Final Month of the Year - Curation Rewards still Distributed



2020 has been a crazy year; even with HIVE weaken from the beginning of the year there are still charitable investors coming in with small amounts in order for their HIVE Power compound till there's a chance to create a new hive account for them later.

So far distributing directly to delegated accounts as HIVE POWER every 3 curation rewards collection has been successful, making sure whichever account delegated to this account before will still receive their intended curation rewards.

However there will be a little changes from December onwards:

As the payout continues, so shall delegator's % influence in the stake will be reduced...

because the curation reward HIVE POWER received is not powered down, and this account uses liquidated HIVE to pay out to all delegators.


This is based on Aug - Nov compound data, after readjustments of paying out delegators their previous compounded hive power

Also, compounded charitable investors' stake holding in curation rewards % will gradually increase.
Note that charitable investors' % will drop when there are more delegators / investors joining this program; or when delegators decided to increase their delegation power to receive more distributed payouts in Hive Power.

It is a little hard to see it at the moment, but as the data continues to compile, there will be a much more tangible chart to see later.

Further ways to accumulate Liquidated HIVE without power down

Since @fusion.lover started upping her game in, this account also joined in the game with minimal start-up, in so, all earned SIM will be available trade with her when she needs to up her game in NFT purchases.


Just like this transaction that was requested over an hour ago.

Perhaps in future when time is more permisable for me to learn how to code within the HIVE blockchain, I can make this automated. Right now it is fully manual.

Will this account venture further in dcity for more SIMs availed for liquidated HIVE?

Not at the moment, until when more time is permitted.

What has happened on the STEEM blockchain manual curation for author rewards?

At this point of time there has been a bit of delay, but manual curation is still ongoing every Wednesday in order to distrubute STEEM delegators to that account into their HIVE accounts here.

There will be more detailed calculations on spreadsheet later, open for viewing.

Until then

HQ @littlenewthings

#dses , Decentralised Sustainable EcoSystem, initiative member.

A technology can come and go; but when a lifestyle is applied to it, it becomes a new revolution.

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