Greed is being Redefined

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If you want money: you have to work hard!

Ah, well, maybe you won't have to work that hard. It takes money to make money, so if you're born rich it will be a lot easier. Work smart, not hard, amirite? So if you're lucky and have the proper mental faculties for the job you should do pretty well for yourself.

However, you might have to get down and dirty

If you want money, and I mean a ton of money, you may have to engage in some morally questionable activities. You might have to stomp on the lower or middle class or perhaps even backstab your way to the top at the upper echelon (not recommended for the faint of heart). For the most part, the easiest way to make a lot of money is to automate a business (with your inexpensively trusty human drones) to provide a service that skims a little bit of money from a lot of people. Captialism:

I Do Evil To Stay Competitive.

These are the businesses that require a keen mind. A lot of people need certain goods/services, but who's going to give it to them for a competitive price? That's where you come in. Maybe You build an empire from sticks and stones in a garage. Plenty of people have done it. Why not you?


Here's where things get tricky though.

You've created a very profitable business, but like the vast majority of businesses, even though the profitability is great, the overhead is high. You've developed an EFFICIENT automated machine, producing consistent gains over time, but that doesn't change the fact that overhead is high.

For example, if you sell a product, how much money from the sale is actually profit? After you've bought the raw materials and processed them into what they need to be, after you've paid off all your employees, caught up on rent or property taxes, spent a bit paying off the initial overhead it cost to process the raw materials like machinery and whatever else... after you paid for all that: how much did you actually make? 10% would be a lot.

So even if your business is profitable and you need to scale up to meet demand, there's still a very high chance that you don't have the money to do it. Again, overhead costs are high, and profit margins are low. It takes a long time for these investments to pay off and start turning a profit.

Yesterday I watched the Netflix documentary about The Last Blockbuster. Remember VHS tapes? Those things used to cost $100. That's why renting videos was a profitable business in the first place. You had to rent a video out 5-10 times just to pay the cost of the video itself. Then Blockbuster came out with the idea to profit share to buy the VHS tapes on the cheap ($2-$5) and they ran everyone else out of business. They had to share profits but the overhead cost to run the business plummeted. Smart move, Blockbuster.

In any case...

One day you might wake up and realize: wow, I could just let someone buy me out and profit share with my parent company. Sure, I won't get to scoop all the gains for myself anymore, but the company will be have the capital to scale up to the max limit and everyone will make more money in the long run. Pretty sweet deal, but now someone owns you... so that's obviously not ideal.

Take that a step further, you might decide that all the work you've been doing is no longer even worth it. Why continue putting in 12 hours a day 7 days a week for your company when you can just completely sell out for hundreds of millions of dollars and then go on to do whatever the hell you want? Lots of people take that deal: and boy is it a nice payday. Let the sharks at the top of their game handle the big-boy business.


Crypto is going to completely change the name of the game.

None of the old rules apply. None of these legacy business models make sense. Every network acts as its own central bank. There are enthusiasts out there working for the "company" for "free". Meaning they aren't being paid by the creators of the network, but many certainly are being paid.

This entire paradigm is unique from the ground up.

Tell me guys: how are we going to do it? How are we going to scale up Hive? How did Bitcoin do it maybe we should copy them... oh wait, Bitcoin didn't have to do anything. Bitcoin is alive and it's just growing on its own just like the living breathing entity that it is. Again, the entire process has been flipped on its ear. Crypto is turning communities into corporations, governments, and central banks all at the same time. We get the benefits of everything on top of smart programable money.

There will be no buyouts.

You can't buy these communities: something that Steemit Inc. got to learn the hard way first-hand with a huge backhand to the face. Think that's the first and last time that will ever happen? It will happen dozens, hundreds, maybe thousands of times.

The sheer financial irony of getting rich from a money attack is palpable. Normally if you're under attack both sides will suffer casualties. Not with crypto: the people under attack often get rewarded for defending their homeland. That's pretty weird when you think about it. Thanks for the free BTC JSun.


However, the ultimate point I wanted to make here is that greed itself has a new meaning. If I turn into the greediest little goblin that ever stacked Hive... if I was brutal slavedriving monster that stepped on the backs of all the poor on the network... if I stacked millions upon millions of Hive at the expense of others... am I greedy?

Many might say:

Wow look at @edicted go: that kid is a legend.

Why is that? How is this possible?

Because if I don't sell the Hive: if I just keep stacking my wallet like the Hive addict that I am, then I haven't actually sucked away any value from the network at all. In fact, I've given tons of value to the network and everyone else on it by lowering supply, increasing demand, and HODLing strong.

It really hit me just now how absolutely insane these dynamics are going to be as we move forward. Greedy assholes can bring mass value to the network. What a weird concept. You can't get that in the legacy economy.

In the legacy economy, if you stack USD and make billions of dollars: who gives a shit? No one. You're just a greedy asshole. That's because the central bank is the entity that actually controls all the value at the core of the entire system.

