combination of extreme luck but also competent leadership, LEO finds itself in the perfect position to fully capitalize on the next impending tidal wave. Surfs up, dudes!


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FOMO is running high, and I don't think this FOMO is fluff that's going to get swept away by the tides of fate.

The use cases for the LEO token is expanding as fast as the FOMO. This is why the token appreciation is not just fluff. There is a solid foundation backing it.

There's going to be a ton of financial and economic displacement ravaging the world in the not-so distant future.

This will be very interesting to watch. As the economic situation, globally, take another leg down, how does crypto, Bitcoin in particular, react? We are going to see a contraction of not only the economy, but also markets. It is not far-fetched to believe that the stock market is nearing its top. Real estate will also see a push down.

We are closing in on 9 months since the economic chaos due to COVID started. Historically, it takes 9-12 months after a market crash for the economy to truly feel it. This is where we are now. Perhaps some of the antics they pulled, mortgage and rent forbearance, delayed things, but for how long? The problem with QE is that it adheres to the law of diminishing returns. With each new action, it has less impact.

In March, everything went south. Will we see if the same thing occurs the next time. Does Bitcoin and other crypto take off in such a massive deflationary environment.

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Why is it guaranteed that we take another leg down? I would take the opposite side of that and say things have likely bottomed and are going to continue climbing higher. The stock market in particular is 3 months forward looking. Do you know why it is at all time highs right now while the pandemic numbers continue to surge? The market isn't dumb or wrong, it's because it's not looking at what is happening right now, it's looking at what will be happening 3 months from now, and 3 months from now we will likely have multiple vaccines being rolled out globally, more stimulus programs launched here and abroad, better treatments etc, and very possibly the green shoots of an economic recovery. So, yes the economy can look bad right now and in the very near term, but that doesn't mean another leg down in financial markets is a certainty.

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2011 Bitcoin was $1

If satoshi kept all Bitcoin to himself Bitcoin would be worthless now.

LEO is getting distributed to more and more people. Long term bullish on $LEO

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Taking a break from your Twitter work and Leofinance Witness in the Top 20 chore?

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Actually I doing the other way round.

Decided to post only once a week on LeoFinance and HIVE and hyper focus on HIVE Twitter game.

I rather do one thing and do it really well and bring long term value to HIVE!

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Good point.

I've seen no evidence of exploits or other bad acting. No one is buying or selling votes.

I mean this alone is a reason I'm more excited about what I see on Leo each day because it was a really shit time being a content creator in my early days seeing that trending feed with bid botted posts before the hard fork came in last year.

In my couple of months experience being on LeoFinance, the leaders and big accounts have been really motivating and engaging with the whole community and everything seems to be harmonious with the development and positive direction of the project.

This is the kind of behaviour that encourages people to come back day after day and hang around. Long may it last!

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In my opinion, "competent leadership" is what differentiate the most with HIVE

Spot on!

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There's a difference between steering a boat and a yacht.

Even so, who's steering matters.

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Wise words, as usual, however the Leo Yacht seems really sailing well indeed while the boat...sinks...or was the opposite... ;-)

I think the leo wales are great. I converted out of leo before the big fork and I'm just finding my way back. I cant remember how much leo I got from the airdrop and/or earned before I converted to hive but the things that I have seen in the community this past couple of week is super encouraging.

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Ahh Leofinance has been the "breather" for many of us who've been long here. Leofinance in the face of a full blown bull will be really nice to see,...

when speaking of what Leo can do, even as a token for a content platform, it stands unique before many....

Its exciting to be here, I'm not even gonna lie.

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It is also impacting some other people who have projects in other tribes. Hopefully we will see upgrades elsewhere.

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Another factor to consider is the marketcap that LEO has right now. We can look at other tokens that are related to the economy, defi, TA, as is NWC, which has 12 times more marketcap than LEO. I think the token has tremendous growth potential right now.

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The microcap moon effect stronk.

10x is not really outrageos.

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I knew about Leo from the start but being a newbie to crypto back then in 2018, it was a challenge to be able to understand how the crypto world works

Now I have a clue about things and I know leofinance is making things happen

One thing I first liked about leofinance was how they engage with everyone

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I really wish I knew of LeoFinance and it's potential back when the coin was 10% of what it is now. That said, I'm extremely grateful to everybody who believed in Leo back in the day and helped to get it to where it is today. And personally, I think Leo could be worth 10% of what it will be worth during the next mega bubble right now!

