Will Bitcoin Boom or Drop? My View on it

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Good morning Everyone, I would love to share my view on the ups and downs on Bitcoin recently. In 2018 there was a rise in bitcoin when we got to March 2018 bitcoin started dropping. it never came up till 2020 Dec- 2021 which means bitcoin took 2 years to shoot back again with a massive number. From my analysis bitcoin might drop again between March-July and it will rise again in 2years later. Right now I can see is dropping but who knows it might shoot up again but we should all know that bitcoin can't maintain it highest rate now till the end of the year and it will surely drop so investor should be on guard to know when to withdraw their savings and keep it for the next drop and purchase more to save for the next boom of Bitcoin. Bitcoin will hit $80,000 in the next 2 years to come. If you think this is a lie just Bookmark this post and Save it somewhere next two years you will see it and search for this post thank you.

Have a Blessed Day God Bless You All.

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