With cryptocurrency the network is the central bank, so if you're gobbling up all the tokens like a greed-monster, that actually helps everyone and no one's going to complain (much). Truly mindblowing when you actually start considering where all this is going.

Where is it going?

For the first time ever in the history of humanity, we can build value by means of sharing and synergy instead of cutthroat zero-sum capitalism. Eventually really smart people who just want to build cool shit and don't really care how much they get paid (as long as it's enough to live off of) are going to start migrating to these systems by the bushel. That's potentially a legion of value-bringers adding far more value to the network than they extract from it.

Recently I was told by someone here that I abuse the reward pool, that all I do is vote for the users that vote for me. This person went so far as to say that I'm the reason to blame for "Hive failing". Yeah, Hive is doing just fine bud. Share your drugs with the class, please.

I have NEVER cashed out a single penny of crypto to my bank account. All I do is build value. I still work a shit part-time job at amazon to maintain this status despite controlling like a quarter million dollars. That money isn't even money to me: that is my reputation and crypto life-force. And my life is worth more than money, so fuck that:


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impressive strength and control on that hodl!
I've been wanting to do some kind of leo/leo photoshoppe for a while, so i guess this is as good an opportunity as any...

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I don’t know how you do it, but you keep the readers’ attention to find out how the post ends. You have great writing skills. You should be writing books. Especially on how crypto impacts lives.

Always fun to read your posts.

The irony of watching a movie about Blockbuster on Netflix.

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ha yes it wasn't lost on me

Greed is Good.

Those are some really good points. I have cashed out to a regular bank account, but it was to take care of some real world stuff to free up my time and funds for more crypto investments and none of what I took out was from Hive. I just keep stacking my Hive up as much as I can. People are dumb. I know you aren't worried about what they say, but they really need to think before they type sometimes.

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Admittedly you do work hard, the stuff you post you've earned respect so for those two reasons I'll excuse you from being slapped upside your head so hard that it would spin for a week writing such a biased saintly comparison, pleezzz, excuse yourself.

Leave Amazon now 😁
Read this please

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I still work a shit part-time job at amazon to maintain this status despite controlling like a quarter million dollars

You are definitely a legend for doing so. I don't know if I could do so.

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Because of people like you, some of us here can make a living off this blockchain. Certainly, the value of the blockchain will plummet if everyone was selling.

I still work a shit part-time job at amazon to maintain this status despite controlling like a quarter million dollars

I doff my hat for you...

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So downvoting and witch hunt are not a way to go?

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Every path gets explored when the architecture is flat.

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Fun post, but point taken, Crypto and DeFi are turning the world on its head; up is down, down is up, you need a dictionary and a score sheet to keep track.

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ps....consider yourself lucky.

Your post is reblogged and upvoted by me. It is a good post. Thank you @edicted

Gotta say. I love some of your writing. This is one. Nice job.

Also gotta say, I love your global vision. Don't know if it will ever manifest in just the way you think, but it is laudable and probably in the ballpark. I am not denigrating. In fact, I concur with a lot of the way you see things.

What I like best is you are already living as if it is already true, Interesting. I aspire to be the same way, as it appears, on the surface at least, to be more in tune with what I want. Not to brag, but I bet I make orders of magnitude more fiat "money" per year than you. I have however fuck all to show for it from the standpoint of freedom. Not good. I am really just a slave to others (and mostly if I think about it myself).

Thanks for reinvigorating my quest to change my situation to what I envision. Just the boost I needed today.

OK. Enough blowing smoke up your ass. Don't want to inflate the ego more than it already might be :-)

The fact is, that crypto (not just BTC) is morphing into the ultimate freedom tool right before our eyes. Will governments (people) succeed in tearing it down? I don't know. The monkeys in the cage do not like the other monkeys to get the banana at the top of the ladder :-)

"We have met the enemy and he is us."

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Okay, first of all, I like your writing style, this was a good read!

Alright, onto the other thing! So, ever since I got back to the blogging on the blockchain thing, I have been wondering, what the heck happened to Steemit and why has everyone moved to Hive? You said:

something that Steemit Inc. got to learn the hard way first-hand with a huge backhand to the face.

So you must know something! You might even have an answer for me! Would I be lucky enough to finally learn what happened? Could you please tell me? I would be very grateful :-)

There's a lot of posts on Hive about it, but here's a detailed background post by Tim Copeland and a post I wrote a little before the launch of Hive:

Wow, that reads like a plot for a movie. Must have felt like a roller coaster a year ago! Pretty awesome to see that the community banded together and just packed up and left to start over some place else.
Thanks so much @blocktrades for these links and for sating my curiosity!

Because of people like you, some of us here can make a living off this blockchain!!!

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Good. I am also on my way to build a Hive empire, with a little over 1200 Hive and 1200 Leo. I will hold it until is big enough to provide me with a living wage. Until then HODL.

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