I also agree on the whale aspect, although it's really not only the whales around here. It really feels like the whole community is working together to achieve the singular goal of making Leo become what we all believe it is able to be.

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I also agree on the whale aspect, although it's really not only the whales around here. It really feels like the whole community is working together to achieve the singular goal of making Leo become what we all believe it is able to be.

This is true. I tried to do what we are doing on here in terms of engagement on Hive. I wasnt a whale but was posting a ton of comments. Very little.

A few accounts can behave in a manner, but if nobody follows, it is a problem.

This is refreshing since others hopped on board.

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I remember for how long I waited for my Steem account and how excited I was when I finally got the mail. Now new users can onboard via twitter or their phone number. It's definitely a huge step for mass adoption that Leo has made. I don't know if it will do a 100x during this bull market, but it will for sure have a good performance. And yes, our whales are better, because I've seen them swimming and splashing...

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I was very fortunate when I signed up for Steem. I got my account within 24 hours.

My how different things might have been if I had to wait 2 weeks (or more) like some people.

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The Hive whales shall take an example, get down from the pedestal and start building the community. Only like this their value will skyrocket. It is a prove win-win like shown and backed with numbers in one of the latest articles from @leofinance. Lead by example tightens the community from the little minnow to the biggest whale.

Thanks for the post and for pointing it out!

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I got disenfranchised with the behavior of individuals. But then again we will see what all happens in the future I wish you the best of luck.

The hardest part about Hive is including others.

I'm not very confident in Leo, so I wouldnt sweat about it, its not capable of any advance cryptographic function like crosschain hotswaps, encrypted memo fields (even hive has this), or zk-channels and other advanced transaction or spend functions.

All of the Hive-Engine tokens are vulnerable to a plethora of MitM attacks too, so can't wait to see the poster react to the first chain level security flaw thats abused.

I have been watching and talking, as you said we will see if someone abuses their system or not, because it has pump and dump written all over it just like the splinterlands land pre-sale.

It seems the word "distribution" was the only word that would rub off neutral hear, and different financial terms used to define the ICO would make it seem like insider trading.

I find the hardest part of Hive is truly explaining it to others.

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Again I will underline the willingness to include others as the worst part of hive.

here we got the rare combination of great leadership that's hard-working and listens to the community, a strong community and ofc an actual product!

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I'm stacking up my LEO now. Been taking 50% of my HIVE rewards and converting them to LEO. I really like what the team is doing and I think it's a good model for how to have a successful token/community in the Hive ecosystem.

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Really? I posted a while back into the leo community and got a downvote from someone in the community. https://peakd.com/hive-167922/@melinda010100/ecency-points-for-the-engagement-league2e7171f02022aest
it made me realize that I have no understanding of Leo and I left the community as I am not an investor and don't understand what Leo is all about.

I can't speak to that, but yeah for the most part there aren't a lot of downvotes and LEO is being splashed around everywhere. You could always ask @onealfa why he downvoted you. He doesn't bite. He'll probably answer now that I tagged him I guess we'll see.

Thanks, @edicted. I found that Leo is not a friendly place for everyone. I will invest elsewhere.

Little did you know that you've already made an investment in LEO and received coins from that investment.

I'm aware. I have a couple of miners, too. I've been debating unstaking and investing in something that is useful to me.

Interesting, which networks do you find to be the most useful?

Archon supports both of my Communities, Feathered Friends and Shadow Hunters and also The Ladies of Hive Community where I spend a lot of time. I make a lot of comments myself, and everyone receives staked Archon for each of the comments that get made on posts in those communities.

I like tokens that pay out dividends in Hive!

Steemit was the first crypto blogging platform that was notable outside of crypto, but many errors (some mentioned in this article) were painfully obvious, I still daydream about a fork-update on hive getting rid of the complicated system of passwords.
But Hive is way better than steemit, although yet not ideal.
However, Leo is highly more adept at understanding normies, the idea of connnecting to metamask is a stroke of brilliance, same with cellphone sign ups.
I am glad that I am here before leo goes to 20 USD per coin. :)

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I'm really impressed with Leo and excited to see it keep moving.

The more people who feel like they are winning or could win, the more they will come, the better they will treat it and the more they will be afraid to sell.

There is a sense of pride and ownership on Leo! Keep it up

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LeoFinance has been making a lot of good moves. I'm looking forward to the microblogging. I think that will be nice for the non-professional blogger to drops some thoughts without having to spend an afternoon trying to write the perfect post. Not that there is anything wrong with big/long posts. But it can be a bit intimidating to the average person.

