New ACTIVE Hive Accounts By dApp and Activity | How are the new accounts engaging on the Hive blockchain?

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We will be looking at the number of new accounts created since the inception of the Hive blockchain, who created the accounts and what type of activity the new accounts are making on the blockchain.

Hive is evolving and we are seeing gaming is taking a larger part of the activity here.


Since Hive is evolving and gaming is taking a much larger part of it, it would be interesting to see what these new accounts are doing.

How many of them are gaming, how many postings, or maybe both?

What if they didn’t post at all? What share of the accounts started gaming only? Maybe the joined to paly Splinterlands, or CryptoBrewMaster, or some of the other Hive games?

Let’s take a look!

Number of accounts created

Here is the chart for the overall accounts created in the period.


Almost 50k accounts were created since the creation of the Hive blockchain!

We can see that in the last period, somewhere from October the numbers of accounts created per day has dropped a bit. This is mostly because of Splinterlands that have slowed down in the creation of new accounts in the last period.

There was a peak in the new accounts created by day at the end of May 2020, reaching 400 accounts per day, then a slow drop to around 200 account per day. In the last period the average is 100 accounts per day.

The monthly chart for new accounts looks like this.


The record high was in June with almost 9k accounts created per month. A drop afterwards to 5k to 6k per month.

Who created the accounts?

Below is a chart for the account creators.

The chart is for the last 30 days, Oct 21-Nov 21.

As we can see, theycallmedan and 3Speak are creating most of the accounts in the last period. Next is tipu, that creates accounts for the Splinterlands, esteem and steem.leo (LeoFinance) on the top as well. LeoFinance is appearing for time in these reports as they are working towards onboarding. At the end @edicted has been busy creating accounts as well 😊.

As mentioned, the chart is for the last period only. Overall, since the creation of the Hive blockchain, Splinterlans has created the most of the accounts with more than 12k, the esteemapp (ecency) around 10k and tipu with almost 6k.

What are the new active accounts doing on the blockchain?

As mentioned above, posting is no longer the only option on the blockchain. The new accounts can play various games on Hive as well, without engaging in posting at all.

Here are type of operations the new accounts have made.


As we can see a lot of accounts remain inactive. A 46% of the accounts created in the last 30 days haven’t made any type of operation. The second on the list are the accounts that made a custom json operation, indicating a gaming activity. Then comes the post and json operation and post only. Transfers and combination of them are further down the list.

Interesting that share of the accounts that started to curate/vote is very small. The number of accounts that made a vote operation combined with all the other type of operation is just around 100. This indicates that the curation on the blockchain is done by the already existing accounts. Compared to the 1000+ accounts that started posting this number is much smaller. Meaning more accounts are coming in for the author rewards, then the curation rewards.

The overall conclusion from the above is that new influx of users is coming more from the gaming category than blogging. Splinterlands is dominant in the gaming sector and with these with the overall onboarding of new active users on Hive.

There is significant number of new active accounts that started gaming and blogging at the same time. This is a very attractive aspect of the Hive blockchain. We all know gaming is huge on social media. Looks like Hive is heading this way. Also a lot of the new accounts are posting more and curating less.

All the best

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Interesting analysis ... Good to see what is attracting new people. From here other steps can be thought of.

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Some of the 46% might be actual users. I think I've registered some tens of accounts just to save the account name, either for giving/sale or for different projects that I have/had in mind.

Hive is not a blogging platform anymore and it is good like that, as it attracts different people from different fields. Gaming is one of the industries growing at a fast pace, so why not have the gamer in here.

Cool analysis! Thanks

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Yep gaming is taking a big chunk from Hive activity. Also as already said gaming and blogging works well :)

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That's unfortunate.

Are bots 'playing' these games? I'm not interested in any of them so I don't really know what's happening with them.

