Cancel Culture vs Parlor and Trump: Bad For Crypto 100%

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First thing's First:


What do you think guys?

Is this how it ends? With the top just kinda being like meh and then slowly winding down? Tell me, has it ever happened like that before, ever, during bull run FOMO? I think not.

The sharks got their wish and successfully baited bears into lowering the price. Bitcoin bears get fleeced again... pretty hilarious. Coinbase volume still sits on a solid 30k per day, which when you take into account USD volume at these high prices is insane.

I maintain that the top of this volcano is not going to erupt until $50k. That's a huge mental barrier unit-bias level. Half way to $100k. This bull run will NOT end with a whimper: guaranteed. Interpret that as you will, as there are many ways to.


This is like everyone on the Internet now, because we kicked all those mean ass Nazis off all the social media sites. As a left-wing radical, a big part of me is super satisfied about what's going on right now, and I have the echo-chamber around me to validate those feelings.

But taking a step back and actually looking at the obvious precedence being set is very alarming. An entire mindset is being forged in half the population that validates "Ends justify the means" mindset. This is an emergency, so radical steps must be taken to protect the public for the "Greater Good".


So while I'm not necessarily too upset that liberals are being given a ton of power right now... I really have to look into the future as to where this is going.

The elite will flip the script on the liberals whenever it suits them. This is the main problem. That means the precedence being set today will be used to attack the entire population tomorrow.

The biggest issue I have is Amazons AWS servers throwing the ban-hammer at Parlor. You know who else uses AWS servers? Hive and a ton of other cryptos. This could get very ugly.

Honestly I think Bitcoin (and probably even Ethereum) are safe at this point due to the institutional adoption, but once that adoption comes the same institutions and Big Tech companies that centralized the Internet will be looking to do the same to crypto.

The attacks will be relentless.

That means delisting the "competition" on centralized exchanges. Attacking Bitcoin forks with SHA-256 mining farms. Banning "competing"/"illegal" networks from using AWS servers and any other servers "they" control.

And they are setting the precedence to make all these attacks right now as the liberals cheer. Sweet victory.


Liberals are being hypocrites.

It is amazing to watch people that I have known FOR YEARS just change their mind about core values in an instant. Remember when liberals used to be all about supporting small businesses? Not anymore! This is an emergency! We have to shut all the small businesses down for public safety! Like... are you guys fucking kidding me? You're serious? They're serious! Jesus Christ, pick a lane.

Anti-Fascists: The new left-wing Fascists.

The hypocrisy really knows no bounds. Splinter-cells of the radial left wing popping up to "fight Fascism" but now those very same people agree that we should impose harsh restrictions, travel bans, denied access to essential services, all because the person doesn't have an "immunity passport"? Holy god, are you people listening to the bullshit spewing out of your mouths or what?

It was obvious that Biden was going to win

And I said as much multiple times. Trump is the most hated president of all time, but this is just one side of a polarized coin. The more someone is hated, the more they are loved, and vice versa. This is especially true in politics or just fame in general.

Trump was never going to win. He may have lost fair and square. There may of been cheating: it doesn't matter. He was never going to win, ever, not in a million years. And now Dems have the House, Senate, and presidency. What an amazing coincidence that could have never been predicted. Oh wait, except I did when this all started and was laughed off the stage because lol idiot the Dems could never take the Senate. Try again.

There's a reason why this is happening, and it's a top-down approach. Big Tech is erecting an invisible prison around their servants, and they are going to give power to the group that allows that to happen. Dems raised their hands and said mememememe! And the elite was like, okay then I guess the democrats are gonna win this one. Sorted.

Election fraud

Liberals refuse to believe there could possibly be election fraud. After all, Trump basically fully undermined himself in advance by saying he'd declare fraud literally no matter what. Dumb move.

There couldn't possibly be fraud in this election, amirite? There is no evidence. All the courts have thrown out all the accusations instantly, so therefore there was no fraud. They seem to have forgotten about the 2000 election when we all knew there was fraud and there was even less evidence than today (a lot less). It's amazing how the mind changes when your side wins.

Power corrupts

So here the 1984 hypocrisy comes up again: as liberals who previously spouted that the court system was fully corrupt, racist, and completely ineffective are now trusting those same courts to verify the election. Are they serious? They're serious.

It's just a classic case of people being greedy, as always. Winners take the win no matter what and they justify it no matter what. We're being played against each other, as always.


What can we do?

All that we can do is keep building and fighting against centralization, greed, and corruption. We have front-row seats as to what is coming for us, and should be able to maneuver around this climate with relative ease.

Anyone who relies on AWS is under threat. Anyone who relies on the Play/App Store listings for distribution is under threat. That doesn't mean we can't use these things to bootstrap these systems and rocket off the ground, but if we want to make sure we don't crash into the damn mountain, robust redundant systems must be created to right the ship, should it be attacked.


The only way to fix these scaling issues as they pertain to trust in society is to build on decentralized flat architecture controlled by algorithms and ideals rather than people who become corrupted by absolute power. Even the one out of a million people who are immune to corruption and become champions of the people end up quite dead for some reason. Go figure.

Centralization is a virus

And Crypto is the cure, or at least a network that constantly has to battle against the virus for survival. Who will win the war? Centralization or Crypto? I'm guessing crypto. Hive is alive.

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Hive is the way

Fine fine


You happy now? 🤣

You knew just what I wanted 😍

LEO the flashlight

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I like that sentence for a promotion and is also true, not just propaganda.

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they won't be able to do shit to the digital yuan and others rubbles (at worst)... you know those feds are really not that powerfull... and they know it. we are the people.

Which is why their main tactic is blackmail, to leverage their enemies in any way they can.

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Decentralization is the only way. Sooner or later, crypto will win. HODL brothers.

