Cards to buy to increase power - The economical way

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Hey splintermaniacs, you may have noticed that the DEC floor was applied in Splinterlands and now we need a certain amount of power to move forward in the leagues.

There are many divided opinions about how this measure affects players and the profits they make from the game. For my part, I believe that while it does cut into our rewards a bit, the measure will positively affect the economics of the game which will ultimately benefit the players.

You may find yourself in the dilemma of wanting to increase the power of your collection but you don't have much to acquire those powerful cards you need to be in the Champion League. Let's suppose you already have some good cards and your deck is somewhat competitive, you just need to increase the power of your collection to advance, then what you need is to buy the cards that generate more power for every penny you invest in it.

In the following tables I show you in an orderly way those cards that generate that power in the most economical way possible, taking into account the different editions, rarities, foils and their lowest market value per BCX.

Summoners to Buy

Kretch TallevorGoldReward1557.38 DEC10000 DEC$6.421$6.421
Talia FirestormGoldBeta1250.0 DEC15000 DEC$12$12
Jarlax the UndeadGoldBeta1224.09 DEC15000 DEC$12.254$12.254
The PeakriderGoldBeta1115.24 DEC75000 DEC$75$67.25
Xander FoxwoodGoldBeta1111.11 DEC15000 DEC$27$13.5
Daria DragonscaleGoldReward1006.71 DEC15000 DEC$14.9$14.9
Kiara LightbringerGoldBeta983.6 DEC15000 DEC$15.25$15.25
Camila SungazerGoldUntamed909.09 DEC50000 DEC$62$55
Plado EmberstormGoldBeta900.9 DEC75000 DEC$105$83.25
Crypt MancerGoldBeta832.4 DEC75000 DEC$90.1$90.1
Delwyn DragonscaleGoldPromo759.87 DEC1500 DEC$2.87$1.974
Chanseus the GreatGoldUntamed728.78 DEC50000 DEC$68.607$68.607
Tyrus PaladiumGoldBeta711.74 DEC3000 DEC$10.5$4.215
Zintar MortalisGoldBeta710.05 DEC3000 DEC$8.75$4.225

