Number of Hive Active Accounts by Different Operations | Posting, Curating, Transfers and Custom JSON Operations

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How many active accounts the Hive blockchain actually has?
We have all hear the number on the users posting, with some speculation like 3k daily, 10k monthly etc.
But as we know the Hive blockchain is a complex system with more ways for interacting with the blockchain. Second layer solutions are taking over, step by step.


Top Four Hive Operations

In the good old Bitcoin days, users or wallet addresses were able to do only one thing on the blockchain: Transfers coins.

On the Hive blockchain, users can do a lot more than just transfer coins:

  • Post and comment
  • Vote/Curate
  • Transfer coins
  • Make Custom JSON transactions

Apart from the above, reading, or page views, is also a crucial part of this ecosystem, but this type of operation is not stored on the blockchain. There is some general traffic websites that can be used for this, like

Here we will be looking at the number of active accounts by the operations stated above for the period from April 1st till October 16 , 2020. Hive was created at the end of March, so this period will cover the activities in its exitance.

We will be looking at the number of DAU (daily active users) and the number of MAU (monthly active users).

Number of Accounts that Posts or Comment

First let’s take a look at the number of accounts that are posting on the blockchain, as one of the core operations.


The above is the chart for DAU, for accounts making posts or comments on the blockchain.
We can see that after the hardfork the number if accounts posing daily is somewhere around 2800, than its went up (hint the price also did at that time), to almost 4k. Afterwards we can see a slow decline in the number of accounts posting and it the last period it dropped bellow 3k.

Later we see the MAU stats for the accounts that are posting and commenting.

Number of Account that Vote/Curate

How about then number of accounts that vote. What is their number? After all the voting feature on the blockchain is at its core. Rewards are distributed via votes.
Here is the chart.


The number of unique daily accounts that vote is higher than the number of accounts that post or comment. Since the creation of the blockhain its almost constant between 10 and 12k per day.

Not sure what these up and down pattern is 😊.

Number of Accounts That are Making Transfers

What about the basic crypto activity? Transferring value. How many users are making daily transactions? Here is the chart.


The number of accounts making transfers started with around 600, then it spiked, along with the price spike at the time. Afterwards it has been around 1000 accounts per day.

Number of Accounts That are Making Custom JSON Operations

The custom JSON activity has been on a rise on the blockchain, mainly because of the games using this functionality.


This is an interesting chart. We can see that the blockchain started with around 3k accounts making these transactions per day. Then a sharp increase to a 10k This is mainly because of the Splinterlands transition from Steem to Hive I June 2020.

Number of monthly active accounts [MAU]

What about monthly active accounts? Not everyone is making daily activities. Monthly active accounts can be a more accurate representation. Here is the chart.


These numbers are compiled from the top 4 activities described above.
As we can see the number of Hive MAU started with around 24k, then it went up to almost 35k in June 2020. Afterwards a small decline to around 32k

The table:


What about posting. How many monthly active accounts post and comment on a monthly basis.


The number of accounts posting, and commenting has been around 10k. Started a bit less than that, went up to more than 11k in June, and a decline in the last month bellow 10k again.

The table:

MonthAccounts that post

If we compare these numbers with the numbers of overall active accounts that we can see a difference from around 20k. This means that there is 20k more accounts that are not posting and commenting but are making other transactions on the blockchain, like curating only or making custom json transactions (gaming).


Since the main dApp build on the Hive blockchain is a blogging platform the obvious question is how many readers it has. The numbers presented above are about authors, curators, gamers, etc… users that actually interact with the blockchain with some action.

The number of readers is not stored on the blockchain. The interesting thing is that there is more than one frontend to the blockchain, no there is no one single point of entrance to count.
According to the web has around 122k unique daily visitors. has around 63.5k. The other interfaces and tribes have some more. Some of them may overlap but I would give a rough estimate of 150k daily overall daily visitors. Have in mind this is very rough estimate.

At end I would also like to note that the user base above is highly engage and active. Not just a crypto telegram group with 50k members 😊.

All the best

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Niceee, people are active thats great, are a statistic how many new users sign up daily?

Hopefully the post about that in a few months will be heavy Leofinance.

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I think I might be lowering my expectations for Hive. Now I see stability as a good thing!

I'm sure I used to interpret that as stagnation.

Now I'm just relieved we've stopped regressing!

There seems to be stability in terms of activity and users. Price not as much :)

Tell me about it - the inflation rate was set to accommodate a steady increase in users all powering up a think - now it looks like we're heading back down to 10 cents!

I wonder what the bottom will be!?

Thank God for Leo.

very interesting! I was wondering how many active users were on HIVE. I see you've included a link to sing-up numbers in the comments. Very insightful data.


Wow 150K visitors to the chain on a daily basis?

That seems is a level I would never have guessed but I am sure your research is sound as always.

The jump to 1M isnt really that big a move when you think about it.

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I'm just checking hypestats :)


Not sure how accurate this is ...

Is that based on unique IP addresses? If so, it is possible there are more users than that if many of us are using the same VPN services.

Cant tell how hypestats count them ...

That's some staggering stats there with hive, I think we should be having even better output with such a stats on a daily basis.even better turn out in terms of prices

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According to the web has around 122k unique daily visitors. has around 63.5k. The other interfaces and tribes have some more. Some of them may overlap but I would give a rough estimate of 150k daily overall daily visitors. Have in mind this is very rough estimate.

I was surprised to hear this. I'm very happy to hear that the statistics are this good. I have been following @penguinpablo for a long time. So I knew about the blockchain activity. Just imagine having even a fraction of those visitors being converted into users. Thank you for sharing this good news!

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This is great. I knew hive active user are much but I never knew we are this much. Though, we are still hoping to grow higher more.

How hive influence crypto spacs. 122 k unique visitors are very effective as a cryptocampaign.

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One funny observation. Number of account that Vote / Curate more than 3 times bigger accounts that Posts or Comment.

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Actually I think the number of curators should be much more bigger than the number account that post or comment.
The audience is always bigger than the performers!

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Great statistics! Will be interesting to see them next week with the new MetaMask login enabled.

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