DEXter : A Decentralized Exchanges on Tezor

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DEXter, a decentralized exchanges on Tezor been lunch and fully operate.

You may hear that most of exchange, you do not own private key but do not like Decentralized Exchanges or short for "DEX", you are the only one who owns the private keys to your coins, no one can get your coin without the private keys.

Now, you can enjoy spending or earn more of your hard earn Tezor with DEXter.

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I have been write report on Tezor for awhile now and I see this is a future coin to hold.

You can simply earn Tezor by holding coin in wallet and vote for a bank.

Here are some features of DEXter :

  • first announced was in July 2019
  • support only zBTC and USDtz for now
  • fees is 0.3% fee
  • the first exchange that combine of DeFi on Tezos
  • use Magma wallet with Dexter

You can visit DEXter here

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