List of accounts who pays out liquid hive when delegatin to them #2 out of 3

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(I decided to split it up, otherwise it would have been a really long post)

Yesterday I talked with a few people about who to delegate too, sparked by the post of acidyo (Can be found here).
(I am not going to continue to tag and spam Acidyo, so you can just copy his name)

I gave a few examples of which accounts you could delegate to in order to help the Hive Ecosystem while getting some liquid hive back (passive hive)

I know a few on top of my head, but I did find a few more afterwards which I want to share here, if anyone is interested in delegating to different accounts.
P.s I will 100% not get all of the accounts/communities or people who do good stuff here

So lets get started with the next batch. These are still straight forward but some of them gives out tokens aswell.


@ecency is a dapp for IOS and Android, but they also have a browser version and a desktop version! It works really well and I have always used ecency's mobile app for steem/hive things!

This is what they write themselves:

Aspire to decency, aspire to greatness! Join immutable, uncensored, rewarding communities!

I have 1000 HP delegated to @ecency and receives around 0.2 - 0.3 Hive pr day. I think this is around a 13% APR.'
BUT I also receive 100 ESTM which is @ecency points which I can use to promote or boost my posts! Every post is checked by a human, so you can't just spam shit posts and get upvotes. So the APR according to @ecency is closer to 33% with the ESTM included.

By delegating to @ecency you also help the Hive ecosystem, because @ecency uses its RC to claim accounts, so newbies can get free accounts



@leo.voter is a manual curation account used by the leo team! They properly have curators to help them.

Curating content that is posted natively from and paying delegators in our token, LEO. Learn more about us at

They also have a witness account @leofinance, so if you think they do good, you should go vote for them :D

I have 1000 HP delegated to @leo.voter and receives around 0.3 - 0.4 Leo pr day. You will not receive liquid Hive, but liquid Leo on HE or Tribaldex



@actifit is another dapp here on hive and have been here for a long time. Its a step counter to get you out there and walk more or just be more active. I have used it for years! :D

They also have their own website - .

They pay out a weekly dividends from
I don't delegate to them, so I don't really know the APR.
Also, I don't delegate to them only because I don't have enough HP xD



@indiaunited is very simple. You delegate and receive hive every week, not daily.

UNITED WE STAND || A collective members from India

@indiaunited is like @ua-promoter, they just support indian content instead :D

I don't delegate to them for the same reason as actifit. I need more HP.
But it does seem like the APR is around 13 - 14%



@exhaust is another fitness dapp, which does it a bit differently than actifit.
From what I can see then its tracks more fitness related things such as running and biking and not only steps.

The delegation system for @exhaust users is now live! There is no pressure to delegate, but if you choose to, you should start receiving payments 7 days after the delegation is made! @exhaust strives to pay back 100% of the curation rewards that delegated HivePower earns!

I have personally not used @exhaust mainly because I don't run or bike xD I like to walk, but I know @steevc (sorry for tagging you buddy) have used it a lot

I don't delegate to @exhaust because I need more HP, but it seems like they also hit a 13 - 14% apr daily.



@appreciator supports different communities on hive and undervalued posts.

Delegate your HP to have your share in daily rewards and more.
Appreciator is more focused on uplifting quality content on the Hive platform and in support of this endeavour, Top 5 posts will be selected daily to be featured here from manually curated posts.

I don't delegate to @appreciator because I need more HP, but it seems like they also hit a 13% daily.


On an end note. These are the communities I currently delegate to. I will be delegating to all of these communities on my list whenever I get enough HP :P


I found 18 (at the moment) different accounts or communities to delegate too.
So thats why I decided to split it up..

I wanted to post these every second day, but I had a lot of things come up.

cc: @amphlux


You are creating a useful list here, congrats.

These are my (major) delegations:

@isotonic or @runningproject awards runners too.

Do check out @holdcommunity and @steemskate. They are both vivid communities and well worth contributing to.

Thanks for the shout out Ervin ✌️

@steemskate doesn't seem to be giving out curation rewards?

I have made 3 of these posts and @hodlcommunity is already on one of the other lists :p

@isotonic or @runningproject looks interesting I didn't know about them

@skatehive does upvotes once daily:

It's a hefty reward too :)

Its just an APR of 13-14% like the others :p

So you can put it in the same category.

Ye 100% :D
All of these kinda payout the same apr, it just depends on what you want to support here :D

Thank you @cwow2, for using the CO2 Compensation Coin (COCO / SWAP.COCO) on Steem-Engine or on Hive-Engine to reduce your CO2 footprint. You want to join? Buy some COCO / SWAP.COCO and transfer them to CO2Fund's account @co2fund.

Nice one for putting this list together. I may have to delegate or lease out a little more whilst I have some down time 😀

Thanks! I think its a great way of supporting and earn liquid hive without powering down :p

Hmm... maybe I'll just cancel my power down and delegate the shit out of my stake 🤔

There is a lot of ways to earn a bit extra. Delegation or buying dividend tokens, depends on what you believe in the most :p

I have delegated most of my HP to @leo.voter and just enjoying the returns everyday :)

Thank you for the compilation .

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You dont get returns at the moment. Its not refilled :/

I just undelegated to it because of that..

Oh is that the reason for not receiving LEO ? I see :( We are missing a lot of LEO then . Did you come across any announcements or updates or info regarding that ?

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Apparently! As far as I can see, we have missed Leo since the 6th of May :/

And no, I asked in the discord server and some answered :/

I only found out found because I was doing this post

Interesting, I didn't notice that until you said it.

I only found out because I was doing this post x)

Yay! 🤗
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Support Ecency
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Delegate HP and earn more

Thanks for sharing, I have been using ecency more and didn't know you can delegate. Time to do that.

You are welcome! Ecency is one of the better option to delegate too, since you get hive + points :D

Thank you so much for compiling the list. I have also being considering who to delegate to, but Currently I delegate a small amount of hive to DIYhub and I get weekly 100% payout.

One main reason I have not decided to delegate all my hive is because I still want to have control over voting peoples content.

I will still be considering my options anyways, hopefully I will be able to buy more hive and power up.

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You are welcome.

Well, yes. I also want to have some voting power left, so I can vote for accounts.
But I am at the stage where I can earn enough Hive with Curation + Posts + Dividends from accounts and tokens, that I can continue to pay for my leases, so thats why I can delegate everything I get ^^

Thats brilliant.

I need to reach that stage soon 😁

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You just gotta grind hehe :p

Good post, thanks

Thanks for this list. When I returned about a month ago, I was too tired to curate much myself, so I was looking for a good cause to delegate my Hive to. I felt quite lost and found OCD which I've delegated a good amount to. I'm bookmarking your list so I can more easily adjust my delegations at some point.

Thanks again, this is really valuable for me!

Hey! You are welcome! OCD is a good place to start. It all depends on what you want to support, most of these accounts have the same APR :D

I also made this posts -

Its the first of 3 posts. Next is coming tomorrow or Friday :D

Thanks for the comment! :D

Thanks so much for sharing this information! I had no idea about the double rewards in an ecency delegation. I will dif have to put in some work to make a meaningful delegation. Have a slice of life !PIZZA



@cwow2! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @rilo.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at

You arw welcome buddy :D

Oh, I forgot :)

@tipu curate

Uh. Thanks very much! :D