Being Crypto Rich

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What is rich to you? Is it sheer wealth, having an abundance of money and more digits than you know what to do with? Or is it more a case of being happy, having security and love? Being rich in life can mean different things to different people, and being rich in crypto is a whole other game in itself.

As with all global currencies, cryptos vary in value massively. One coin of one crypto could be worth more than your car, whereas 10k of another crypto could be worth less than a cup of coffee. A human could have millions and millions of a certain coin, and yet have far less money than the human with a bank note. But which one is richer? The bank note is only worth what it says it's worth, can only be worth what it says it's worth, and could fail if the banks failed. Crypto is a whole different game, where your coins could go up in value thousands of times during your lifetime, or go the opposite and lose all value.

Being rich in crypto isn't a case of having loads and loads of certain coins, hitting number limits in your mind of what you want to accumulate and achieve, but more of hedging your bets with wise and informed decisions. We all do this, it's a tired point now, but if you had invested in BTC, ETH and LTC years ago when they were pennies, you'd be well on your way to buying your first island soon, and that's what being rich in crypto is all about. Getting in when you can, and holding out for the long term if you truly have faith in the coins, tokens and their associated technology. You protect yourself by having multiple positions, you protect your potential profits and long term investments because you believe in the projects, and this leads to you being rich in crypto.

As time goes on, and the values of your holdings inevitably increase, you'll find that you become not only rich in crypto, but wealthy in crypto, and secure. This is what we want, this is what crypto can provide, and this is what the world needs.

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