Ranking The Hive Engine Tribes By Market Cap! | Data on trading volume, supply and average prices

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With the success of the LeoFinance token we are starting to see some movements for the other Hive Engine tokens as well. The prices can vary a lot and with the different supply for each of the tribes tokens it nice to have a look at the market cap.


The market cap is a standard metric for ranking tokens. All the coins aggregators like coinmarketcap, coingecko etc. are doing it this way. The thing with the Hive Engine tribes’ tokens is that they are extremely small, some of them can’t even be considered as a real project but more or less just playing around.

In a lot of the cases the token issuer holds a lot of tokens. Because of this its challenging to determine the marketcap. Another extremely important metric is the trading volume. Hive Engine tokens are lagging behind here as well with very low trading volume and liquidity. I have made recently a post about this topic The Growth Of Hive’s Unofficial Second Layer DEX/Engine [Trading Volume].

It is important to note that we are seeing some growth on Hive Engine as for the price of the tokens and in the liquidity as well. It is still far from managing some large volumes but in the past few moths there is an uptrend.

Hive Engine by itself is ranking the tokens by trading volume. The default page for tokens on Hive Engine looks like this.


The above is from the leodex.io, a frontend that runs on top of Hive Engine.

A rank based on the 24H volume. In most of the cases this volume is real, but there are always a few fake tokens on the top. Be careful with these.

As we can see the volume for top tokens is in thousands of dollars. Compared to the millions in volume for the tokens on coinmarketcap we have some room to grow 😊.

If we sort out the tokens by market cap on Hive Engine we will get this at the moment.


Not a lot of know tokens above. The main reason again, a lot of team tokens and no trading volume. Almost all the tokens above don’t have any trading volume or a volume in few dollars. The one exception on the list above is the SPORTS token, but that one is a bit special as well.

The Real Market Cap

To get the real market cap we will be doing the following:

  • Rank the tokens by trading volume
  • Adjust the supply of the tokens (exclude team tokens etc.)
  • Calculate average prices

As mentioned above we will be looking at tribes only. Other tokens, like the game’s tokens DEC, SIM, STARBITS, CBM etc. are not included since for them token market cap does not represent the total project value. Usually the total values of cards collections, or in game assets are needed to estimate the marketcap for the games.

We will use price averages to estimate the marketcap for the tokens. Because of the low volume and volatility we can’t use just a momentary price for the tokens. We will be using 30 days average.

Tokens that we will be looking at are the following:

  1. LEO
  2. PAL
  4. SPT
  5. WEED
  6. STEM
  8. LOTUS
  9. CTP
  10. CCC

These are basically most of the tribes that have some activities yet. They have been around for a year as well. There are some others than the above but we will steak to these for now.

Trading volume

Here is the chart for the trading volume for the period Oct 16, to Nov 16, 2020.


The table:

Token30 Days Volume [$]

As we can see LEO is dominating here with 70k USD trading volume in the period. On average this is just above 2k USD daily. The second on the list is the SPORTS token with almost 2k volume for the period. This is a difference of 35X to LEO. Next is PAL with 1.7k and then the other tokens with bellow 1k USD trading volume for 30 days.

The average HIVE price for the period is $0.127.


As mentioned in some cases there is a lot of team/projects tokens. This can offset the marketcap by a lot. Also, there are burned tokens in the null account that need to be excluded.

Here is the table for the initial and adjusted supply.

TokenStarting SupplyAdjusted Supply

All the tokens to null have been excluded from the adjusted supply. The team and projects tokens as well. For example for SPORTS the first two accounts from the richlist are excluded https://leodex.io/richlist/SPORTS, the null accounts as well.

Note on the LOTUS and CCC token, there was some inconsistency in the data on the hive engine, probably due to a bug, so these numbers might not be accurate.


The price of these tokens can vary a lot. For this purpose, we will be calculating an average price for the period above.

Here is the table:

TokenPrice [HIVE]

The prices above are in HIVE for better context. Although when calculating the Market Cap, we will convert these price in dollar value.

Market Cap

Now that we have the adjusted supply and average prices, we can calculate the market cap.


The table:

TokenMarket Cap [$]

LEO is obviously dominant on the top with around 1M USD marketcap.
On the second place is PAL, with $44k MC, followed closely from SPORTS with 38k. The tokens on the bottom are around 15k USD.

