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My project called @aliento is growing at a good pace, but I still think that I can improve it to grow even faster. In this post, I'm going to share some of the milestones and also share my concerns.


I'm happy with how things are going. The project has almost 75k Hive Power summing up all the delegations. We are only a few days away to reach 20k Hive Power in the account without counting delegations.

We are generating over 300 HIVE in curation rewards every week. Our APR is between 18 and 22%, and we are supporting a lot of users and communities. We have the support of @theycallmedan and @threespeak.

@Aliento doesn't have a community in HIVE. We are a project that supports communities and users that need help in HIVE. Some of the communities or projects that we are supporting or that we are working together are:

  • Hive Mexico
  • Blogging Challenge
  • Motherhood
  • Hive Motors
  • Full Deportes
  • SoundMusic
  • 3Speak
  • HispaPro
  • CelfMagazine
  • VotoVzla
  • Rincón Fotográfico
  • Develop Spanish
  • HivePosh


I may be missing one or two, but these are the main ones. We also have an account called @aliento.leo, which has about 10k LeoPower and is focused on supporting the Hispanic community in LeoFinance.

At the moment, we have a lot in our hands, and in the last few days, our VP has been lower than usual, but this is because we are supporting more initiatives, and we have given more votes than expected.


We are supporting this initiative and a couple more.

If we can find a balance, soon we will be able to support more projects, and we are also looking for new delegators. The only thing that concerns me is that right now; we are not doing power-downs in @aliento. We rely on the weekly HIVE that we get from @eddiespino and @grisvisa. If we got a huge delegation, we might have to do something to pay all the delegators, but I think that will be an excellent problem to have.




Yesterday we made a post announcing that we finally have a bot that will take care of the transfers. @enrique89 coded it, and it worked perfectly. We were both thrilled with this. You can read about the bot here.


Feedback and Recommendations

If you have a successful project similar to this one, we would love to read your recommendations. I'm trying to do things differently, I'm not making curation reports, and I'm not leaving copy-paste comments. We are trying to grow organically and to make good alliances.

Our goal is to reach Orca status this year. I think we can make it by Jun or July if we continue to grow like this. We would like to posts more videos and more tutorials, and we will also love to make campaigns outside of Hive to bring new users. Have our system or series of videos where we can teach someone from zero to hero.


If you were in our position, what would you do? Which would be your curation criteria? How would you attract new investors in and out of HIVE? Would you upload Tiktoks about HIVE, LeoFinance, and other Dapps and communities?

Talking about TikTok, I have uploaded some videos, but I haven't been very persistent. Here are some screenshots of the videos I've made:




Every time I see someone talking about crypto in TikTok, I get the feeling that I'm missing out on an excellent opportunity to shill HIVE. The two times I have tries it, I have received good responses, and I have made some good contacts. One of the reasons I haven't been consistent is that I don't have the time to adopt a new user. We all know that the learning curve is a little complicated. That's why I want to create a system or tutorials for new users.

To wrap this up, I want to say that I'm happy. I want to grow this account, and I also want to help many users, a win-win scenario. Thank you for reading my thoughts, and if you have some feedback or recommendation, please leave a comment.


@Aliento Project by @eddiespino and @grisvisa

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Recommendations for Aliento

  1. have a little alientico it would spice things up LMAO.

  2. for real now

One of the reasons I haven't been consistent is that I don't have the time to adopt a new user.
I think is a divide and conquer kind of job you can try and onboard them and then just delegate the job to others to teach the user or users, i could probably teach a couple and you know there are other users who are willing to help too so, dont doubt about onboarding cause you dont have time to teach we can help!

Thank you! It's a great recommendation, and no one can indeed do it alone. Good thing we already have a lot of guides in tutorials available and experienced community members.

Lo que opino es que debes seguir como vas. Estás haciendo un gran trabajo. Sé que así como has sabido lograr tanto hasta ahora, seguirás haciéndolo cada día. Tienes la experiencia, la experticia y la humildad de saber buscar consejos y hacer lo mejor para que todos sigamos ganando.

Un abrazo.

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Regarding problems with paying liquid hive to delegators, I have a similar problem with my community where the goal is never to power down the community account but at the same time we need some way to compensate community members for their support.

The compromise I thought was just delegating the accumulated HP from curation to another community curation account that powers down to access those liquid rewards. It may reduce the voting power for the community account but it doesn't affect the voting efficiency (provided the voting pattern doesn't change). The community gets to keep their HP without powering down, adds support to other community curation accounts (increase public relations), and answers the liquidity problem to compensate delegators.

I tested this on my community but it's a smaller sample compared to yours so results may differ.

That's a great idea! I think I will do that soon. We plan to post often and use those rewards to pay the delegators and power up HIVE. I think I got covered the payment for the delegators for the next few months, but after that, I may be on my own, and that's why I am considering saving a lot of HIVE and earn as much as possible with content.

Also, I'm earning LEO with this account (@aliento.leo). Each week I'm earning around 32 LEO just from curations. I have some delegations here, but the biggest is a donation, and I don't need to pay anything back.

Thank you for your comment and your recommendation!

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Great to hear, thanks for the response. Seems like you already got the problem covered. Good luck on that :D

My English is not very good and I could not understand the whole post but I could understand the essence of it. And the truth is that we are very grateful for the support you give to the whole community and to those who need it. Thank you very much for everything you do for the community and the initiatives that allow everyone to do their bit. You also motivate us to do better in our content. Thank you very much for all you do for the community and the initiatives that allow everyone to do their bit.💜

Thank you, @andreaag21! I'm glad that our work is useful and you feel motivated.

All i can say is , this is amazing

Thank you Danny!

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I believe that inviting you to delegate with the profits generated by the posts is a form of retribution. Allocate a percentage of what you have generated to increase the HP of @aliento. I can do that but I need my posts curated 😅

You are the best i have seen sooo far