INCOME token update: Part 1 - Fund Positions

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For over a year now, the INCOME token SYNERGY Fund has been the way by which we have viewed and interacted with the projects being built on the HIVE/STEEM chains. This attitude of actively collaborating with the projects we invest in has led to many of our partners being associated with us, and partner tokens becoming much better known than our token. This is somewhat by design.

While the INCOME token was and is an entertainment token, with no ownership claims over the fund, we can all agree that successfully managed funds, that is the profits generated by them, are the most entertaining of all.

Today we will take an overview of the current holdings and exposures behind the SYNERGY Fund.

A diverse fund is composed of many parts. If we take a look at the hive-engine portfolio, we can see that the times have been good to our SYNERGY Fund, which launched selling 10k tokens between 1 and 2 steem.

The hive-engine protocol currently contains some of the most speculative and exciting members of the fund. Recent pumping of LEO has led us to powerdown half of the fund's holdings of this currently popular tribe token.

But LEO isn't the only tribe that the fund took a significant stake in. We also have a 'whale vote' in the BATTLE and NEOXIAN tribes. Our LOTUS stake is pretty high as well.

In tribe terms, we cannot avoid mentioning the new tribe ARCHON. We have written a lot about this member, which sprang out of UpFundMe, of which we continue to be the biggest holders on steem-engine. How much to make of fund members left on steem-engine (such as RORS and TARUK) is a discussion for another day. In the case of UFM, there is still something to be said as the last, non-abandoned english language tribe on STEEM.

But ARCHON is live on HIVE now, and is doing big things, much in the same way as the SYNERGY Fund always dreamed. Through ARCHON, we have posted about the launch of the @archonBANK WORKERBEE mining pool, of which our own Synergy Fund is one of the largest participants, and from which we recieve a wonderful daily stream of BEE, which is quite high price right now with the recent release of Dswap.

Now just recently, with the launch of DHEDGE, ARCHON grows even stronger. As written about recently, we have an automated discord hedge fund partner project that is built in the ARCHON discord

Our Hive-Engine holdings go on, other interesting projects such as VIP, BRO, CBM, MPATH and M.

Hive chain

Now that we have two chains, its important to recognize which projects doubled. Staked tokens have doubled, and are now over 4000 on hive. Most of this is currently delegated to @accelerator to receive M tokens, but there is some idea among the fund to start claiming accounts again. For now, we are happy with our M payouts.

Let us not forget Hive SBI, continues to produce faucet like value through the hive inflation.

Steem chain

We continue to produce daily posts on STEEM, unique daily content not reproduced anywhere else. While our analytic write ups have found a place on HIVE, and more specifically in the LEO tribe, we cannot deny that STEEM has become home to other types of content, less associated with the traditional definitions of 'quality'.

We also continue to maintain our SBI faucet mining operation in place. We have been very impressed with @josephsavage as he has let the users decide exactly how to move their value from one chain to another.

As we continue to position the fund into exciting new projects built on blockchain, and assist and partner with these projects to help them grow, it becomes important to take stock of the fund positions. There are many more partners of smaller sizes, but today we have reviewed the main members, which at current prices may total in excess of 60 thousand hive.

On future updates, we will review the token, the daily div draws and how they work, as well as plans for the future and how you can get involved.

Freedom and Friendship!

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Thank you @ecoinstats, for using the CO2 Compensation Coin (COCO) to reduce your CO2 footprint.

can I now safely move my SBI to hive?? or am I just having to accept they are stuck there?

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Felander, yes and in fact the process has been open, let me tell you a bit about it but full details here

We can manually indicate our desire to move some or all of our units between chains. Since we got both, and you say you want to come over to HIVE in full, here's what to do:

Send a 0.003 STEEM tx (on STEEM!) to @steembasicincome from your @felander account, and add the memo Transfer Refund Request. You must send the tx from the account losing value, thus the steem account.

Then, in some days time, @josephsavage will make all the magic happen! It is a manual process on his part, but all of the big waves of these transfers over the summer have ended :)

ok, good to see this, I always liked SBI

So are the downvotes over then or is that still an ongoing thing?

They are over! mmmk is in fact curating some members :)

Congratulations @ecoinstats!
You raised your level and are now a Dolphin!

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