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As I see it, the big difference between LeoFinance and 99%+ of the other projects out there is that we have an actual tested deliverable and ongoing development to bring people much more in a tangible sense. Most other systems operate by smoke-and-mirrors and empty promises.

As I have probably said a few hundred times before, this is definitely "shades of the Internet" with 2017 representing lots of dumb money coming out of the woodwork... and being thrown at pretty much anything that had the word "blockchain" in it.

This time we will be ready for them.

And yes, I still remember the ridiculousness of tens of thousands of account applications sitting at the former STINC awaiting approval...


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Reading your post makes me want to buy more Leo but I guess 156K is more than enough.

Sorry, I must go now to check the Lambo catalog to pick a nice color.
Any suggestions?

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Wrong ! Go for Lucid Air. They got some good colors too.

Never heard about this.
I googled it now but I'm not sure how it'll work up here North.
Maybe I should move to Cali.
But not get ahead of the curve. We oldies are patient.

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Maybe I should move to Cali.

You want to lost all your crypto profits to the tax man?

Then Cali is the ideal place for that. Even Musk is moving out of there.

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Winter in Edmonton?
I should probably revalue my wishes.

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Maybe go for the EarthRoamer LTi in pink.


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Lol that's the most horrible four wheeled thing I've ever seen.

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The market cap of LEO is already almost $1.6 million. I think $10 LEO is a real possibility a year from now. Ethereum alone will take LEO to the single digit dollar range thanks to wLEO. Exchange listings and organic appreciation through development will take it further.

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The Leofinance ecosystem being worth around $50 million is not outlandish condisdering all that is taking place.

If we can attract 10,000 users, it will make things very interesting.

We are about to embark upon huge changes.

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Attracting a larger user base will be made easier by a higher market cap. When the rewards for quality authors become competitive, they will come.

We can't stop Leo now and neither can anyone else. Use case had always been king and Leo has those as you have started above, in spades.

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More are being added on a regular basis.

This is what is really going to take things to a new level.

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There's going to be a ton of financial and economic displacement ravaging the world in the not-so distant future.

Lots of household names in the banking sector are going to crash and burn. Even bail-ins won’t save them.

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Because they aren't buying bitcoin?

Maybe not directly, but that would sure help them. 😅

Lol those paper contracts for Bitcoin they trade crack me up

Oh man, you did your job well. :)
I did mine now too, just as much as I could at this phase (2-UP, 2-Rehive)

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The most amazing and exciting thing now is that one really doesn't have to have a Hive account before signing up for Leo. They can easily do that with just a Twitter account.
And you are right about Leo whales being better. I would conclude they are far better indeed.

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The most amazing and exciting thing now is that one really doesn't have to have a Hive account before signing up for Leo.

That is huge. Unless people have tried to sign people up, they are not aware of how hard it is to get people to get a Hive account.

The Twitter sign up is a big move.

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Yes, you are right, A friend of mine has been trying to get a Hive and steemit account. She said she is having trouble with that.
So whoever wants to join Leo had better use his or her Twitter account and do that easily

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Hive is leo and vice versa. I agree that no competition between hive and leo. On boarding leo wit light sign up will attract new users to hive. I hope hive whales will be more friendly to motivste new users by cool upvotes. In my opinion the growth of leo will give high impact to hive price in the near future, Hive price will follow leo or exceed leo price.

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I agree but also disagree. I know you are a whale. Sometimes you will vote and sometimes you won't vote. LEO is relatively new and fresh.. but what happens when you make it..you are a whale in the true whale sense.. see we are used to the old whales becoming fat and greedy. In the beginning, it never starts out that way.

Sorry just being bearish again. It's in my name. Sorry.

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You never know what shape the future will take. As a network devoted to finance, hopefully it wouldn't even matter if some of the whales got a bit greedy because there should be dozens of ways to earn at that time.

new whale honesty hehe I hear yah. I'm also not criticizing please don't misconstrue my intentions as I don't think I would be any different.

I like the Blurt Whales better. Https://Blurt.blog

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Even if it was 8% it was just as profitable and Miles would still come.

And because of the rhythm that Leo has, he is going to get very far, you just have to be patient, the bitcoin took 9 years, Leo maybe in less time, since there are more who are looking for a crypto exit

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Distribution is important and leo is a good example, but its not private so I have no value for it because I can still be targeted by the central banking authorities with violations of my rights to free passage for tax law.

