Live Stream Review of 20 Altcoins! because Altcoins Season is Here!

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Welcome back to the weekly live stream covering the Bitcoin weekly close and altcoin requests, this episode may be the beginning of altseason!

Come stay a while while we cover the markets!
00:00:00 - Intro
00:04:10 - $BTC
00:10:20 - Q/A
00:16:20 - $DOT
00:19:05 - $ADA
00:22:20 - $1INCH
00:24:55 - Tether News
00:26:20 - $LINK
00:30:00 - $XLM
00:32:50 - $RSR
00:38:20 - $MRPH
00:40:15 - $MPH
00:40:50 - $BCH
00:42:05 - $SNX
00:43:50 - $BAND
00:45:30 - $AVA
00:47:25 - Alpha as fuck!
00:50:15 - $ETH
00:52:45 - $VGX
00:58:10 - $EWT
00:59:25 - $DENT (DON'T BUY!)
01:00:00 - Future of $BTC
01:01:05 - $VRX


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Hi Wendy!

So I tried to click into your Youtube video but received an error message. I'm not sure but could it be that your video is restricted from my geographical region here in Canada? I don't know... 😌

I'm going to try again by searching for you directly on Youtube. I hope this works... As I'm always hunting for good crypto content and I have a sneaking suspicion that you might have that in spades!

Say... Have you considered up-loading (backing-up) your videos here on the Hive Blockchain using the 3Speak Video Platform?

Hi @wil.metcalfe
Sorry to hear about the video, perhaps you can view it here

Thanks, I will look into 3Speak

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Nice work.

The time breakdown makes it a lot easier to navigate.

My only question is how, as a woman in tech, you deal with all of the unavoidable rampaging toxicity in the space. I'm sure you have plenty of stories to tell.

lol wow you already answered the question 00:47:25 - Alpha as fuck!

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Thank you for supporting my content here. Yes, it would be nice if some people stopped harassing some of the women here, and just tried to be nice.

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Good question.

What happened with $DENT?

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It’s in a downward trend, and looks to continue to lose more. That’s not to say there can’t be a random short lived pump. But your money might earn more elsewhere.

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LOL I’m pretty depro about the DENT don’t buy I bought it back in 2016 and it did pretty well but I was greedy because I had a massive position and couldn’t sell it all so I’m still sitting with a lot of that useless token

Sorry to hear about your dent story. We all learn from similar situations and it makes us better traders.

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Nice technical analysis of these coins.

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I appreciate the Twitter support !

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