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RE: Convert STEEM Into ETH and BAT and Then To HIVE and Earn Curation Rewards

in LeoFinance7 months ago (edited)

Have to point out that you are in effect leveraging and there is a cost to it. You are also betting HIVE will do better than ETH or BAT in fiat terms.

In addition, during the last crash in Feb/Mar 2020, MakerDAO got into a lot of trouble as ETH crashed and many vaults were liquidated. The entire system became short of DAI and if not for some whales supporting the MKR purchase, the entire system would have been shutdown.

Hence, I find this post a little misleading without weighing in these risks 😅


Legit point!

I point out on multiple occasions that its important to keep your collaterized ratio high.... above 300%

If you do that you will not need to acctualy pay back with hive ... I'm aware what happened in March I witness it as well :)

Its up to everyone responsability to manage his assets...