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RE: Demystifying HIVE: Expectations

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This is a must-read for every new user. When I started I remember that I got a little disappointed when a post did not have good votes, but I stayed and I followed some of the recommendations that you mention.

I made comments, I engaged, I also made new friends on the platform and on Discord servers, I participated in contests, I even won one by minnowbooster back in the day and I earned like 90 in votes just before STEEM went below a dollar.

Hive is definitely not to make money fast and run, if someone has those intentions the community will notice and it will not have that effect.

Yes, Hive is very complicated but in the end, I think it's worth it. For me, every post I read, and every hour I spent here has paid off.

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Yes, Hive is very complicated

You got that one right! It's the complexity that enticed me, but I am probably not normal and am a techy. I know other people in my arena who don't want this level and would like simple.

It's never going to be simple but there could be ways of hiding it all from the user, so they never see it or know what's going on (unless they want too).

Congrats for sticking with it!

Yes, for me it was also easy as I am good with technology too. I've seen that adoption comes when there is a lot of need. There are users from countries like Venezuela where you can find people from all backgrounds. I think that in Mexico most people are on their comfort zones and not willing to invest the time and effort to learn.

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