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RE: Steemit powering down 30M Steem, and still hasn't figured out how to secure their keys

in LeoFinance6 months ago is a nice tool!

Copying the memo keys in the original screenshot, in case anyone Googles them:

  • 5KGpHoNdsWw5yrReRvTmFNiJE2s7sEmbX43JhTsG1MEsoe9HUHi
  • 5JuaMxM6RVgQ5S22HDTt6hdjy2zYBkVByQ2X5spf9LTjcHREzNF

I guess we don't know for sure who sent those funds (i.e. whose exchange account initiated those transfers). But it would be really embarrassing if the administrators of the @steemit account didn't understand the difference between the transaction memo and a private memo key.


Wouldn't be shocking to me, the admins of the Steemit accounts just copy and pasted a bunch of the code from the hive fork to try to use against us lol