Decentralized Hive Fund Report | Overall and Individual Workers Payouts

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Ever since the creation of Hive March 21, 2020 the development of the platform is being funded by the Decentralized Hive Fund or DHF in short. This fund now has even more important role since there is no central entity to for development and all the funding is being done by this method.


Part of the inflation, in this case a 10% goes to the fund. Proposals are being made by the community members and afterwards they are voted. If the proposal is above the threshold is being funded on a daily basis.

Here we will be looking into the DHF payouts for the period between March 21 to August 29, 2020.

This is the period for the Hive blockchain exitance. Five months now 😊.

Overall Payouts

As mentioned above a project is being funded if it is above the return threshold. All the excess funds are returned to the DHF fund, and keeps growing its balance.


The daily maximum budget that can be payout from the DHF is 10% from its total balance. At the moment there is around 533k HBD in the DHF so the maximum daily payouts are 5330 HBD.
This balance doesn’t include the HIVE tokens that are in the DHF. Those need to be transformed into HBD, if payments are going to be made from them.

The DHF fund started with around 1500 HBD daily payouts, then dropped to around 1000, and afterwards increased to 2500 daily HBD. In mid July, two large proposals finished, the blocktrades image service and justineh exchanges listings, and the overall payouts dropped significatory, less then a 1000 HBD daily. Since then the daily payouts increased a bit with new projects being funded, and these days they are around 1200 HBD.

The current threshold for funding projects is around 22M HP. If a proposal is being voted with more than 22M HP in total it starts receiving funds.

A total of 252k HBD was paid to DHF workers in the period above.
A total of 538k HBD was added to the DHF balance.

DHF Workers Payouts

I have tried to made an overall chart that shows different DHF workers’ payouts in time.
Here it is.


It might not be as readable, especially for the small amounts, but still it gives and overall picture of how things stand.

As already mentioned, two big proposals finished with their funding and there is a drop in the overall payouts.

Not all of the proposals have been actively funded in the period.
Some of them stopped receiving funds, while others started receiving funds later. Others have been on and off in the period. Its dynamic.

The @keychain is an interesting proposal. Its being on and off balancing with the funds 😊. It’s the blue color on the chart. I have merged with the old account @steem-keychain. In the last period is being funded regularly.

The other proposals that are active at the moment are howo and neutuso blockchain core development, good-karma is also funded for hivesigner and the search engine.

Some of the new entries are the that is a proposal from hivebuzz, next hivewatchers. The dapplr proposal has been on and off as its just on the threshold limit.

Proposals that receive small amounts of funding are themarkymark blacklist and anix API infrastructure.

All time Hive Workers Payouts

If we sum it up all the funds received in the period by DHF workers, it looks like this.


Blocktrades and neutuso are on the top with 60k and 55k payouts.

Last 30 Days Hive Workers Payouts

The above is for the all time Hive workers payout. As we have seen there has been some significant changes in the payouts.

If we zoom a bit in the last 30 days things looks like this.


Howo is on the top in the last 30 days with 8.5K HBD, followed by netuoso. The keychain proposal is on the third place.

Form the above we can see that the overall payouts have dropped in the last month from around 2.5k per day to a 1.2k per day. Also, it is interesting to see new projects being funded. In the past 30 days a total of 11 projects have received some funding. Compared with few months ago this number was under 10. It’s not a big increase but still a step in the right directions.

Will be interesting to see 100 small projects funded at some point. This will attract more and more developers. Having more proposals and applications is a sweat problem to have.

One of the main conditions for funding seems to be the open source projects. Its not a hard rule but in general the open source projects are funded more regularly.

All the best!

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This is a very interesting subject. Would be interesting to have a little historical background too. For example, I can't find anything on BlockTrades at Hive DAO ...

... maybe for another post. 😉


If you mean about the Blocktrades proposal, that is finished. It was funded, and the payouts happened between May 15 and July 17.

Yeah, but they don't even show up under "Completed". They don't show up anywhere on the site that I can see. Guess it's a glitch. Thanks.

nice, further the better:)