Aliento Project - Achievements and Goals

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Hello everyone! It's been a hectic couple of weeks, and I haven't had a lot of time to post. It's a little overwhelming, but I'm delighted. I love what I'm doing here on HIVE. I love helping the community and be part of unique projects. About a month ago, I started working with the 3Speak team, and a couple of days ago, I started helping a friend of @theycallmedan set up a tribe in Hive Engine. Thanks to the fantastic help of @aggroed, we were able to accomplish that goal today.


With @enrique89, @victoriabsb, and @ilazramusic, we are working on some exciting projects for the Spanish community. But right now, I want to talk about our project: @Aliento.

My wife @grisvisa and I have been working in @Aliento for the past six months, and it's our baby. I think we have made significant progress, and we will continue pushing. In this post, I want to share some of the achievements, lessons we have learned, and our goals.

Hive Power on the Account

To help new users, we need to increase the HivePower available on this account. For that, we have been doing a lot of Power-Ups, and we have avoided powering down Hive. The goal is to have at least 55,000 Hive Power before 2021 ends. Maybe we can do it sooner, perhaps it will take more time, but we want to do that. Just today, we powered more than 2,800 Hive to the account.


That power down was just a test I made when explaining how it worked to a new user.

Growth in the last 7 Days


Growth in the last 30 Days


Total Hive Power on the Account


The account currently has over 55,954.14 HP. Thanks to all the delegators supporting the project and trusting us with their HivePower. We appreciate it. The account would have a lot more Effective Power, but at the moment, we are delegating to a bunch of newbies and also sponsoring a couple of projects too.

Curation Rewards


We make an effort to make the most of our votes, but we also support users that don't always have significant votes. We want to have a balance in this. Also, most of our votes are followed by @theycallmedan, so if @aliento votes you, you may also have a vote from Dan.

We are still looking for delegators. We offer 85% of the curation rewards, and as you can see, we have been doing pretty well so far. The last couple of weeks have been a little more challenging, but we thank all our delegators for being with us.

LeoFinance Curation Account: @Aliento.Leo


A little over a month since this project started, we are very thankful for @empoderat, who delegated 10,000 LeoPower to the account. I have staked 1,000 LEO, and tomorrow I will stake at least 500 more. If you are an LEO holder and don't have a lot of time to curate, you can delegate to this account, too, and I can send you your LEO rewards weekly. With this account, we are focusing the votes on content in the tags #spanish and #spanishleo.

These are the goals and achievements of Aliento so far. We plan to continue growing, and every time we have a chance, we will power up Hive to the account. I think I already mentioned this before, but I'm powering down some HIVE from my account and transferring it to @aliento.


@Aliento Project

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Felicidades por esos grandes logros. Sigan así son un ejemplo de trabajo y perseverancia. En lo particular admiro bastante el trabajo de todo el equipo

Un gran saludo y que sigan lloviendo los éxitos

¡Muchas gracias! Es satisfactorio poder ayudar aunque sea un poco a la comunidad. Te agradezco tus palabras.

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Esas metas seguro llegarán más pronto de lo esperado, sigan así @eddiespino @grisvisa .

¡Muchas gracias! Espero poder llegar antes de junio, será difícil, pero no imposible.

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Nada es imposible en esta vida amigo, lo único imposible es tragarte un peso y hacer 50 centavos.😃

Wow. I see greatness in this project of yours eddie.. Up we go.. 😊

Thank you @starstrings01! We'll keep growing!

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Sigue adelante el cielo es el límite. Esa curva exponencial se ve muy hermosa en ese gráfico, deseo que sigan los éxitos de @aliento, en consecuencia el éxito de todos. Estoy muy pendiente de que se viene por ahí, un token? Sabes que estoy a la orden para colaborar. Saludo!

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¡Muchas gracias @yonnathang! Sí, vienen cosas buenas, pero todavía estamos afinando detalles. Por lo pronto está el evento que es en poco menos de un mes.

Felicidades me encanta ver el progreso del proyecto, realizando buenos movimientos se que a finales de año el HP de Aliento estará al top

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¡Muchas gracias @madefrance! Sí, también esperamos tener mucho HivePower al final de este año.

I wish you all the best and look like victoriabsb is involved in many projects.
I just wished that every community has some great volunteers and leaders like you.

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Yes, @victoriabsb is very active, and she chases us with a knife if we don't do our job. Thank you for your comment!

🗡️⚔️ a little violence didnt hurt nobody and gets things done 😂😂😂

Sometimes I get in this messes and dont know how 😂😂😂 but 🤷🏻‍♀️ here we are.

Es realmente asombroso lo que se está haciendo por la comunidad hispana. La verdad me gustaría colaborar mucho directa o indirectamente en estos proyectos. Acabo de delegar 220 HP al proyecto, pronto será más, aunque no sea mucho espero que ayude en algo. Muchos éxitos.

¡Muchas gracias por tu delegación @jonsnow1983! Y también por todo lo que haces en HIVE. Sigamos creciendo.

Sounds like a real good initiative, delegated a bit

Thank you! We appreciate it a lot!

Keep up the good work team.

2021 is a mega year for HIVE & our global community.

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Ya te lo he dicho antes, eres un digno ejemplo de progreso en Hive. Admiro tu capacidad de hacer y lograr tanto.

Por otro lado, aquí creo que encontré parte de la respuesta a al mensaje que te dejé en Discord.

Sigue alentando y seguirás creciendo.

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Hi @eddiespino!

Can I translate this post into spanish? =)

Es un gran apoyo para los usuarios de habla hispana y a decir verdad es bueno ver personas tan comprometidas con el proyecto @aliento, su crecimiento es exponencial y apenas pueda les delegare unos 100 hp. Saludos

¡Gracias @jakiro12!