Well I cant realy tell ... but there is some human activity there as well. Also playing a game is much easier activity then bloging ... not a fair comparison :)

Blogging isn't what I'm looking at. No new blog consumers by the looks of things. Maybe viewers, quiet participants. Even as we branch off into second layer tokens, still no attention paid to attracting paying consumers?

Its just the incentives.
What is incetized that will happen.
At the moment outsiders cant come and earn just for voting. They need to buy a stake. So the voting/consuming is up to the curent user base and the creating content to the new comers.

It should be the oposit. But then how to incetivize outsider to vote/curate and leave a comment or two without a stake?

On average consumers spend 7.5 hours daily consuming content, for free. Earning even a small amount is 100% more than they'd typically earn nearly every place else. I wrote a bit more about consumers today. Pointing out their role and encouraging randoms to purchase stake in small amounts is something I'm growing bored of talking about...

Meant to place the post in the LEO section but spaced out and forgot.

Most people are more interested in gaming because, they want to have fun. Blogging to get earning is not interesting because when new users do not earn good income they will leave In gaming though no earning that significant they will stay for fun

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Quite interesting data and yes even add me on the active list as i am getting back again to build some engagement and activities on this platform.

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the number of accounts that get into splinterlands and start using the social part of the blockchain is really really small. few days ago when i looked at the numbers it was something like 400 created and of those 20 voted or commented.

How do you check for JSON actions? I tried all kind of frankenstein code (all my code is frankenstein) but nothing was giving me the results i wanted.

I just use arcange sql, get all the accounts that made json operation for a time period and then match them with the new accounts

tried that but from my understanding json operation is in the other table and i probably missed something in the code, because i was getting some weird results.

There is two typea of posting autorities, I combine those as well.

i started looking at it just few weeks ago so i struggle to understand where is what, and what is what (especially for things that are not obvious :) ). Especially is considered that it is my first time using SQL

@dalz, Non gaming aspects are also turning into Gamification aspects. Stay blessed.


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The overall conclusion from the above is that new influx of users is coming more from the gaming category than blogging.

This shows the transformation of the blockchain. To think this is about blogging anymore is misguided. Gaming is taking over, although that is not squeezing blogging out. There is plenty of room for all on Hive.

As we can see, theycallmedan and 3Speak are creating most of the accounts in the last period.

Makes you wonder what they are up to? With the videos they put out, we know there are changes. Now we see they are opening up a lot of accounts.

It will be interesting to see how that all ties in.

A 46% of the accounts created in the last 30 days haven’t made any type of operation.

I can live with that "bounce" rate. Most sign up for stuff and never do anything. I do not believe that Hive's retention rate is any lower than the rest of the Internet, just that the numbers are much smaller.

Meaning more accounts are coming in for the author rewards, then the curation rewards.

Is this a surprise? New people aren't likely to sign up for curation since they have little to no stake. We also are targeting displayed content creators from other platforms who were censored. They are likely to keep creating content and not interact so much with the community.

Overall, another great report. Things are growing, albeit slowly.

It is good to get a statistical perspective of how things are going over different periods of time.

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Gaming and bloging seems to be a good combination :)

The 46% share not doing nothing is acctualy great. In the steem days this number was 80% plus .... mostly becouse Steemit Inc artificialy creating accounts.

New accohnts posting more and not curating is understandable.

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I think it is time for another one of your transaction reports. I like when you break out the activity by JSON, posting, etc.

It really tells a big part of the story and how things are shifting.

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A 46% of the accounts created in the last 30 days haven’t made any type of operation.

Agreeing with taskmaster, bounce rate is fine. I would be more interested to hear from 3speak how much they pay on average for an account sign-up (is there advertisement, influencer marketing etc?) and how much they earn from their affiliates. eg. is it sustainable for 3speak? @theycallmedan @threespeak

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gaming is potentially a gateway to HIVE although gamers don't know anything about Hive and probably don't know what they can do on HIVE for this reason they remain inactive

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@theycallmedan basically creating 50% of all accounts. Crazy dude, WP!

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