Monsters to Buy

Electric EelsRegularPromo1739.13 DEC120 DEC$0.072$0.069
Undead ArcherRegularPromo1739.13 DEC120 DEC$0.072$0.069
Fire SpitterRegularReward1714.28 DEC300 DEC$0.19$0.175
Torhilo the FrozenRegularReward1709.4 DEC200 DEC$0.124$0.117
Spirit ShamanRegularReward1704.54 DEC300 DEC$0.193$0.176
Rusty AndroidRegularReward1666.66 DEC15 DEC$0.016$0.009
BoogeymanRegularReward1666.66 DEC60 DEC$0.038$0.036
Battle OrcaRegularReward1666.66 DEC60 DEC$0.038$0.036
Ettin SpearmanRegularReward1666.66 DEC15 DEC$0.01$0.009
OctopiderRegularReward1666.66 DEC60 DEC$0.039$0.036
Baby UnicornRegularReward1666.66 DEC15 DEC$0.012$0.009
Gelatinous CubeRegularReward1666.66 DEC15 DEC$0.014$0.009
Gremlin BlasterRegularReward1666.66 DEC60 DEC$0.037$0.036
Serpentine MysticRegularReward1666.66 DEC60 DEC$0.039$0.036
Undead RexxGoldReward1666.66 DEC500 DEC$0.319$0.3
Undead MinotaurGoldReward1666.66 DEC750 DEC$0.5$0.45
Frost GiantRegularBeta1650.16 DEC1500 DEC$1.851$0.909
Mermaid HealerRegularPromo1648.35 DEC600 DEC$0.44$0.364
Silvershield BardRegularPromo1643.83 DEC120 DEC$0.073$0.073
Dragonling BowmanRegularPromo1621.62 DEC120 DEC$0.15$0.074
Sniping NarwhalGoldUntamed1612.9 DEC500 DEC$0.32$0.31
Barking SpiderGoldReward1612.9 DEC500 DEC$0.31$0.31
PhantasmGoldReward1612.9 DEC500 DEC$0.31$0.31
Gloridax SoldierRegularReward1600.0 DEC40 DEC$0.025$0.025
Wave RunnerGoldReward1597.44 DEC500 DEC$0.314$0.313
Cursed SlimeballGoldUntamed1587.3 DEC500 DEC$0.315$0.315
Magma TrollGoldUntamed1587.3 DEC500 DEC$0.315$0.315
MaggotsGoldUntamed1577.28 DEC500 DEC$0.317$0.317
Kobold BruiserGoldUntamed1567.39 DEC500 DEC$0.319$0.319
Crystal JaguarGoldUntamed1562.5 DEC500 DEC$0.32$0.32
Orc SergeantGoldUntamed1562.5 DEC500 DEC$0.32$0.32
Captain's GhostGoldReward1562.5 DEC2000 DEC$1.28$1.28
Unicorn MustangGoldUntamed1558.84 DEC2000 DEC$1.283$1.283
Lord of FireRegularPromo1554.4 DEC3000 DEC$1.93$1.93
Dark AstronomerRegularUntamed1538.46 DEC40 DEC$0.027$0.026
Cave SlugGoldUntamed1538.46 DEC500 DEC$0.36$0.325
Nectar QueenGoldReward1538.46 DEC500 DEC$0.325$0.325
Shadowy PresenceRegularReward1538.46 DEC200 DEC$0.13$0.13
EvangelistRegularReward1538.46 DEC200 DEC$0.13$0.13
Silvershield SheriffGoldReward1538.46 DEC2000 DEC$1.3$1.3
Dwarven WizardRegularPromo1534.52 DEC600 DEC$0.494$0.391
Lunakari MistressGoldDice1530.45 DEC10000 DEC$6.534$6.534
Fire ElementalGoldUntamed1519.75 DEC2000 DEC$1.316$1.316
Dragon SpiritGoldDice1517.91 DEC10000 DEC$6.588$6.588
PyromancerGoldReward1515.15 DEC10000 DEC$6.6$6.6
BiceratopsGoldUntamed1515.15 DEC500 DEC$0.33$0.33
Gloridax GuardianRegularUntamed1508.29 DEC1000 DEC$0.69$0.663
Goblin ChariotGoldUntamed1503.75 DEC2000 DEC$1.33$1.33
Highland ArcherRegularReward1500.0 DEC15 DEC$0.014$0.01
HobgoblinRegularReward1500.0 DEC60 DEC$0.06$0.04
Sea GenieRegularReward1500.0 DEC15 DEC$0.018$0.01
Creeping OozeRegularReward1500.0 DEC15 DEC$0.013$0.01
Pirate ArcherRegularReward1500.0 DEC60 DEC$0.089$0.04
Silvershield ArchersGoldReward1500.0 DEC750 DEC$0.52$0.5
Goblin ChefRegularPromo1500.0 DEC30 DEC$0.02$0.02
Minotaur WarlordRegularPromo1500.0 DEC3000 DEC$2.524$2
Molten OgreRegularPromo1500.0 DEC30 DEC$0.028$0.02
Enchanted DefenderRegularPromo1500.0 DEC30 DEC$0.02$0.02
Naga WindmasterGoldReward1500.0 DEC3000 DEC$2$2
Screeching VultureRegularReward1500.0 DEC15 DEC$0.011$0.01
Bone GolemGoldUntamed1493.65 DEC2000 DEC$1.339$1.339
Tortisian FighterGoldUntamed1483.67 DEC500 DEC$0.337$0.337
Giant SquidGoldUntamed1483.67 DEC2000 DEC$1.348$1.348
Centauri MageRegularReward1481.48 DEC40 DEC$0.027$0.027
Luminous EagleGoldUntamed1481.48 DEC2000 DEC$1.35$1.35
Darkest MageGoldUntamed1470.58 DEC10000 DEC$6.8$6.8
Giant ScorpionGoldUntamed1470.58 DEC500 DEC$0.34$0.34
HerbalistGoldUntamed1470.58 DEC500 DEC$0.35$0.34
Silvershield AssassinGoldReward1470.58 DEC3000 DEC$2.05$2.04
Flame MonkeyGoldReward1470.58 DEC500 DEC$0.34$0.34
Fineas RageGoldReward1470.58 DEC2000 DEC$1.36$1.36
PyromaniacGoldUntamed1462.2 DEC10000 DEC$6.839$6.839
Fire DemonGoldBeta1451.65 DEC15000 DEC$12.32$10.333
Divine SorceressRegularReward1449.27 DEC300 DEC$0.34$0.207
Death ElementalGoldUntamed1438.84 DEC2000 DEC$1.39$1.39
Imp BowmanRegularReward1428.57 DEC300 DEC$0.23$0.21
Grim ReaperGoldReward1428.57 DEC2000 DEC$1.4$1.4
Ant MinersGoldReward1428.57 DEC500 DEC$0.35$0.35
Crystal WerewolfRegularReward1428.57 DEC60 DEC$0.05$0.042
Warrior of PeaceRegularReward1428.57 DEC10 DEC$0.011$0.007

How did I get these numbers?

I obtained the market prices by consulting the Splinterlands API through the following link:

Then I divided the burn value in DEC of each card by the lowest price available in the market to obtain the Power*$ of each card.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post & don't hesitate to leave your comment, see you at the game.

Check the Splinterlands battle stats of all the monsters & summoners.

The images used in this post belong to or are inspired by Splinterlands. a TCG game integrated to the HIVE Blockchain.

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Very interesting list of cards to raise your collection power. Keep in mind that you can also rent cards for usually very little money to achieve the same.

You are absolutely right, rentals are the best way to raise power for less cost, but the advantage of owning the cards is that you don't have to constantly pay rent, plus the price of many of these cards are close to the burning value so there are almost no risks, since later you can burn or sell your card and recover the investment.

Good point!

Thank you - this was a great analysis.

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Welcome, I'm glad it's useful to you

Yes, you should continue to do these kind of posts! Its really useful.

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Darthgexe! Hi!
Dude. Great info (and idea).
I've seen a lot of folks worried about just this thing.
And just right at the top there... Kretch clearly undervalued! Whoa.

I like charts. 😂

Thanks @carrieallen, you know I like charts too 😉. Yes, 1500 power per dollar in a summoner is a bargain! I'm thinking about making another similar table but include the win rate of the cards, I haven't decided yet what formula to use.

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