Decentralized Hive Fund Report | Overall Payouts, Workers Payouts

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Ever since the creation of Hive,, March 21, 2020 the development of the platform is being funded by the Decentralized Hive Fund or DHF in short. This fund now has even more important role since there is no central entity for development and all the funding is being done by this method.


The DHF concept is great. A part of the inflation, 10% in this case goes to the fund. Proposals are being made by the community members and afterwards they are voted. If the proposal is above the threshold is being funded on a daily basis.

Here we will be looking into the DHF payouts for the period between March 21 and June 16, 2020.

This is the period for the Hive blockchain exitance. Almost 3 months now 😊.

Overall Payouts

As mentioned above a project is being funded if it is above the return threshold. All the excess funds are returned to the DHF fund, and keeps growing its balance.


The daily maximum budget that can be payout from the DHF is 10% from its total balance. At the moment there is around 500k HBD in the DHF so the maximum daily payouts are 5000 HBD.
This balance doesn’t include the HIVE tokens that are in the DHF. Those need to be converted into HBD, if payments are going to be made from them.

The current threshold for funding projects is around 21M HP. If a proposal is being voted with more than 21M HP in total it starts receiving funds.

The DHF fund started with around 1500 HBD daily payouts, then dropped to around 1000, and afterwards increased to 2500 daily HBD. Meanwhile the from 4k to 2.5k per day are being returned to the DHF growing its balance.

A total of 139k HBD was paid to DHF workers in the period above.
A total of 284k HBD was added to the DHF balance.

DHF Workers Payouts

I have tried to made an overall chart that shows different DHF workers payouts in time.
Here it is.


Not all of the proposals have been actively funded in the period.
Some of them stopped receiving funds, while others started receiving funds later. Others have been on and off in the period. Its dynamic.

We can see that the @sbdpotato proposals is no longer funded, same as the @openseed and the @peak.proposals. The first two proposals are no longer active. The @peak.proposals still is and its close to be funded so you can go and vote for it 😊.

The @keychain is an interesting proposal. Its being on and off balancing with the funds 😊. It’s the blue color on the chart. I have merged with the old account @steem-keychain.

The others proposals that are active at the moment are the blocktrades image server proposal, neutuso blockchain core development as well as the vessel wallet. Then the justineh exchanges listings and promotion and howo blockchain development.

Proposals that receive small amounts of funding and are barley visible on the chart, are themarkymark blacklist, good-karma hivesigner and anix API infrastructure.

If we sum it up all the funds received in the period by DHF workers it looks like this.


Neutuso and Blocktrades are on the top with just above 30k HBD overall.

I have seen quite a debate on the DHF funds, what proposal should be funded what not etc.
My personal thoughts is that overall this is a great system to have. It ensures the development of the platform going forward. Imagen if there was no DHF fund. How will be the development looked then?
It is not ideal like most of the things. But these are very early times for this system and everyone working on it are first movers and they are taking a risk.

Having more proposals and applications is a sweet problem to have.
It also shows that the concept is working and if any outside devs that have something quality to offer and develop on the chain they can submit a proposal and get funding for it. Its not always easy, but the great work eventually will be recognized.

All the best!

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I wish we could see valuable proposals as the ones from @dapplr funded.

That is an intersting one :)
I belive that at some point it will be funded.
A working prodict can be a step in this direction.

Also they have two proposals :)

I agree. This system is a real benefit, especially to a community with no centralized entity taking control of the development.

Another beneficial move, although not on the same scale, was the hack-a-thon put together by Marky. The first one generated over 12,000 HIVE that was available for payout.

All of this starts to add up.

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Yes ... Hackatons are great and I was surprised by the projects that were submited.

DHF is one of the most attractive sides of Hive blockchain. People just compare platfroms that they can earn cryptocurrencies in exchange of their contribution. However, they miss the major point that under a number of the governers, noone can be acknowledged as totally-free. In our platform, we have right to disscuss whether something should be funded or not. That's unimaginable/impossible for 99% of all other platforms.
I appreciate all people working hard to contribute our own platform. Thank you!

Yep ... an intersting system!

Very interesting chart capturing evolution in time of payment to different proposals! I'll resteem.


I'll resteem.

Old wording dies hard. I should stick to share or distribute. :)

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