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RE: 1M STEM to be burned

in LeoFinance6 months ago

STEM is running out of supply :)


People underestimate how scarce STEM is, the price certainly doesn't reflect it. The inflation is the lowest around and the burns are the highest. The rewards go to the right people and are not abused. In my opinion, our biggest weakness is we need more good authors that care about STEM.

Speaking of supply, I have been considering Wrapped STEM for a while now, but we only have about 400K tokens that can be wrapped without people powering down.

It would have been a lot more easier if we had these type of AMMs on Hive.
Each token can provide incentives for LPs on the native blockchain without to much of a hassle, that can be used to build communities easier.

With the ETH fees as they are at the moment, making small transactions doesn't make sense.

I really hope we will get those smart contract soon, even though people say things we will compete with ETH or others. I think we would be surprised by the use of it. Hive will still be social at its core, but each community can play around with tokenomics with smart contracts, and with Uniswap like platform that can grow even faster.

About the liquid coins, people will power down, just give them enough time