A 15k to 45k USD market cap is almost nonexistent. Even for an experimentational tokens at least a 100k in MC is needed. A 1M market cap for a project to be taken a bit more seriously. If even one of the above, except LEO is about to get to a 1M market cap that will be a 20X to 50X move in price. A move to 200k market cap is still a multiple increase in the price for these tokens. Hope some of them find the way there 😊 and stay on those levels.

All the best

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LEO is a beast 🙌🏽

Makes me reminisce on the days of $600k marketcap JAHM 😫 however, in my humble honest opinion (and speculation/FOMO on Hive merchants and websites using HivePay.io)...

CTP is the gem 💎 here.


The only activity in terms of development I've seen from any of those other tokens I think is WEED - everything else are just hiveblog repeat platforms unless I'm mistaken.

I feel like it's a weird place to be in right now - BTC pumping, Hive dead in the water, LEO doing great.

Anything could happen to those Tribe tokens! It wouldn't take much to pump them.

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I think a lot of them have some development, just not at some fast paste.

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WEED is doing quite well and the community remains active and close. Definitely a token to look into.

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This clearly shows that leofinance is light years apart from most hive native communities. I will honestly love to see other tribes give leo a run for its money. Thanks for the info

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You are welcome!

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I will honestly love to see other tribes give leo a run for its money.

This would be great.

I also would like 3 or 4 communities pushing a $1 million market cap.

It is exciting to think of what this place would be like if that happened. Look at the numbers, it was be a many times X for all of them.

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Leo has done things right by keeping the community together.

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To be honest, I'm not following the market, except for LEO, so it's nice to see some statistics. Go LEO GO! And thanks @dalz!

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Very interesting information! LEO is definitely on the lead here. I have been thinking that it would be great if the LeoFinance team could share some tips or maybe there is some sort of Open Source software or code that could help grow tribes like STEMGeeks, FOODIE, or others out there to grow.

The basic idea is this: LeoFinance has already made great progress, and they have built a road, this road can be a trail for other tribes to follow and it could be just tips and information. If we had 5 or 7 tribes as cool and big as LeoFinance Hive would definitely grow into a stronger platform. Maybe all this is already planned and I know it's a ton of work.

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It can for sure serve as an inspiration. About the dev tools cant tell for sure, but others can do something similar for sure.

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Leofinance is already the proof of concept as I stated somewhere else. It showed what is possible. Now it is up to the other tribes to do their thing. Some of what LEO did will apply, some will not.

Sadly, I see development lacking on most of the tribes. I understand it is an expensive proposition and not all are able to do it. That is slowing things down in my opinion.

Yes open source tools will help but not all that Leo is doing applies. After all, they build their own website from the ground up. Thus any plugins or features will not apply to the tribes which are still built based upon Steemit Inc.

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Oh I see! So it will really is on the tribes leaders hands. They will have to be proactive and see what they can use from LEO. I also think that this will need a lot of work and investment but it kinda seems like an exciting adventure. I'm in no position to do something like this atm but I'll think of ideas that I could share with someone who might be able to do it. I think that besides an interesting niche or topic a team is needed: a marketer, developer, investor, content creator, community manager and of course lots of users who are committed.

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Well it is up to the communities to determine their focus. On leo, there is obviously Khal heading things and them some others with influence. We are all focusing in different directions. For example, we decided that engagement is important since so many are posting.

This is a direction we chose. Other tribes need to follow suit going in the directions they feel best.

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I think that engagement is a great choice, this way everyone wins! LeoFinance site gets more ad revenue, posters get more comments and commentors have a chance to earn extra LEO. I fell that ads here are not intrusive, they are well-placed and relatable.

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What you describe is the simple exponential concept. Each builds into something else which means the impact of the original activity is magnified.

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Leo has a huge advantage as it is a common interest of everyone here. Other topics are a small subset of a tiny user base.

For example, STEM is a massive industry but we have very few interested on Hive.

The only solution is onboarding and no one has figured how to do that well.

I've been eyeing STEM for some time but LEO and SPORTS wouldn't give me space. The academic community should be the target for STEM. When schools resume, I'll begin to include STEM in my
HIVE project marketing list. I hope I'll earn the community's support.

