CoinSmart - 10 euro bonus for just opening and recharging the account + 10 euro for referral!

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Another way to get extra crypto for investments.
€ 10 in this case, but that's always +10 forward
The CoinSmart exchange is controlled by several financial organizations operating in Canada, the largest of which is FINTRAC (Financial Transactions and Reporting Analysis Center of Canada).

The platform allows you to connect to the Google Authenticator application, which is an additional login security. The exchange is operated by several Canadian banks, which means that the funds deposited with CoinSmart remain in Canada and are protected by the law there. The European branch of CoinSmart is registered in Estonia - a country with very liberal rules for doing business.

CoinSmart prevents break-ins and theft by storing cryptocurrencies in the so-called cold wallets without access to the Internet (cold storage). In this regard, the stock exchange uses the solutions of the BitGo company, which is also responsible for servicing other crypto exchanges and financial platforms.

We create an account from the link: Łaganowski
We are going through the KYC process. Verification takes place within an hour.
The required account top-up to receive the bonus is 100 CAD (Canadian dollars). Converting this amount into euros is around 67 euros. However, to be safe, it is a good idea to round this amount up, for example to 70 or 75 - just to be sure. The bonus will be awarded immediately after the transfer is posted. For me, the transfer came the next day.

The bonus will be paid just for topping up the account. You don't need to buy any cryptocurrency. The condition for receiving the bonus is that your account has to be credited with a minimum amount of CAD 100. Converted to the European currency, it will be less than EUR 68, but it is better to top up the account with a slight increase. If you top up your CoinSmart account via cryptocurrencies - you will not receive a bonus. It must be a payment of a traditional fiat currency, which in our case is the euro.

Withdrawal from the exchange is free, however the minimum withdrawal is € 200. However, there is a way for this, it is enough to convert it to, for example, XLM (very small fee for the withdrawal) and send it to another exchange.

The recommending person gets € 10.

Quick registration process:

After entering the data, a message will be sent to the e-mail address asking for confirmation of the e-mail address.
After clicking the link in the e-mail, your address will be verified, after which you can log in for the first time.

CoinSmart - first login

After logging in, enter your phone number (remember to set the Polish prefix +48) and click Text me to confirm the number with a 5-digit code.

CoinSmart - confirmation of the phone number
The next step is to complete the detailed personal data.
In addition to the address, the form will ask for the industry in which you work and the name of the profession (this is data resulting from the Anti-Money Laundering Act, not a CoinSmart invention).
Here you will also set a security question in case you need to recover your password. Well, do you remember who you kissed for the first time in your life? 😉

CoinSmart - profession and auxiliary question.
CoinSmart - verification process
After clicking Submit, it is time for verification, i.e. known and liked KYC.
So prepare your ID (I recommend driving license), turn on the light in the room, chase the cat away and click Verify Me.
In the first step of verification, select the document with which you want to confirm your data.

CoinSmart - selection of an identity document.
After selecting the document, you can continue the process on the phone (taking photos of the document) or upload photos from the disk.
Personally, I chose a driving license and uploaded photos from disk.
After adding photos and clicking Next, the system will ask you to take a selfie of your face. When you are ready, click I'm ready.
You can do the process with your laptop's webcam or transfer to your phone. The first option worked for me, despite the fact that the webcam in my laptop is not of the highest quality

The system will display instructions for you, including zooming in on the face, as well as moving your head sideways and up / down.

Coinsmart - face selfie
After adding photos of the document and verifying the face, click Next and wait for the verification result.

CoinSmart - verification summary.
For me it took about one minute.

CoinSmart - data verification.
… Then I could go ahead and go to the panel

CoinSmart - verified account
Now you can start topping up your account.
Of course, you can leave this fact for later, but why wait? The sooner you deposit funds, the sooner you will receive the bonus.
I will describe this process in a separate paragraph. It must be admitted that the verification process is very short and friendly.
You will find additional confirmation of correct account verification on the e-mail.

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