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As a left-wing radical, a big part of me is super satisfied about what's going on right now, and I have the echo-chamber around me to validate those feelings.

But taking a step back and actually looking at the obvious precedence being set is very alarming.

As a "libertarian reactionary" :-) this is one of the few reassuring messages I've seen in public discourse recently.

Brother, if they come for you before they come for me know that I will fight.

There was a time when I thought that formula would keep them from coming for any of us.

I'm increasingly unsure.

But as you point out in the post we have a tool with which to fight and a path.

It is crazy with what speed you shoot out your posts. And all meaningful. Quite impressive.

There's a crazy amount of shit going on out there... too easy :D lol
My backlog is full of dozens of ideas for posts.

A lot of arguments you expose in this post are why I love cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Decentralization and freedom.

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Any coincidence this is when Dan shows back up?

Pretty weird, no argument there.
Who knows what he's up to.
There's a definite lack of transparency though.
Sweet irony.

Why am I following a left wing radical?

For the LOLS dude, for the LOLS...


The question is would you know I was a "left wing radical" if I didn't just up and say so? Perhaps the ability to package people into pre-fabricated boxes is flawed at beast.

and this gave me a Weed flashback. weird how they program our brains :D

That's the only reason why I know this song!
That's how they get ya!

yap, i also never heard of it before the series :D

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If you abandon your principles when they're inconvenient you're not pragmatic; you're unprincipled.

The worst part is that competition isn’t even there to regulate this bulkshit to AWS pulls the plug and Gcloud, Azure and others aren’t trying to touch Parlour

I don’t really care about what people use those apps for all I see is a means to kneecap any sort of competition who is to say AWS doesn’t throttle projects it likes vs ones it doesn’t?

Without options you have no freedom

While BTC and ETH the networks may be able to continue what about the asset?

What is even the point of being wealthy from Bitcoin let’s say but you can only spend it a certain way, they could choose to tax it into their oblivion if you try to cash out and loads of other regulation

What I hope to see as more people become wealthy and have a stake in it theres a push back on how it can be regulated because there’s so many with stake in it it’s in their interest not to fuck with it

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I believe we are in for a very interesting next 4 years. I don't think all to much will change year one of the new president however come 2 and 3 things are going to start shifting in a major way. I believe a majority of people are just getting tired of the crap I know I am and this is one way to start to take back a little control. I believe in giving my government money for things I don't want to take care of myself, roads, lights, war, tech etc. What I don't believe in is giving it to them and restricting my ability to make decisions I want to make. For example if I don't want health care because I don't live a risky life, I eat healthy and take care of myself well then damn well that should be my right to make that choice.

It honestly scares me to see what people are willing to give up when times get hard and how quickly morals and values change to try and take the "easy" way out for them. I hope we all start waking up sooner than later.

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More info why you see this.

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This election fraud thing stinks to high heaven in general. I remember how much crazy shit the German media ran when Trump won the election. They were anything but restrained and threw around the most curious conspiracy theories. Now they report about the lunatic who throws around curious conspiracy theories regarding an election fraud. Nice paradox, but yes the hypocracy is stronger than ever. As long as the right narrative wins, the background doesn't matter, and any means will do.

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For me even though i am not an American i was certain that trump would lose. Not so much because of his policies and stuff but because of his mouth. He simply doesn't know how to talk or what to say. It's like he is talking without thinking.

I am against what Twitter did to his account though and a bunch of others throughout the years. I i state in my recent post, that way Twitter showed how against freedom of speech and pro censorship they are. If they did this to the American president then we are absolutely nothing for them. They will do whatever they want that meets their agenda.

Hive and leo are the solutions in this problem and we need to hurry up now, market this shit up as we can because now is one of the greatest opportunities we have. A decentralized censorship resistance social media platform!

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Our only option is to remove our dependency on the infrastructure of the internet technology giants. This means creating a social media network that does not depend upon app stores, cloud hosting, and domain names. This will take us back to the 1990’s in terms of infrastructure, but it is our only hope.

This means that services like or are at risk even if the underlying blockchains are able to survive. Platforms like are at even greater risk until they decentralize their infrastructure.

If we want to create a platform that enables all ideas to be presented and discussed then it will probably need to look more like The key design consideration is that the users must provide the hosting of the data with IPFS/BitTorrent style data sharing. Federated systems such as may be a good middle ground; however, even mastodon comes under pressure to expel entire communities and is ultimately dependent upon hosting providers.

The ultimate may be a combination of federated ZeroNet-like services. Freedom loving information seekers will need to take on the responsibility of running nodes on their own computers.

All words quoted from:
Trying to use decentralized infrastructure as much as possible is going to be the best move. These are few crypto that might help:

I'm not a tech expert. Sorry if these are useless. I checked the prices and boy they make Amazon look like a day light robbery. Not sure how the performance and available features stack up. At least we can use for storage. That's for sure!

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I remember writing a post a while ago about people wanting to leave Facebook should instead give a look at Hive. This was when that whole mass exodus to Parler was happening. As much as I didn't want to see those people and their ideologies here on Hive, it was a valid censorship free alternative. Now, knowing what we do, I don't think that is what any of us wants. The more ideologies (right or left) like that who show up here is going to mean more eyes and more scrutiny. Right now we are kind of flying under the radar minding our own business. I don't see the need to shoot up a flare and be like "hey, come check out all the stuff here that you might want to censor!".

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In order to achieve decentralization, we need to not rely on centralized services such as hosting websites and apps.

One of the concerns that I have is what will happen if governments suddenly prohibit accommodation that allows interfaces to communicate with blockchains (as in the case of

What will happen if this happens? Is it just something for geeks and no longer user-friendly?

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I'm getting so sick about this cancel culture. -.-'

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