New Reward Cards With 20X Supply Is Out - I've Got My A Legendary Water Monster


It's another day and another milestone. I was about to call it a day from blockchain after claiming Daily Quest. But maybe.... I could do little bit more posting. I won't waste your time repeating anything. Here's all the news from official source.

A Chest Started Vibrating


This is how I'm getting late to my other businesses :)
It's from a Splinter I rarely ever play ranked. I can give up quest for 1 Splinter and long ago I settled not to do Water. Yet here I am with some of my best NFTs earned in game on Water Splinter.

Markets Say This


Could be just low supply + unique new ability for a tank!
New frame is be same as upcoming Chaos Legion Series/Edition.

Supply goes like this:

  • Common - 8,000,000
  • Rare - 2,000,000
  • Epic - 800,000
  • Legendary - 200,000

DEC value for burning NFT is us cut by 50%
For Gold Foil - It's cut by 75% according to official announcement.

All 21 Monsters

21 Cards.png

Data Source Here

It's the best place to keep an eye on Reward Cards. For anything else you've got They've got historical price charts for cards. That's insanely useful for anyone looking to seriously dig these stuff. Definitely deserve a shout out.

Stay Calm! - Stay Happy! - Stay Blessed :)

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I think prices are going to be overly inflated for a little while, but that card is still awesome and going to be worth some money! Nice article too!