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Businesses in the United Kingdom were reported to have suffered a marked annual increase in cybercrime with business in commerce affected by about 11% between January and March this year. This was all according to Beaming the internet service provider.

The Internet Service Providers gave an analysis of data from traffic going to its business class users nationwide. It wrote that the firms in the UK were attacked over 172,000 normally at the beginning quarter of the year which is about 80 times per hour and nearly one attack every 45 seconds. Comparing this to the values found in the first quarter of last year which was about 71 per hour

This has been the highest first quartile attack that has been documented by Beaming since it started collecting records in 2016.

The belief is that these were mostly automated attacks and businesses would have been able to deal with them effectively with a working cybersecurity mechanism.

Sonia Blizzard, the managing director of Beaming gave warnings about how the attacks may have worked on some organization that does not secure its staff working from remote places.

The mass move to home and hybrid working means that company data and IT systems are now being accessed via a wide range of personal equipment on unmanaged domestic internet connections. Each offers a potential point of failure for hackers to gain access to company systems over the public internet, and hackers are doubling down to take advantage of vulnerabilities created by this fundamentally less secure way of working.
, she said.

IoT applications that are remote-controlled and data sharing services were high on the list for attacks and brought between 175 to 100 attacks every day in the first three months of the year.

14% of the IP addresses came from China, while 11% came from the US and 6% were from India.

Sonia Blizzard continued that the surge in cyber attacks came as the country went into a lockdown last year and the levels have remained high since then.


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