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Gaming is becoming more and more popular on Hive. There are more games coming up and more posts about gaming as well 😊.

Let’s take a look at the number of active accounts by game and in general.


In recent analysis about activities and new signups it is noticeable that the gaming side of the blockchain keeps on growing. Until recently Spliterlands was the main reason behind this, but now we have more games around.

The gaming activity/transactions can vary a lot depending on the specifics of each game. Some games like Splinterlands require a lot of activity and others like dCity don’t require activities and are quite idle. Analyzing the activities only by number of transactions might not show the real picture.

Because of this we will try to look in the number of daily active players, not just transactions. The number of monthly active players will be presented as well.

The period that we will be looking at here is June 1st to November 28th, 2020.

Previous posts for context:

One thing that is noticeable from the posts above is the rise of the custom json transactions. These transactions are usually used for gaming activity. Here we will dig into them and allocate the individual gaming transactions and accounts making them.


The chart for Splinterlands active players looks like this.


Splinterlands has more than 5k active players in the period. The number has been pretty stable reaching 6k on occasions.

Crypto Brew Master

The chart for Crypto Brew Master looks like this:


Crypto Brew Master started in mid July this year. The numbers have grown fast in the beginning reaching almost 1500 active daily players. Afterwards the numbers dropped, and they are now around 800 active daily players. Not bad for such a young project.



dCity is a bit special in terms of active players. The only activity dCity players do is buying/selling cards. To get the numbers for active players I have been looking in the players buying from the house and players buying on the market.
We can see an increase in the daily active players in the last month, growing from under 200 to 250.

The numbers for active players in dCity might be more accurate if we look at the monthly active users, since not all the players are making daily transactions. The numbers for this will be presented bellow.


Another game that recently launched on the Hive blockchain. Here is the chart.


Rabona started its journey in September and has reached more than 200 active players. The numbers have been steady since then.



Hollybread has been around for a while. The numbers of active players seem to dropped a bit in the period from 130 to under a 100.



Exode has a small number of daily active players, under 10. There is a spike in the last days though.

Rising Star

Rising star is another Hive game, but players activity is not recorded on the blockchain so I couldn’t get data for active players. The discord server has around 550 members. From what I have seen in other games, the number of discord members can be a bit higher than the daily active ones, so Rising Star is probably somewhere around few hundreds active daily players.

All games

When we plot all the above, we get this.


Obviously Splinterlands is leading by a lot. This is expected since they are ranked as number one dapp in all crypto according to state of dapps.

Still if we look a year back all the other games were not around or just few experimenting. We now have a few that are already established and growing.
dCity is showing a signs of strong growth.

Monthly Active Players [MAU]

The number of monthly active players is probably a better metric to track active users. Here is the chart for the games above.


Splinterlands comes on the top again with more than 8k active players. Crypto Brew Master is on the second place with 1300, followed by dCity with almost 700.

If we combine all the above, we get somewhere around 10k monthly active gamers on the Hive blockchain. Compared to the around 3.5k accounts that are posting the number is x3 bigger. There are now more gamers than bloggers on the Hive blockchain.

Although comparing blogging to game activity is not a totally fair comparison, since writing a post in most cases requires much more effort than clicking a few buttons for a game.

Note: There are more games than the Hive blockchain than the ones presented here. These are just some of the most notable ones.

The gambling apps also have some activity, but I plan do to a separate report for this category.

All the best!

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Seems to be a bit flat to me. Like the Hive price.

No evidence of take-off from these stats. I hope we get some more activity soon.

I'd be really worried if I'd have just spent $8000 on land in Splinterlands based on those stats. Where are all the new users?!?

I'm really beginning to wonder what it's going to take to turn this around!

I'm hoping my saying this is going to mean the turning point - you know where BTC moons and everyone suddenly fomos into crypt gaming!

Come on people, prove my doubts wrong!

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Its not exactly flat. Two new games have been launched in the last few months. CBM and Rabona.
These two are now doing quite well... waiting for more to come from them.

Alos dCity has been killing it in the last month! How long are you going to keep ignoring it :)

I've tried all of those - CBM I'm quite a fan of, I met rollie at SF4 nice bloke, Rabona just looks too full on!

Dcity I tried ages ago, I found it a bit anxiety inducing TBH so I sold everything, besides it just seems to be LEO and Monster whales competing for the top slots.

Nothing is screaming 'more users coming in'.

NB I still think Hive is going to grow and games will play their part, but the hard data isn't suggesting we've started moving yet, we're still very much in the 'faith zone'.

