Some Good News: WLS Listed in HIVE Engine

in LeoFinance6 months ago


I am pleased to announced that WLS, the token currency of the Whaleshares platform, is now listed in HIVE Engine.

Here's a nice, simple guide to exchange to exchange your HIVE for WLS, or vice-versa:

Whaleshares WLS is now listed in 2 decentralized exchanges: HIVE Engine and Bitshares DEX! Things are looking good. There will be plans for a third exchange listing.

From the moment Whaleshares branched away from its mother platform Steemit, there has been unfair criticism on those who are on Whaleshares. Now we somehow feel vindicated, as good people with nice trust ratings are still posting there.

You can criticize to your heart's content on Whaleshares, as there are no downvotes. Don't like a post there? Then ignore and don't tip it! Its that simple.

Ever heard the story of the The Ugly Duckling?

The shitchain will someday be called a shinechain...