List of accounts who pays out liquid hive when Delegating to them #1 out of 3

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(I decided to split it up, otherwise it would have been a really long post)

Yesterday I talked with a few people about who to delegate too, sparked by the post of @acidyo (Can be found here).

I gave a few examples of which accounts you could delegate to in order to help the Hive Ecosystem while getting some liquid hive back (passive hive)

I know a few on top of my head, but I did find a few more afterwards which I want to share here, if anyone is interested in delegating to different accounts.
P.s I will 100% not get all of the accounts/communities or people who do good stuff here

So lets get started with the first few accounts which is properly the most straight forward way.


@curangel is a project which have curators who focuses on finding undervalued quality posts and gives them an upvote.
They work in many different communities!

This is what they write themselves:

Thank you for your interest in the Curangel project! If you want to help us supporting a wide range of valuable community members and at the same time receive a share of the generated curation rewards, consider sending us a delegation. By doing so, you will also receive the possibility to help us move rewards from overrated posts back to the pool.

Introduction Post

I have 1000 HP delegated to @curangel and receives around 0.2 - 0.25 Hive pr day. I think this is around a 13% APR.



@ocdb is the manual curation account for the @ocd project. You can find the posts supported by the @ocdb via @ocd

Curation Guild for undervalued, quality posts by newcomers

@ocd / @ocdb also works in different communities.

They also have a witness account @ocd-witness, so if you think they do good, you should go vote for them :D

You can check out the different delegators here and the pending payouts.

I have 1000 HP delegated to @ocdb and receives around 0.2 Hive pr day. So thats also around 13% APR I think.



@tipu works a bit different. You have to be allowed to call the @tipu bot to "tip" / upvote other peoples posts with the bot.
But you can still delegate to @tipu and receive a 10% APR.

I don't know how to be curator for @tipu :p



@ua-promoter is very simple. You delegate and receive hive every week, not daily.

We are supporting Ukrainian community by curation. Sponsors get 90% of total weekly curation amount, including curation from own 18057 HP.

I have 1000 HP delegated and I receive around 2.6 Hive pr week, so an APR of 13-14%



@dustsweeper will upvote your post or comment if it doesn't hit the threshold of 0.02$ in order for dustsweeper to do this, you will have to send hive the dustsweeper, so you aint paying for upvote to gain big upvotes, they just insure you don't lose out on potential small upvotes on comments or posts.

What is dust?
A post or comment is considered to be dust if it has a value of less than $0.02 at the time of payout.
Anything less than $0.02 will not be paid out.
So even if your comment is worth $0.019, at payout you will receive nothing. Zero, zilch, zip, nada, nothing!!

You can delegate to @dustsweeper and receive Hive on a daily basis, the apr is way more random since the payouts are made from the amount of Hive sent to @dustsweeper on any given day. Which varies a lot.
If you want to know more then click on the FAQ I have linked below.

@dustsweeper's FAQ



@hodlcommunity is straight forward. You delegate and receives hive on a daily basis with an APR of 13%

If you would like to delegate some HP to our community and support us; we give you back 90% of the curation rewards on a daily basis ! APR > 13%!

@vlemon will there be changes in the hodlcommunity? I read you post


On an end note. These are the communities I currently delegate to. I will be delegating to all of these communities on my list whenever I get enough HP :P


I found 18 (at the moment) different accounts or communities to delegate too.
So thats why I decided to split it up..

cc: @amphlux


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If each one of them offers more or less 13% APR then how do you really chose which one you need to delegate the hive power? Any opinion about the same?

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Well, different accounts supports different things. I have 18 accounts in totally and the next posts is where there is a lot of differences.

Curangel and Ocdb is doing the same to some extent.
Tipu is based on users.

Ua-promoter "only" supports the Ukrainian community and dustsweeper helps anyone who comments or posts is under the threshold of 0.02$

So I mean, there are differences xD

You might want to try @hive.curation, a lesser-known service that pays 16% APR worth of daily payouts for your Hive Power delegation. 😁 So far, they have paid the right amounts every day. 🤔😀

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you for this post! I will be looking at updating my delegation very soon!

Maybe bit in convient, but I have 12 more accounts you can delegate too xD
If you have discord then I can send you the full list before posting them

I have the HP undelegated from hive curator but its going to take 5 days for that power down to complete, so I cant do any delegation until that process is done.

I don't think that's called "power down", since you just withdrew your Hive Power Delegation and did not power down any of your stake. 🤔 The 5-day waiting time is more popularly called "cool down period". 😅


Ahha! Thanks for the tip, Ive heard cool down before, didnt know it was specifically for delegations

I know I know :D
I myself is waiting for my delegation back :D

Awsome thanks for the information

How could I do this?

I mean paying out liquid Hive if someone delegates to me?
Is there any automated dApp for that?
That would be a win-win situation.
Probably I would meet the life changing part of the Hive blockchain that way.

Well. You could set something up yourself, but I don't know how to that.
These different accounts do a lot of voting with different curator to help undervalued posts and because someone like me is delegating my HP to them, they will give me a chunk of their earnings.

It would be good to have a dApp with the reversed process.
So people delegate to you, you curate (even by following curation trails) and earn, and the payments to the delegators would be automatic, taking into account the current liquid amount of Hive in your account, and maybe a power down.

This would be a win-win situation. People with programming skills are certainly able to create a dApp for this.

I mean.. is a thing.
Where you can buy leases from people. So you pay for it for a period, but you also keep the HP earned.

It does that a certain amount too be profitable and you will have to "maximize" your curation effort

Do you (or anyone else here) have any experience with it?
Is it worth it? Profitable or loss-yielding?

I have a lot of experience with dlease. I have been paying raycoms since Sep 27 and some of the others for longer time.


So for example. I pay for 17k hive per month. Thats equal to 221 - 255 (This depends on the APR I manage to lock in payment in at. 13% - 15%) hive I pay a month in order to keep these delegations.

With that in mind. If we go to and go to Analytics and click on 30 days.
There you can see what I have earned in Hive for the past 30 days. For curation and posts.
Thats equal to 318 hive a month. So thats profit! That would require me to powerdown almost everything I earned pr month in order to pay.

But since I delegate to other accounts and earn hive + I have a lot of dividend paying tokens on HE, I dont have to power down as much. + random games, which isn't much..

My generel APR via Hivestats is at 15%


Thank you for the detailed reply. I will probably try it.
I just/only fear that I lose my hard earned Hives.

Not to be a downer. But you properly will lose your hive since you don't have a lot of HP at the moment :/
I think it would better for you to either delegate 100hp to steembasicincome or to Ecency.

Are you keeping your hive and hbd liquid because you need them in the near future?

P.s, if you need any help you can always just write to me here or on discord cwow2#3293 :D


I always wondered what "ocdb" was about when I saw it in lists of delegations, very useful post!

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Awesome write up as this has been a hot topic as of late maybe sparked a little by me lol.
There are good projects for delegation and this is a great lineup on them. So far my favorites are leo.voter and ecency

Yes you and Acidyo have talked about this!

I have found 18 accounts to delegate too, thata why I split it up hehe.

Ecency and Leo.voter will be in the next post!

Hello sir its good to see that there is one more account that gives great return daily of you delegate to them that is @indiaunited. You should give that a try 😄🙏⁦✌️⁩

I have it on my list! Its in the next post :p

Thanks for the info though! :D