How much money is enough money?

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This is a question I find myself asking then and again.

What is that mystery figure that when attained I will retire to some cool, quiet and friendly neighborhood - preferably with a good internet fiber connection - where I can focus on the things that I am most passionate about?


I would love that at some point in my life, I can get on my computer in my mancave, jot a few thoughts down on the Hive blockchain and not have to even consider the return I get from each post.

The freedom that would bring.

I would also love to put up a live stream once in a while of a live football watch along on 3Speak because it something fun I have always wanted to try but I am always working on one thing or the other.

I could definitely do those things right now, especially the latter, but without financial security there is always that nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I should be trying to make the next buck or at least building towards it.

So, what is that number for me?


That is the big number. That is the financial safety net I need.

To some, that is a very small number depending on where you are on this vast globe.

However, for me, this is plenty.

Assuming you have your own home and the only expenses are the various utilities, those expenses hardly cross over $500. I am going to be generous/unrealistic and budget an upper ceiling of $1,000 a month.

That could easily be covered by returns from investments which means I never get to dip my fingers into that safety net unless there is an emergency. You can never legislate for those 100%.

You could say my ambitions are not governed by monetary return, at least as a primary motivation.

That is why I never really understand corrupt individuals. Why would you steal billions and continue stealing just to spend it on fancy cars and a big house only to die and leave all those material things?

Don't get me wrong. I also want to drive that lambo or more accurately a Rolls Royce because I like to think I have a more refined taste (plus the ground clearance is welcome).

My intrinsic motivation, however, is to use my greatest resource, which is my mind, to produce solutions to local problems and eventually global problems as well. That is something greatly lacking in my society.

That is my greatest source of satisfaction, all of which is achievable with that relatively modest safety net that I am building up towards.

What's yours?

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The problem with planning monetary things is, that people tend to forget, that the purchasing power varies greatly, due the built-in inflation. For example a carton of milk cost 60penni 20 years ago. The euro replaced Markka, 1:6. So the price tag would be 10cents. Now a litre of cow mammalial liquid in a shop costs 1 Euro and 20 cents.

So the wages have not increased more than a few % a year, the real inflation is running on tens annually. By that calculation, 100 000$ wont last too long, taking more things into account. BTC for example, was worth 0 back in the day, in the end those are just numbers on a database we give way more attention the inanimate things deserve 😃

The euro replaced Markka, 1:6. So the price tag would be 10cents. Now a litre of cow mammalial liquid in a shop costs 1 Euro and 20 cents.


That is where circumstance and cost of living comes into play.

What if I told you I don't buy milk. I get it straight from our farm once or twice each month. Basically the only thing I spend on in terms of food are cereals which are dirt cheap - and I do mean cheap!

Even considering I am renting, my expenses don't even go above $250 inclusive of rent.

So as a safety net that is adequate for my living situation.

However, that doesn't mean the rest of my money is not working for me and that is where my crypto comes in. There is no way I am holding my country's currency considering the massive commercial loans we have taken. Apparently, the money printer is going brrrrrr in the Central Bank as well.

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So that was just an example, other products have had the same inflatory treatment. Everything is multiple times more expensive for Europeans, than before it was enforced. It is not like a local weirdness, but a statistical fact, a norm as they call it.

The rent too, the banks make big profits on keeping infrastructure expensive in order to claim having some real assets. Not some derivatives, shorts or such, Real Resources. So anyone who has a loan for a house does not own it. One missed payment, and bank claims it.

Debt slavery is more efficient than the old school one, before the slave masters were ordered to provide the basic necessities for the peons. Not anymore!

Exactly. I don't see this spoken about too often.

It is obvious why debt is such a big thing in Europe and the Western world. Everything revolves around it. You can pretty much get anything on credit starting from the education system.

Even before you get gainful employment you are already in debt, interest rates of over 5%, you will probably need a car, then you want a home and you have to get a mortgage.

Similarly countries like mine, Kenya, are indebted now more than before. A vicious cycle that we will probably never get out off due to the corrupt nature of the government which is why crypto is such a big deal over here and more notably in the populous nation of Nigeria.

Crypto is currently my safety net and projects like Hive and Leo alongside my freelance work are the reason why I am confident of a prosperous future.✊

One benefit of the cryptospace is, that communities can have all the economic tools to use for free, without the need of FIAT-currencies. Timebanks and such community exchanges are a way to work outside the old system, Now with tools for local direct democracy etc.

Thats why resource-based solutions are superior, but most just go with the one they are grown up in. A country cannot go bankrupt, so that "debt" is just an excuse to steal more. I had an experience where a "rich" Nordic country Finland was impoverished in few decades, gifting away the natural resources and polluting the waterways.

It is global trade, so the robbers work globally. Same mining companies destroying the nature, same food corporations have all the food, so far we have gone from something remotely intelligent 😄