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only one day later. a lot of activity in the last few days. I assume the data is a day or two old?


The price of these tokens can vary a lot. For this purpose, we will be calculating an average price for the period above.

Its an average price for the Oct 16 to Nov 16. The STEM average is 0.076

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Got it. Thanks.

Btw... love that stem pump :)

me too, I'm hoping we can see 0.500 in the near future.

The price ran before my buy was filled. 😣

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Leo definitely dominant by an incomparable margin. I think the other tribes will do well if they find out what works for them

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Yep, copy paste works only for starters. Everyone should find their unique way.

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Exactly that's what I feel tool would take time but eventually these tribes will come good.

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Interesting read, was not aware Leo is that dominant in basically all relevant metrics. Let's see if any of the other tokens will be able to follow in its tracks...

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Hope for more to follow the LEO way :)

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They might pump but what is really behind them is the question?

The challenge I see with a lot of the tribes is nothing is really happening in terms of development. They are basically the same as they were a year ago.

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That's exactly true - not wanting to throw dirt at any one token, but if they don't offer anything beyond additional rewards for using their tag then there's no point in ever holding them other then for mere speculation.

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Absolutely agree with you. If there is nothing happen, why use the token other than for scalping a bit more money.

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Great run through of all the tokens, those are pretty much all the ones I know about as they've been around the longest so have seen various posts from them. I think there's some collaborations going on between different groups to help augment each others token economics and learn from everyone what the best approach is, which is great to see!

Thanks for putting the charts and data together!

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Thanks for the nice words!
I think they will inspire each other so to speak :)

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Yes I think so too. This is all about collaboration in my view so the more talented brains working together to build awesome worthwhile things, the better!

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We need 5-10 tribes replicating what LEO is doing.

Leofinance is the proof of concept, now it is up to the others to follow.

There is a lot of potential in some of these tribes yet few are doing anything. Hopefully that changes soon.

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There is work to be done!

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We need 5-10 tribes replicating what LEO is doing.

Hopefully, this will happen in the near future. The communities are now waking up to responsibility. Let's wait to see how Q1 2021 would unravel.

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Thanks for the analysis! Really does show how there is nobody else doing anything even near LEO... my money is on STEMGeeks to be the next one that might make a move, but I have no idea how far it could go.

Clearly, there is a lot of room for growth, there.

Maybe what we're also seeing is that it takes a lot of people with a lot of enthusiasm to get anything moving.


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LEO is currently the only Tribe that has made incredible developments in the useful months and today it is the only token, together with DEC, to be active on the Hive-Engine market.

I hope for a redemption of Sports, Palnet and Stem but without developments or ideas, unfortunately, they will not be able to change the current market situation much.

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What happened to DEC?

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This is a crying shame..It's probably what about 600 or more tokens on that exchange and most can't even do a buck a day in trade volume.

Now whereas Bitcoin MYK, has had good trade volume days alot of the focus now is more focus on growth and accounts than the market but we plan to turn our attention back there in phase 2. We now have over 6500 registrants and we believe market liquidity will eventually catch up as many of our registrants are newly onboarded to crypto and we expect a period of learning..

To be fair to some of those tribes they are much too niche. Which to me makes no sense just do everything in a general format. These tribes all have the same capabilities so i don't think niche markets are going to work for them at all.

Just be general and categorize your own groups through tags. Btcmyk not interested in being a tribe but i'm pretty confident we'll catch up to the market volume eventually.

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Hive tribes with token have their fans.Leo is leading ib all aspects. Will other tokens surpass leo

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SPORTS was a real surprise. I think I had few. Never thought much of it. I'm not interested in athletic stuff. LEO is my biggest stake of them all.

BTW have you taken a look at EPC. It's been paying good dividends for me for a long long time. It's probably the most underrated H-E Token. The ROI I got from EPC is huge.

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on a serious not i didn't know we had that many tokens!

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LEO is completely dominating the field! WEED is coming up rather quickly, I'm hopeful! Waiting on some great news and updates from these tribes.

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Very interesting stats. Good to see the struggling SPORTS secure a relevant spot in the ranking. It's really awesome. We all know that LEO would always take the lead. Good to also see CCC and CTP in the list.

Great work!

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