This is just another opportunity to buy more LEO.

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A few hours ago I was fortunate enough to come across a tweet by Fbslo about an incident on wLEO liquidity pool.


Apparently, a loophole allowed an individual(s) to stake wLEO without staking LEO itself.


As you can imagine, this is a big deal.

Nervous trigger fingers are already dumping LEO for Hive to protect their investment as you would imagine.


However, for me this is just a temporary set-back.

Just like Hive, I trust the project and the people in charge of it, which for me means that I should approach LEO with the mindset of an investor.

That means taking the rose with the thorns.

Fortunately, I have been liquidating most of my LEO at higher prices so that I could take advantage of better prices - I wasn't counting on these kind of prices.

I am equally powering down some Hive that I will use to pick up some more LEO.

This incidentally was my plan all along before LEO pumped and I was left holding my balls.

The LEO moon has only been pushed back but I am here for what is coming next.

Let's see what the @leofinance team has to say about the current situation and their ideas on righting the ship.

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I was literally about to click the +add liquidity button on Uniswap yesterday and got distracted; lol.

I have to agree with you, seems like a good time to pick up some LEO and HIVE both are on October sale.

Your spiddy senses were flaring up... :D

LEO is already on the way back up again as I expected. But I am sure there is still a bit of downside left which would allow me to pick a bunch more LEO up for the next pump. Crossing my fingers.

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