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RE: Hive Rewards Distribution System: Good, Bad & Entitlement

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I think its quite good system, it could always be proved properly.
But one problem is just downvoting people who you don't like or don't agree with, thats a bit of censorship.
Instead of that dv being used on abusing people, properly never gonna get fixed xD


The point of my post was that the reason of downvoting doesn't really matter. Downvotes are proportional to the stakes the downvoters have. By investing in Hive/HP these users get the right to participate in distributing the rewards.

And these rewards come out of the inflation on the Hive/HP they have. This being a DPOS protocol, the stakeholders can decide anytime to remove rewards all together if they find no value in it.

The beauty is that most see the great value in people, communities, and the Hive community overall.

Ohh. I think the reason matter, its basic human commication.
If I fuck up and get a downvote I would like to know why I got that, so I can access if I agree and therefor can change. Instead of judt being in the dark and contiune to fk up :)

I understand what you mean. Whenever downvote occurs, it is natural for us to try to find out why, especially when there is no reason we can think of.

It happened to me several times when I got downvotes from a couple of people. I asked them the reason, they wouldn't even respond. Sometimes people say why.

It would be nice to get reasons. But if we don't get them, it should really matter either. Whatever the reasons are won't change who we are, and should really affect us emotionally.

I would just accept is as rewards disagreement, and leave it be.

Whatever the reasons are won't change who we are, and should really affect us emotionally.

Maybe not who we are. But if you tell someone his is spamming the shit out of the blockchain, he might reconsider if he/she got told :)
Some are don't care at all ofcouse :D

and yes, it can just be rewards disagreement :D