Curator Cat on FInance: The PATIENT Approach to Investing

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Greetings Felines and Hoomans of the Hive and LeoFinance!

It has been a while since I've posted anything, but time away can be a good thing, as it gives us time to reflect on what we're doing. Cats are very good at "sleeping on it," and that's how I arrive at many of my financial choices, too.

Nap time by the window...

We Talk a Lot About "Investing..."

In what feels like an ever-quickening world, it also seems like the "speed" of investing has ramped up. A lot of people — especially in the cryptosphere — seem to be looking for instant riches. We talk about tokens "Mooning," and people try to time these explosive price changes.

Usually, to little avail, I might add.

People buy in on a rumor, get nervous and cash out on a slight decline, then buy back in (at a loss) when the real uptrend starts... only to get nervous again and sell off before the peak is reached.

In the process, they lose both cash and sleep.

In most contexts, such behavior with one's money would be considered "playing the lottery" or "gambling," and in most cases not "investing," at all.

Are you paying ATTENTION???

Slow Investing in Myself...

Over the past few months, I have considered some of the Hive community initiatives, asking people to write about what Hive "means" to them, and what their "goals" are.

Those are definitely worthy exercises.

I have given these exercises some thought, too — although I never formally participated in one.

In the end I concluded that any investment I was making was actually in myself, not in anything external. The "external" were merely a consequence of my investment in myself.

What does that mean?


I see Hive, LeoFinance and a small number of other communities as an opportunity to participate in something I enjoy, and the rewards are like a very long term "drip savings account" that gets to accumulate a few cents here, a few dollars there while being part of this exciting new frontier of cryptocurrency/blockchain technology.

When anyone asks me about "the money," my answer is that "it will be interesting to see how much I will have accumulated by January 1st, 2025!"

No, that's neither a typo or a joke. It's long term thinking.

Which doesn't mean I wouldn't set "mini goals" and be ready and willing to change plans if the situation radically changed. However, the long term represents my larger story arc. And I think everyone should have one!

Just being patient...

Not "Exciting" or "Dynamic"

I recognize that — to many — that might not sound like a very exciting or dynamic approach. In fact, it is less entertaining than watching a cat sleep!

But that's OK. I'm not part of this gig to get an adrenaline fix. I have other things I can do for that.

And — with no disrespect intended to anyone — if you're in investing for the adrenaline rush, you might ask yourself whether you're really playing the game for the right reasons.

Adrenaline rushes are indisputably fun, but they are not exactly the foundation of solid decision making. Which invites the greater question of "what's your REAL objective?"

Back to the computer... to create more!

Curator Cat and LEO

LeoFinance — back when it was SteemLeo — was one of the first "sidechain" projects that made sense to me and that I invested in.

That was also a choice I made because the people driving the project had actual plans and a roadmap, not just not just a few ambitious ideas to be tossed up in the wind, in hopes that one would catch on fire.

I participate in this community and plan to stick with it because there seems to be a solid plan, not just some hopes and loose promises. I've never been big on putting my money into "Houses of Cards."

Again, that may not be exciting or dynamic, but it leaves me with the feeling that there really will be something here, when I take stock of how things are going, 4 1/2 years from now. So for that, hats off to @khaleelkazi and crew!

Just a few investing thoughts... from a Cat Who Blogs!

Thanks for reading!


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Is this like not counting chickens/mice before they hatch...😊

I believe it's in the approach, @manorvillemike. I am in no way counting on any particular returns, but it would be cool if there were to be a nice little pile 5 years from now. And if there's not? I'll have had fun blogging and posting cat pictures...



Welcome back to the land of the authors :)

Now you have something new to play with too as we polish the brand new beta UI and move it to production over the next 2 or so weeks

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Thanks @khaleelkazi, the UI looks really good... more like a PeakD hybrid; less like "old Steem." Look forward to seeing and using the full release!


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Good cat.

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Thank you!