Cardano Three Days Price Analysis And Cardano Push The Price Negative Way

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The market in cardone came in and topped out at 10 cents we told you all that on the 31st we were already in position we expected the trap to take the value of cardinal at least 6.54 profitability we took the bag from them that's done that is over what is one thing that you see that we need to talk about what is the trap doing that we need to focus in you see what occurred
Market Analysis
The market for cardano it touched the ascendant line you're exactly this is where we all need to pay attention we need to see the trap hold that line and he's doing it far but that doesn't mean that we're out the woods and another thing that is crucial we're at a crossroads what occurs at this particular location will be a determinative factor long term as to where cardinal is headed because the market came bounce off support at nine cents and then it also touched the ascendant line those two things are crucial to allow this market in cardona to maintain its sideways trading and increase the probability of it going higher those two things has to be in place period


The trap maintain that though is the question because it doesn't look feasible in a three day time frame there is some time day and 12 hours left before this current three-day bar completes cardano is looking like it's not going to hold that 10 cent area what about the five day what do you all see we got two days and 12 hours left in cardano before this five-day price bar ends what do you see because i see some restriction areas that the trap has not been able to overcome that is pushing pressure on the market
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He cannot sustain it this is one area that the market trap failed at keeping price above the next area 10 cents we are stair stepping our way down in terms of restriction market trap tried during these couple of five-day price bars to break price above 11 it got rejected it's going to try here at 10 cents expect that from our analysis from our forecast we're not expecting cardano to go higher until we see this price break back up above 10 cents and that doesn't look likely

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