If privacy is an issue it's not that hard to create an anonymous account and use non-KYC exchanges. If you want an account just let me know and it's yours. No one will know it's you, and I will forget quickly as well.

I was talking about LEO, not "other peoples technology and IP"

No chain level cryptography and I am not impressed or interested aside from the pump and dump signals

Ah, yes, fair enough.
The governance and development are fully centralized.
Perhaps you'll be more interested when that's no longer the case.

100% why my holdings are majority Zcash.vthe best consensus model with elections and paid developers that have contributions to the election process for due diligence.

Most times I always tend to wonder who is bigger between hive and leo then I come across what you say today in your post that there is no competitions among them. One win, one profit from the win

I've seen no evidence of greedy goblins running around trying to maximize their own profits at the expense of the network. I've seen no evidence of exploits or other bad acting. No one is buying or selling votes.

I strongly agree with it. I have seen whales are supporting new accounts and helping them to grow on Leofinance. While on hive, there is different situation.

A win for LEO is a win for Hive, and vice versa.

I think, right now it's one way - Leo has surpassed Hive and any win for Hive will drive Leo further but not the opposite. Leo is getting driven on its own and does not care if Hive wins or not.

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Steemit has already integrated tron to get a piece of that new audience coming to blockchain. They might think that's all it take. But we've already got so many strong tribes on Hive with LEO being the strongest of them. With tribes like #palnet #neoxian #spt #battle #steemace you're already earning extra tokens anyways while posting relevant content on LEO.

As for competition have Voice.com from EOS. I heard they had $150 million in funding. I think @vimukthi posted bout this 1st. But there aren't much quality or quantity there. We've got them beat already. We're strong. We can be proud and start spreading the positivity!

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Our whales sure do know that aligning your incentives with everyone else's is the easiest and most frictionless way to profitability.

There are small LEO milkers for sure, there are few and far between for now, but this is also because of the niche, talking crypto and investment is not for everyone, where HIVE you can post about anything.

If LEO is to fulfil its potential it should take a few notes from the Bitcoin cyber hornets, praise good behaviour and rip apart bad behaviour and that's that, you don't like it move on! This is the direction the community wants if you can't get on board go BLURT or something

Going to be interesting to see how the community deals with the influx of new members.

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What can I say? You leave me thoughtful, I want to think Leo sometimes excels better because hive comes with superlative decentralisation making it difficult to make quick decisions and enact it competently, no one is willing to take the bull by the horn

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Staked my Leo earlier and this post highlights all the reasons why it's the best choice. A lot are going to miss the boat once the other altcoins go down. Interactions here are healthy and wealth is distributed to those that bring value.

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I think the addition of microblogging will make things very interesting around here because microblogs will not trigger any auto upvoters meaning every vote will have to be done manually. Another added benefit is that authors don't have to worry about draining the upvote power of any of their followers since microblogs will not trigger any auto upvoter.

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I love that I’m an Orca on this platform.

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Waiting a week for an account is ridiculous! Now that Twitter sign-ups will be implemented, we're up to something great!

Have a fantastic week ahead!

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One week was fast back in the days. I know at least 3 cases, when it took 3-4 weeks to get steem account

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Yeah, in that time someone could manage to marry and divorce :D

great post!

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Nice article @edicted, I feel very optimistic about Leo.

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LEO whales are great!

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The Blurt Whales are pretty nice too. Https://Blurt.blog

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I think the fact the HIVE and Leo are on the same team is a point that should be leaned on harder. I'm thinking about posting once a day on both platforms. This includes spreading 10 votes on each. I'm also trying to comment on at least 5 post per site. Just think if everyone did the same!

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Indeed its a known fact that the LEO protocol and community single-handedly kept a lot of the OG users around through all the drama. The whales here understand that there is more longevity in group economics w/ a wide base of distribution.

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I've seen no evidence of greedy goblins running around trying to maximize their own profits at the expense of the network. I've seen no evidence of exploits or other bad acting. No one is buying or selling votes. Downvotes are few and far between and usually extremely warranted when they do come around. No one is trying to pump the price in order to dump their own bags. The whales around here have been pretty confident for a while now of the long term sustainability and longevity of the network.

That's why i love LEO finance whales they are balanced this platform. I remember the bid-bot time when abusers were trending by buying huge upvotes and good writers did not get support.

This is the most inspirational LEO content i have ever seen because i am now more bullish on LEO. Have a Good day ahead....

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I sold mine awhile ago. Now I'm stacking again and growing my vote

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