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I've tried all of those -

Avid Hiver :)

About dCity.... you don't need to compete for the ranking board, that one only make sense for Hive rewards, that are not much overall. The real rewards come in from of the SIM income, that is totally controlled by you, regardless of the ranking and when you started. In the beginning I was ranked in the top 20 and had 1000 SIM income per day, now I'm 150 + rank and have 7000 SIM income per day :)

Anyway enough shilling dCity from me ... there are always risk and personal preference :)

Good luck to you, but as you say - it really is just personal preference, not my kind of game!

And you can't play them all anyway.

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This has been the year of the Hive gamer. Even game hating old farts like me are mad for dcity and Rising Star.

There HAS to be some serious, qualified and experienced marketing and SEO folks on this chain who could form a little team, get some serious DAO funding and take the whole chain and the games to the next level by bringing in new people.
Especially dcity, it appeals to a certain demographic but a perfect demographic to convince to come on board.

The funding is there for the right team and support from the community, I sometimes think that the chain is actually 'afraid' of mass adoption!

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I was surprised by the number of exode players, I didn’t know there were few players, I’ve already tested all of this list except exode

Some of these games I wanted to play, but I don't have free time for that. =/

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I would say those are quite painful numbers, especially for Exode. Splinterlands is just flat with all the bots continuing to grind away at the rewards while for each new player that comes in another one seems to give up. I guess the main target audience for these games is people who want to crypto-reward-farm which is also the only target audience they are marketed toward. They really should start putting more effort in making the game more fun while targetting real gamers. This market is so huge.

Thanks for the stats!

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They really should start putting more effort in making the game more fun while targetting real gamers.

People behavior changes a lot when there are financial rewards in the game. Its not just a game for fun anymore.

Quite interesting data. I did not realized that Exode got so few players. And overall the numbers are not that big.

I guest, after playing games with millions of users, seems small.

The main question is, why are not blockchain games as successful as other games? My hypothesis is that blockchain games player play for profit, not for pleasure, and the games are oriented towards making money more than to making the experience fair and pleasurable.

Its tricky when financial rewards are implemented in games.

The numbers are not that big because of the state of the entire crypto gaming industry. Its very new. Splinterlands has the highest numbers in all blockchain games. Not just Hive.

Yes, i did increase my account in one month on Splinterlands from zero to 172$. We will see what is next.

Hive is the ideal blockchain for developing Dapps.

The gaming sector is doing very well as it does not know the financial crisis, indeed in recent months the sector has increased its turnover by several billion dollars

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Yep, gaming has a huge potential and Hive seems to be heading in that direction. Even without native tokens and native smart platform.

I haven't explored DCity, Exode, Hollybread, and Crypto Brew Master. Yet with Rabona, I find it amazing.

The developers were also friendly and visionary. As a football fan, I'll probably be sticking with Rabona for a few days as I'm exploring other Dapps.

Rabona is very interesting for sure.

Yep Rabona is of to a good start! I'm playing it as well. A lot of football fans out there.

@dalz your information are authentic all is going same what you explain

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dalz what you think about

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What exactly about it?
They have been around for a long time and have been moving forward with a slow pace :)
But overall they have a nice tokenomics, just needs some promotion and integration with more projects and communities.... or they can be like they are ... works just fine as well

yes you are right @dalz .
there is a big risk in Gambling game we all should avoid ;)

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I didnt said that :)

any way its okey let it go

Dapp games capturing a good amount of users... if I talk about myself also then My splinterlands account is worth more the Hive account... lol

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A lot of potential in crypto gaming :)

When there is a reaction rate based shooter ill be playing, but if my reflexes can't give me an advantage I won't play that game because there is no competitive value to me in gaming if not reaction rated based in a competitive arena with well defined conditions.

Hmm ... wonder how that will look like ... any examples?

Gears of War is a non first person shooter reaction based game.

There is a lot of FPS games like this, call of duty is very popular.

Oh you mean about those :)
Well I hope we get something like this soon around here.

Something where less than 10 milliseconds will make the difference if you win or loose, my mind can pace with that, and thats why I win. I like it when the game falls apart if you loose focus, there should be penalties for loss of focus

It could be very nice but if your internet sucks at speed you have a problem.

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Yeah pretty much lol my life every time I get lag, the competitive factor is also gone.

It is very interesting to see how more and more people are joining the blockchain in one way or another.

And I would like to know more about that dcity, I have seen it but I thought it was a play store game.

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Here you go :)

Hive gaming is a movement in itself and beside the game itself I see it also as a way to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. There is a lot of potential in this space that is lead by Splinterlands. I just wished the other would see the model and try to develop other games the same, but not quite.

On the other hand I am thinking of making a new game on Hive blockchain, I am in the phase of making a powerpoint of the concept and presenting it to the team. If I succeed to onboard the developers hopefully a new hive game will be born!

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Nice! Hoppe you do it!



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