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RE: 3Speak: An Incredible Sink For Hive

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Just posted on the topic as well :)
In my view this will be a long term project, years in the making....
But any serious project takes time.
How much hive can this network lock, depends on the price of the tokens. If hive has lower price and speak, high then a lot of hive ... if the hive price is high, not much.

We can see this in a way with leo .... the leo.voter that is rewarding leo for hp delegations, has more than 2M hive now... that in a way is locked hive from leo for resource credits

Anyways it is great to see thigs like this.


That is per token. However, if there is a lot of SPEAK flowing through the system and people are active on the platform, posting tons of videos, then we will see a great deal more eaten up.

Hard to speculate without the details but it seems the idea is to game it so SPEAK increases at a quicker rate than HIVE, at least in theory. Markets can always do their own thing but it makes sense if the supply of in circulation is continually reducing as time goes by.

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