Tesla Market Going To Downfall In This Month

in LeoFinance2 months ago

The market to go lower and as you see the market and tesla was trading all the way down towards a 848 dollars and they didn't even come and touch that at all i mean we had what two days to where the market barely came down to our break even level there on the 3th and 4th and ever since then the market in tesla has traded well above it the trap definitely was feeling a little bit more amped to keep price above our break even line it goes like that sometimes and you see that the market was still finding some hindrance and breaking price above above 850 you see that even though you know the market hasn't really broken or it didn't break this 858 price level and get rid of this and ultimately you are loss in that particular forecast it would get out but either way it goes this wasn't a good forecast for us in tesla
If you did a prediction how did your go you know where you're expecting the market to cover to go higher or we're expecting to go lower and not do anything at all how you fared in that prediction the first thing i'm going to create something i'm going to go ahead and create the trend into the market in tesla we need to follow that because obviously just like for the most part majority of cryptocurrencies all coins are in an upward trend and there's no need for us to buck that situation the trap is laying out his ideas as to how he feels and he's feeling bullish he's feeling strong

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