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RE: 3Speak: An Incredible Sink For Hive

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One thing is not clear for me. If SPEAK is capped, what will happen with the miners when cap will be achieved? Will miners get less effective over time? Or the blocked SPEAK tokens will be deduced from max cap?


I suppose the speak inflation will go down over time similar to bitcoin. However, miners will always be incentivized because there is the extra BROCA fees which will be determined by supply and demand.

To jest dojść ciekawe. I jak będzie jak myślę to zabieram się ostro do roboty. Wreszcie się dzieje bo nie widziałem już potencjału...

I would imagine that, over time, the miners get less effective but those details have not been made clear.

Also, we have no idea when the cap will be reached. Is it 5 years or 150 years?

Few details out at this point, just the general information.

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