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New SmartX project campaign .

Between 200,000 and 500,00 SAT tokens can be given away per day.
In the previous campaign I managed to collect the SAT for more than $ 150, so it is worth considering that it is worth digging,or at least check.

Tokens will be sent to your wallet once a month (i.e. for January we will get at the end of February). To qualify for the token you need to stick a minimum of 10 lvl. Accounts with smaller lvl will not receive SAT tokens.
I do not recommend to fork a few accounts because it will ban.

What do I need to do?
zkładanie portfela.jpg

  • We open coral wallet


  • We set a wallet password
  • Download the wallet file (you can download it to your phone or computer as who prefers),
  • Then open the wallet with the help of this file what we downloaded (we load it).
  • We copy the wallet address.
    kopiowanie adresu portfela.jpg
    After putting on the wallet, we need to copy the address of the wallet and glue it.

https://miner.smartx.one/ or download apps https://wwa.lanzous.com/idCZRjt7w2j

When logging in, enter the invitation code: - ejol6n-

without code can not sing up

Every second dig 1 coin when we collect max gold (for example, at 1 lvl is 60 pcs as it reaches the max digging stops),
click to pick up and promote to the next lvl,(MAX 60lv.)

with the increase in lv, the amount of gold that we need for the next lv increases.
Every day you need to log in to the site, otherwise you will not receive your SAT.

Coins will be exchanged for SAT, the more coins you collect the more SAT you get

As you earn LVL you will be able to invite more people (max 25).

Full rules and instructions and useful pages:


Project page: https://smartx.one/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SmartXOne


Github: https://github.com/smartx-core

Telegram :https://t.me/smartx_en

Medium: https://medium.com/smartx

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/JymqJyS

#SmartX #Miner #airdrop

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Looks interesting...
Do you have to click it every now and then or just once a day?
If it is like a one click a day I will say ok...
But if I have to click it every 20-30-60 minutes not for me ;)

After lv 10. You can login once a day and claim mined gold. Lv 10 you have to have to get SAT on wallet next month. The hire lv the more coins mine offline and longer time to claim it.
Then you see the all depends on how much you want to earn. You can claim one a day and its a min to get SAT every day. 10lv to get them next month on wallet. 10lv to get it is about 2 days to do. And after that do like you want.
If you have more qestion I will answer.
And sorry for the long time of my answer I'm now with kids , and have 10 day of free time with them . So it take longer to answer.

HAPPY NEW YEAR . And nice earning and lot of crypto for you.

Happy new year 🎊 I may give it a try to see

Yep I try to register but I can’t create a new wallet.
I tried via my phone and computer but still not access.

I’ll try later today again.

Looks really interesting, is it a sure fire way though? I have tried alot of these and received nothing or so little that it is not worth the time to do.

Its my second project frome them. In first i have earn about 200 $ . So i think in this one i will earn some about the same.
But this is only my thinking. Every one thinks and looks for something thet he likes.

voy a probarlo que se interesante

es bueno probar cosas nuevas, y puede que se adapte a usted y le dará algo de dinero

pero cuando salen lo que he ganado en mi billetera?

lo que recolecte en enero lo obtendrá el 15 de febrero.